Lighting Specification Sheets

TCP provides complete spec sheets and photometric files for all products listed below. They have product details, features and benefits, warranty and certification information and ways to order. For additional information, contact TCP here.

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Lamp Spec Sheets

LED General Purpose Lamps

TCP Pro Line Family of LED



PAR Lamps

LED Multi-packs – A-lamps, BR, PAR

MR16 Lamps

PAR/MR16 TruColor

LED 120-277V

California Quality Qualified – A-lamps, BR, PAR, MR, Downlights

LED Motion Sensor Lamps

LED EcoSave Value Line

LED Warm Dimming Lamps
Specialty Lamps

LED ColorFlip Lamps

LED Crossover – Starlight

LED Turtle Lights

LED Hog Light

Color Lamps

LED Decorative & Elevator Lamps
LED Downlights

Single Color Downlights

Color Selectable Downlights

Junction Box Downlights

Phasing Out Residential Downlights

Commercial Downlights

Phasing Out Commercial Downlights

LED Circline

LED Circline Lamps


Luminaire Spec Sheets

Agriculture Lights

Hog Light

Luminaire Accessories

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