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Be prepared for any emergency. With TCP’s LED ULTIMAT8 Tubes with Emergency back-up, your facility will never be left in the dark.

  • LED compatible replacements for linear fixtures that operate independently of ballasts.
  • Self-contained emergency driver supplies 90 minutes of light.
  • Test button and indicator light.

High Lumen LED Filament Lamps

TCP’s energy-efficient High Lumen LED Filament lamps are excellent replacements for HID metal halide and corn cob lamps.

  • Classic HID shape that fits perfectly into existing fixtures
  • Consistent lumen output over the lifespan of the lamp, unlike alternatives
  • No cumbersome ballast needed for operation
  • No extra application equipment needed; making them a fraction of the weight of corn cob bulbs

Horticulture Grow Lights

Lightweight, science-backed design supports flowering and growth stages of plant development.

  • Maximize energy savings with an industry-leading efficacy of up to 2.6 PPE.
  • Full-spectrum technology provides a balanced blend of red light for photosynthesis, blue light for dense growth, and green light for assessing plant health.
  • SmartStuff compatibility allows you to set day-night cycles and tailor PPFD intensity from your smartphone.
  • Quickly connect multiple units together with a daisy chain system that’s ideal for even the most complex grow light applications.

QTL Series LED Luminaires

Unique angles and cutting-edge LED technology. Ideal for showrooms, retail spaces, and warehouses.

  • Simple and fast to install with TCP’s Quick Connect Technology, standard installation hardware and durable, lightweight casings.
  • Enables fixtures to focus light on targeted areas like products and warehouse shelves.
  • Direct attention toward shelved products and show those products in their best light.

LED SelecT8 Color Selectable Tubes

One of these versatile, energy-efficient tubes features three color temperature settings – warm white 3500K, cool white 4000K, and natural daylight 5000K.

  • Select the color temperature you want by flipping a switch, instead of changing a bulb.
  • One long-lasting LED tube replaces three standard tubes, reducing inventory costs and maintenance time.
  • Use one SKU per job for multiple CCT requirements; ideal for offices, schools, retail and other commercial settings.

Pro Line Panel LED Luminaires

Install more lights in less time with prewired, quick-connect technology. The slim, lightweight design is easy to maneuver and quickly slips into space.

  • Installs 50% faster than traditional panels and troffers in standard T-bar grid ceilings.
  • Back-lit technology delivers full-panel diffusion and exceptional uniformity.
  • Long 50,000 hour rated life significantly reduces maintenance, labor, and material costs.


TCP recommends these proven tools and resources for you to maximize your budget and optimize efficiency.

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