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TCP’s Anew Lamp produces light that closely matches natural sunlight, which can reduce the headaches, eye strain, and fatigue known to be associated with LEDs.

Why Anew is better:

  • 2850 Kelvin color temperature
  • Covers the entire visible light spectrum
  • Perfect dimming

Accents Panels + Pendants

Coming soon – TCP Accents Pendants & Panels combine an integrated design with stylish and versatile accent lighting options that complement any room.

  • Designed to instantly transform the appearance and function of any space.
  • Pendant styles are Mesh, Rail and Spiral with multiple shapes and finishes.
  • Accents Pendants and Panels offer easy installation.
  • Custom Accents Pendant designs and patterns are available for special order.

PurEssentials UVC Lamps

Protect the health and safety of your guests and employees with innovative UVC lighting solutions designed to purify the air of most viruses and bacteria.

  • Choose from PurEssentials Downlights, Panels and A-19 bulb options.
  • Purifying Downlights feature three modes: light and purification, light only, purification only.
  • PurEssentials Panels feature Hepa Filter to filter out PM2.5 particles in the air.
  • PurEssentials A-19 Bulbs available in 4000K with standard E26 Base.

High Lumen LED Filament Lamps

TCP’s energy-efficient High Lumen LED Filament lamps are excellent replacements for HID metal halide and corn cob lamps.

  • Classic HID shape that fits perfectly into existing fixtures
  • Consistent lumen output over the lifespan of the lamp, unlike alternatives
  • No cumbersome ballast needed for operation
  • No extra application equipment needed; making them a fraction of the weight of corn cob bulbs

LED SelecT8 Color Selectable Tubes

One of these versatile, energy-efficient tubes features three color temperature settings – warm white 3500K, cool white 4000K, and natural daylight 5000K.

  • Select the color temperature you want by flipping a switch, instead of changing a bulb.
  • One long-lasting LED tube replaces three standard tubes, reducing inventory costs and maintenance time.
  • Use one SKU per job for multiple CCT requirements; ideal for offices, schools, retail and other commercial settings.


TCP recommends these proven tools and resources for you to maximize your budget and optimize efficiency.

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