Fall Décor Lighting Ideas

Oct 9, 2023

We love the changes that come around in the fall! Decorations transform from beach themes to all things pumpkin-related, summer temps begin to cool down, and the days start to get shorter.

That means it’s time to transition our wardrobe from shorts and tanks to jeans and sweaters — and to switch from freewheeling summer lights to more thoughtful fall lighting options.

Have you already started decorating for fall? Are you weighing warm vs cool autumn lighting choices for your interior or exterior décor? Do you need insight into how fall LED lights can illuminate the longer nights without inflating your utility bills?

The light-obsessed pros at TCP have lighting ideas for every season of the year! Fall might be one of our faves, though, for the cornucopia of opportunities it presents for creating a warm, welcoming glow.

Check out our ideas for adding versatile, cost-effective, earth-friendly TCP lighting to your fall décor in ways that embrace and celebrate this season of change.

Why Add Lighting To Your Fall Decorations?

Amid all the pumpkin-spiced lattes, school supply lists and football games, the autumn season is generally defined by one thing: progressively less daylight as we head toward the winter solstice. That makes it the perfect time to pay particular attention to the link between fall lighting and our physical health and emotional well-being.

The amount and type of light we’re exposed to every day can affect our health and sense of wellness in profound ways. Without enough natural sunlight, we can experience disruptions to our sleep patterns, problems with our vision and a host of health problems.

But taking just a bit of effort to incorporate healthy lighting ideas into your fall decorations can help you and your family enjoy the season while sidestepping those complications.

Welcome Fall: Lighting Up the Season

From fall colored lights that ease that changeover into the holidays to smart lighting that lets you control ambiance from your phone to multitasking lights that help protect against seasonal viruses, we’ve got amazing autumn lighting ideas for everyone! Use our fall lighting tips and tricks to elevate your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces during this transitional time of year.

Outdoor Autumn Lighting Ideas

The cooler temps may drive you indoors, but your home’s exterior could still benefit from thoughtful autumn lighting. Highlights of our outdoor lighting dos and don’ts include:

  • Do create layers of light from multiple fixtures, like spotlights and sconces, rather than relying on a single outdoor light source.
  • Do use warm rather than cool white light to ensure that landscaping and fall decorations appear naturally vibrant.
  • Don’t forget to install ample pathway lights that point downward to make sure visitors and trick-or-treaters can safely navigate your property.
  • Don’t waste money and energy on inefficient outdoor lights when LED fall lights stay cooler and cost far less to keep on through those long autumn nights.

Fall Themed Front Porch

This might not seem like the freshest fall décor idea, but hear us out. We’ve been decorating for fall with gourds, cornstalks and mums arranged artfully on a bench or front stoop forever — and we’re not stopping anytime soon! But we like to give the entire tableau a fresh twist by swapping the standard porch ceiling light for a stylish chandelier or pendant light. Opt for a traditional style with an Americana feel and use LED bulbs in the 2700K range for warm autumn lighting that makes your decorations glow.

Light Up the Walls and Walkways

Take advantage of these longer nights to highlight your home’s defining features with energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting ideas, like uplighting, wash lighting, soffit lights and more. Use TCP’s exterior architectural lighting design ideas to:

  • Make outdoor stairways safer and more sophisticated looking
  • Create welcoming, well-lit pathways around or through your property
  • Draw attention to columns, brickwork, archways, fountains or other architectural elements

Al Fresco Entertaining With Fall LED Lights

There’s still time to combine decorating for fall with al fresco entertaining, especially if you have an outdoor fire feature to keep the chill at bay. Make sure you’ve got layers of residential outdoor lighting to brighten the season with an even, welcoming glow. That means including a mix of hardscape autumn lighting — aka lights that illuminate manmade features like patio areas, pathways and architecture — and landscape lighting that highlights colorful changing leaves and evergreens.

Indoor Fall Lighting Ideas

Now that your home’s exterior glows with well-chosen autumn lighting and fall décor, it’s time to get cozy with indoor lighting design ideas that will take you effortlessly through this transitional season. Start by understanding why lighting color and temperature matter in your fall lighting choices. We’re not talking about colored light bulbs — we’ll get to those beauties in a moment! This is about choosing between warm white, neutral white and cool white light for the rooms of your home. If the fall LED lights in your living spaces are between 2000 and 3000 Kelvins, you’ll get a warm, welcoming glow. For the kitchen and laundry rooms, bump that up to between 3100 and 4000 Kelvins.

Here are some interior fall lighting design ideas for your home:

Fall For Colored Lights

Now is it time to talk about using fall colored lights? If you mean an innovative and smart lighting option that lets you flip from neutral white light to a festive color with the flick of a switch — yes! Our ColorFlip line includes user-friendly color bulbs for every season with options available in blue, red, green, purple and yellow. The E26 base fits any fixtures that your old incandescents worked in, so pop one into your porch’s light fixture for ghoulish green or purple tones that beckon trick-or-treaters. It’s the easiest fall décor ever because there’s literally no cleanup!

Give Your Master Suite a Luxe Glow

Who says decorating for fall is restricted to pumpkins, leaves and scarecrows? Not us! This time of year puts us in a nesting mood, which translates to upgrading the lighting design of our most intimate spaces. See your master suite in a luxurious new light by hanging TCP Accents Series pendants above your nightstands, in a reading nook or inside the walk-in closet. Choose from three styles and three finishes to achieve a custom look that invites long, cozy evenings enveloped in a warm, vintage-inspired glow.

Take Control of Your Fall LED Light

Ever get to the office and wonder if you remembered to turn off the kitchen lights at home? Want to return home to a well-lit walkway and entryway — but don’t want to burn electricity all day long with the lights on? Take control of your home’s fall LED lights with TCP SmartStuff bulbs and apps. Directly from your device, you can turn lights on or off, control dimming, schedule timed lighting and more. It’s the perfect way to make sure you’re getting the most from your smart LED lighting from TCP.

Make Smart Lighting Choices for Seasonal Health

Autumn is also widely known as cold and flu season, so any lighting ideas that help support good physical health are smart lighting choices. The two newest innovations from TCP take on the challenge of avoiding seasonal illnesses with multitasking technology:

  • Choose PurEssentials for healthy lighting that does more than illuminate. These panel lights, downlights and A19 bulbs feature a built-in fan that draws air in and across a fully enclosed UVC light that neutralizes common pathogens. Purified air is then recirculated into the room while only non-UVC, standard LED illumination lights up the space. They’re the perfect choice to help protect your family’s health during the seasons when we tend to keep the windows closed.
  • Trying to cut down on the blue light in your life? The health benefits of Anew Lighting include exactly that! We’re all guilty of spending far too much time on our digital devices, which exposes us to huge amounts of blue light. That exposure can interrupt our natural sleep cycles, leading to a cascade of negative health outcomes. Avoid the blue light spikes of some other LED options and swap those energy-sucking incandescents for Anew bulbs that deliver the full spectrum without excessive blue light. They were designed with the familiar A19 shape and E26 base of incandescents, so they’ll fit in all your existing lamps, sconces and other fixtures!

Autumn LED Lighting Options From TCP

Ready to embrace the season and welcome these fall lighting ideas into your home? Get started today creating the warm, cozy, healthful autumn lighting that showcases your home’s abundance and beauty with innovative, cost-effective solutions from TCP.

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