TCP Accents Pendants for Residential Use

Sep 23, 2022

Pendant Fixtures For Residential Use

Get ready for a brilliant upgrade to your home with new pendants lighting from TCP. TCP Accents are now available for residential and commercial use.

Let’s dive into how these stylish integrated LED light fixtures can elevate any room of your home with energy-efficient illumination that’s warm, beautiful and endlessly versatile.

Large Variety of Options

The Accents Pendant Lights Collection brings a world of possibilities to your family’s lighting needs. This line of LED lights includes styles, finishes and shapes that complement traditional, transitional, retro-inspired and contemporary design schemes. Whether you’re updating all the light fixtures in your home, looking for an easy kitchen facelift or simply looking for an additional light source in a dim corner, this collection has you covered.

Here are four simple steps to choosing the perfect Accents pendant lights for your interior design preferences:

Embrace Versatile Finishes

TCP Accents pendants are available in three finishes: Black, Silver and Gold. This trio gives you a lot of versatility for mixing and matching to achieve your desired effect. If you prefer a streamlined look, choose the finish that most closely matches existing fixtures. For example, pair Silver pendants with polished nickel hardware. To create a truly contemporary aesthetic, mix various metals. One example is pairing Black pendants with rustic furnishings for a midcentury feel; another is using Gold pendants to brighten a transitional area filled with eclectic pieces.

The Bulb

The LED bulbs in our Accents pendants cast a warm, vintage glow. The pillar-shaped bulb brings a slightly old-school Edison bulb-like quality to your lighting. It is visible inside the pendant shade, giving it an added visual attraction. Accent pendants make your home shine with eco-friendly brilliance, reliability and durability. 

Opt for Mesh, Rail, or Spiral Style

Is your style wide open or more closed off? Make your preference front and center with a Mesh or Rail style Accents pendant. The Mesh style features a finely woven criss cross pattern of thin metal pieces that creates a kind of screen around the bulb. This option works well for contemporary or transitional interiors. Rail style pendants are made with thicker metal pieces that are set farther apart, creating a cage-like appearance. Opt for this style to amplify a vintage-inspired or industrial-chic aesthetic. For something truly eye-catching, try the Spiral shape for a more modern take that updates traditional rooms without overwhelming them. 

Find Your Pendant Shape

Now that you’ve selected a finish, bulb type and style for your pendant, consider the shape that will look best in your space. TCP Accents feature two pendant shapes: Round or Cylinder. The most traditional shape is round, as pendants have taken this shape for decades. A Cylinder light brings a retro or industrial feel to the lights, giving them a slightly more masculine character.

Explore Pendant Uses in Residential Settings

The best home lighting plan helps fuse aesthetics with functionality for layered illumination. Pendant lights from this collection fit that idea, no matter where you hang them. They’re most popular as kitchen light fixtures, as they work brilliantly over an island, dining table or other task-focused space. But don’t discount pendant lights for overlooked home areas, like larger walk-in closets. In fact, these fixtures are so versatile, you can use them in:

  • Foyers and entranceways
  • Stairways
  • Hallways
  • Reading nooks
  • Bathrooms
  • Home offices
  • Bedrooms

Why Buy TCP Pendant Fixtures?

TCP Lighting levels up your home with stylish and economical pendants in our Accents. Find a retailer of TCP lights near you for your residential space, whether it’s a new build or an upgrade to your beloved older house. We bring over 30 years of experience to light for your family by designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative, high-quality lighting options that are easy on the eyes – and our shared planet.

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