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Promote a healthier working environment for employees with LED lighting that’s versatile and energy-efficient

LED Lighting for Offices and Workplaces

Customize your office lighting to meet the unique demands of your workplace. In one day, an employee might work in the crisp, natural light of a shared workspace, give a presentation in dim, warm light, and hold a meeting in comfortable, ambient light.

To accommodate these different needs, you need to ensure there is proper LED lighting throughout the entire office. TCP offers different types of office lighting for every one-of-a-kind workspace.

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Offices

Replacing outdated fluorescent lights with long-lasting LEDs benefits everyone in your workplace. From lower energy bills, to a more comfortable environment, the perks outweigh the costs by a significant amount.

More offices are opting for LED light fixtures. Here are a few primary benefits:

Energy Savings

Reduce utility bills and maintenance costs

Employee Wellbeing

Work without eye strain or headaches

Increase Productivity

Operate smoothly under clean, even light

Return on Investment

Save significantly after initial installation

Professional Office Lighting Products

Reduce employee eye strain while increasing productivity and cost savings in your professional office with TCP’s selection of professional office lighting products.

AL LT 35/45/55W 90CRI 35K LS1

PLP 2×4 46/39/29W CCT SAMP

LED 2′ Flat Panel Troffer Retrofit Kit – 2′, 38W/29W/23W, CCT 35K/41K/50K

LED 2′ Volumetric Troffer – 2′, 38W/29W/23W, CTT 35K/41K/50K

Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Office

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In a typical office setting, each workspace has a slightly different function and purpose. To properly address these needs, it’s important to combine the three primary light forms throughout your office lighting plan. This includes a mix of this ambient, accent and task lighting.

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Ambient Lighting

Overhead LED panels and recessed office light fixtures fall in this category. Ambient lighting needs vary depending on the room. Our lighting experts can design a plan that caters to the needs of offices, meeting rooms, hallways, and lobbies while maintaining a cohesive feel throughout the space.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting highlights the features of your office, like doorways, whiteboards, and interior design focal points. Highlighting these features with wall sconces and other accent lights creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for employees and visitors.

Task Lighting

Team members simply perform better in a properly lit workspace. Task lighting allows each employee to control the light level in their space for maximum comfort and productivity. This type of lighting includes office desk lamps and swing-arm lamps.

LED Office Lights Are a Smart Investment

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LEDs from TCP use at least 75% less energy than traditional types of office lights. That number is even greater for our ENERGY STAR rated bulbs. This means fewer repairs and replacements, plus significantly lower energy bills for you.

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While the initial cost of LED lighting may appear steep when compared to outdated fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, the benefits deliver a high return on investment and pay for themselves in no time.

Consider these lighting options when upgrading or retrofitting your office to LED:

  • LED Linear Lights – high bays, general purpose luminaires, and dimmable tube lighting for well-balanced ambient illumination
  • Wall Sconces – includes choices for indoor and outdoor walls
  • Swing-Arm Lighting – fit with dimmable LED bulbs for customizable task or accent lighting

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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