LED Lighting for Schools and Classrooms

The most effective learning happens under comfortable, high-quality lighting.

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Students and teachers thrive when schools invest in high-quality LED lighting

Classroom lighting design can transform the way an academic space feels and functions. Replacing outdated fluorescent lights with a new system benefits students and faculty alike. Choosing the best lighting for classrooms is easier than you think. Trust the experts at TCP and make the switch to LED.

Dim or flickering fluorescent lights can cause headaches, drowsiness and visual discomfort. The bright, cool-spectrum light produced by LEDs can improve student performance, make teachers feel more comfortable, and enhance everyone’s sense of wellbeing.

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools

Fluorescent lights were the norm in schools for decades. But studies have shown that low-quality fluorescents can negatively impact staff and students. More school systems are opting for LED lights. Here are some of the benefits:

Energy Savings

Reduce utility bills and maintenance costs

Health & Wellbeing

Better moods and less eye strain

Productive Learning

Improve student concentration and focus

Environmentally Safe

Mercury-free and 100% recyclable

Classroom Lighting Products

Create an excellent environment for learning with TCP’s flicker-free, environmentally friendly lights for schools.

LED DT Series Solistic 4′ Luminaire 120V-277V – 2′, 46W, 41K

LED 2′ Flat Panel Troffer Retrofit Kit – 4′, 38W/29W/23W, CCT 35K/41K/50K

LED SelecT8 Type A Tube – 4′, 12W, CCT 35K/40K/50K

Lighting Ideas for Classrooms and Beyond

School buildings have other spaces besides classrooms that are used regularly by students and staff – the gym, cafeteria, library, auditorium and more. Every area within a school building can benefit from the energy savings and longer lifespans of an LED lighting system.
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At TCP, we have the products, skill and expertise to help design the best LED lighting system for any space within a school building.

Looking for the latest trends in classroom lighting? Try these ideas!

Dimmable Lights

Adapt the lighting to fit the learning activity

Soft Mood Lighting

Use string lights when the ceiling LEDs are off

Not Just Overhead

Add ambient light with floor, table or desk lamps

Are your gymnasium lights outdated? Update with LED!

LED high bay lights are ideal for large indoor spaces like school gyms. They produce high-quality light that allows students to see clearly and stay safe during gym activities. Plus, your school will save time and money thanks to their long lifespans and low energy use.

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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