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Students and teachers thrive when schools invest in high-quality LED lighting.
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LED Lighting for Educational Facilities

The most effective learning happens under comfortable, high-quality lighting.

It’s no secret that quality of lighting affects the way we feel. Dim, soft light can put us to sleep, while bright, blue light from sunlight and computers keeps us alert and awake. And while these effects are always important for our wellbeing, they’re more important than ever when it comes to high-quality classroom lighting.

Classroom lighting design can completely transform the way an academic space feels and functions. Flickering fluorescent lights are thought to cause headaches and discomfort, but LED lighting for classrooms and high-quality fluorescent lights in schools create a more comfortable learning environment for both students and teachers.

With LED lighting from TCP, student performance increases and teachers feel more comfortable in their classrooms.

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Classroom Lighting Products

Create an excellent environment for learning with TCP’s flicker-free, environmentally friendly lights for schools.

Lighting Requirements for School Classrooms

Educational Lighting
Educational Lighting
The best lighting for classrooms is not necessarily going to be the best lighting for gymnasiums, assembly halls, and other spaces in educational facilities. School lighting standards can vary from state to state, but the guidelines generally agree on the appropriate brightness for a classroom.

According to The Illumination Engineering Association of North America, required and necessary luminance levels for schools range between 30 and 75 fc (foot-candles, a measure of light intensity). The Virginia Department of Education specifies appropriate fc levels for specific educational spaces. According to their guide:

  • Classrooms need 55-60 fc
  • Computer labs need 30 fc
  • Gymnasiums require 30-50 fc

So what does 55-60 fc look like in a classroom? Full daylight usually equals about 1,000 fc, while a cloudy day measures about 100 fc. With this in mind, you can imagine an ideal classroom as bright as about 55-60% of a cloudy day.

Led Lights in Home Study

Lighting Ideas for Classrooms

The days of flickering, headache-inducing fluorescent lighting in schools are long gone. Today, lighting trends in schools prioritize the comfort of their students and faculty. But that does not mean they have to compromise on cost. The upfront price of LED school lighting pays for itself through energy savings and longer lifespans. 

Looking for classroom lighting ideas? Read on for some of the most popular school lighting trends. 



Creative teaching practices call for adaptable lighting–that’s where dimmable classroom lighting comes in. Whether the students are watching a movie or working together in groups, dimmable LEDs let the lighting fit their needs. 

Soft Mood Lighting

String lights have been popular in restaurants for years, but have you considered them for the classroom? Their soft glow adds festive flair while the ceiling lights are on, and creates a calming mood for quieter times when the ceiling lights are off. 

Not Just Overhead

Classroom lighting doesn’t just have to rely on overhead ceiling lights. Decorative lamps and floor lamps can contribute to the ambient light in the room. Stylish lighting fixtures can make the classroom feel homey and comfortable for students and teachers alike.

School Gymnasium Lighting

Outdated gym lighting can be expensive, wasteful, and hard on students’ and teachers’ eyes. LED gymnasium lights, on the other hand, save time and money thanks to their low energy-usage and long lifespans. On top of energy savings, maintenance and replacement costs for LED high bay lighting are much lower than traditional high bays. 

Above all, high-quality lighting gives students the energy they need to work and play hard in gym class, and the quality lighting they need to stay safe.

TCP offers a large selection of LED high bay lights perfect for large indoor spaces like school gymnasiums. Browse our wide selection of ceiling lighting to find the best lighting solution for your school gymnasium.  

The Benefits of LED Lighting in School Facilities

Ever since schools stopped relying on natural light and moved toward electric bulbs, fluorescent lights have been the norm for classroom lighting. At first, these lights seemed like a great, affordable option for lighting the many rooms and hallways in schools. But now, studies have shown that low-quality fluorescents can have a negative effect on staff and students.

To avoid these negative effects, schools are turning toward LED lighting. Some benefits of LED lighting in schools include:

    • Lower Energy Usage: LED lights use far less energy than fluorescent bulbs. This means lower energy bills, less frequent maintenance, and a reduced impact on the environment.
    • Better for Students: LED bulbs don’t contain the contaminants and carcinogens that can be found in many old lighting fixtures. LEDs also give off high-quality light, which is better for the vision health and mental well-being of students and staff. 
    • Productive Learning Environment: Lighting has an undeniable impact on mood. Different light levels influence students’ behavior in different ways. By strategically optimizing lighting in classrooms, schools can actually improve the academic performance and behavior of students. 

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