Color Bulbs for Every Season

Nov 12, 2021

Decorating your home for a particular season or holiday is a great way to liven up the atmosphere within your space. Placing colorful crafts and decor items throughout your home certainly adds seasonal charm. But if you want to take your decorating to a whole new level, you should try color changing light bulbs in your home’s lamps and fixtures. 

Are you curious about color-changing LED bulbs and how they work? Continue reading to learn about TCP’s ColorFlip bulbs. These innovative and energy-efficient bulbs provide two colors in one. With just the flip of a switch, you can go from bright neutral light to a fun, festive color that sets the mood for celebrating. 

Color Bulbs for Every Season

ColorFlip bulbs are available in blue, red, green, purple, and yellow. Simply switch out the bulb when you want to change the color for the next holiday or occasion. And when you’re not in the mood for color, simply flip the switch for the ambiance of warm white light. 

Every major holiday has a ColorFlip bulb that’s a perfect choice for the occasion. Stock up on all five ColorFlip options to make your favorite holidays more fun and memorable.

Holidays & Celebrations

LED color changing light bulbs produce a cool vibe any time of year, but they create a very special mood when used for a particular season and holiday. The following holidays are just a sampling of all the occasions where color changing bulbs could turn your home into a celebration destination.      


Enjoy all the festivity of the yuletide season with a combination of red and green ColorFlip lights. If your Christmas tree is in your family room, place color changing bulbs in accent lamps near the tree. Opening presents, watching holiday movies, and other family activities will seem much cozier under the soft glow of red or green lights. 

New Years

Ring in the new year in a new light – preferably a ColorFlip light in a cool shade of blue. Dramatic blue sets the stage for a night of celebrating, then sets the mood for cozy winter vibes as you and your family stay warm inside during the month of January.

St. Patrick’s Day

If you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at home, get some green bulbs for fixtures throughout your house. Irish vibes will be shining from the living room, to the kitchen, all the way to the dance floor.  

Valentine’s Day

Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with a few festive red bulbs? If you’re hosting a kids’ party, place them in the living space where the snacks and activities will be. And if you’re planning a night in with your spouse or significant other, placing ColorFlip red bulbs wherever your heart desires in your home for a romantic feel.


When Easter approaches, it typically means spring has arrived. All the bright colors of the season can create a fun, energetic atmosphere in your home. Choose purple, yellow, or green lights to use throughout your house. Then turn them on for a colorful indoor Easter egg hunt for the kiddos.

4th of July

All the colors of the American flag can be proudly displayed using ColorFlip bulbs. When you get a few red and blue bulbs, each one also includes the option of switching to warm white. So you can bask in the brilliance of red, white and blue at your next 4th of July celebration.


To conjure up spooky vibes for Halloween, get color changing bulbs in shades that coordinate well with orange and black decorations. Red, purple or green will create the perfect eerie ambiance for your at-home Halloween party.

Benefits of Color Changing Bulbs

One of the biggest advantages of TCP’s ColorFlip bulbs is their flexibility. Each bulb is like having two bulbs in one. There’s the fun color choice, along with the option to switch it to a warm white light. When you don’t feel like having the color light on, you don’t have to switch out the bulb. All you do is flip the switch. This no-maintenance approach makes it super easy for you and your family.

And if you don’t feel like installing another app on your phone to use these bulbs, you don’t have to. An integrated controller inside the bulb allows you to switch colors and temperatures without the use of an app or smart device.  

TCP Color Lamps

Looking to add a little color to your home’s interior? Now that you know a bit more about TCP’s ColorFlip bulbs, you should really consider purchasing some, especially for upcoming holidays. In addition to the color options and warm white light feature, all ColorFlip bulbs are dimmable to set the mood you want. 

The warm white light provides the equivalent of a 60W incandescent bulb, so it offers plenty of brightness when needed. And because these bulbs are LED, they will last a long time – up to 25,000 or 35,000 hours.  

Contact a TCP specialist to find out where you can purchase ColorFlip bulbs, or click here  https://www.tcpi.com/product-category/led/led-a-lamps/ for more details on specific products.


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