Redefining the Classics

Not ready to give up your incandescents?
TCP Anew has you covered.

Superior Spectrum

LEDs typically produce more blue light than is produced by incandescent. This peak is invisible to the naked eye, but it can cause eye strain and fatigue.

TCP’s Anew Lamp produces light that closely matches natural sunlight, which can reduce the headaches, eye strain, and fatigue sometimes known to be associated with LED light sources.

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Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamps provide a soft, warm glow that many people love.

However, new government regulations mean most incandescent light bulbs cannot be sold beginning August 1, 2023.*

The US Department of Energy requires lighting product to produce a minimum of 45 lumens per watt. General service incandescent lamps do not meet this standard and can no longer be sold in stores.

The legislation also addresses:

• Short 1,000 hour average life
• Produces excessive heat

Standard LED Spectrum

The Incandescent Spectrum
The Anew Spectrum

Incandescent vs LED

  Incandescent LED
Watts 60 8.5
Lumens 800 860
CRI 100 98
Yearly Energy Cost $12.05 $0.96
Life (Hours) 1,000 10,000

High CRI

What Is CRI?

CRI means Color Rendering Index which loosely means the measurement of how light affects how you see color. A CRI of 100 perfectly matches the CRI of natural sunlight and that of incandescent bulbs.

TCP’s Anew lamp has a CRI of 98 providing some of the best color rendition available in the market today. Currently, most LED lamps fall between 80 – 90 CRI.

Features & Benefits At-A-Glance

Why Anew is Better

The Anew Spectrum improves the classic incandescent light spectrum.


2850 Kelvin color temperature


Covers the entire visible light spectrum


Perfect dimming


Long 10,000 hour life


Produces less heat than incandescent


Uses less energy to deliver the same light output – saving you money on your energy bills

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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