Integrated led pendant & panel lights that elevate commercial and residential lighting designs.

TCP Accents Pendants & Panels

Upgrade your lighting with TCP’s stylish integrated LED light fixtures. Shop TCP Accents for Pendant Lights and Panels that take your design to the next level – and are matched by long lasting LED energy savings. Accents are ideal for use in restaurants, boutiques, dining rooms, commercial offices, hotels and more!

TCP Accents Pendant Lights are available in a variety of contemporary styles and finishes, including black, gold and silver, to beautifully complement any room. Or opt for Accents Panels, which instantly transform the look of luminaires through artistic lens designs and patterns.

Stylish integrated
LED lighting

See why TCP Accents integrated LED light fixtures are a versatile choice.

TCP Accents Panels

Pop Out Lens

Troffer Lens

Offset Square Lens

Honeycomb Lens

Features & Benefits At-A-Glance

Why choose tcp accents lighting?

Led Pendant Lights


3 Pendant Styles: Mesh, Rail and Spiral


2 Shapes: Round and Cylinder


3 finishes: Black, Silver and Gold


Decorative LED Pillar Bulb


2400K and 3000K LED Casts Warm Glow


15,000 Hour Lamp Life


120V Triac Dimming

Accents Panels


Instantly transform the appearance and function of any space


Easy-to-install design that attaches Accents Panels to the face of the fixture by securing them in place with metal clips


Dozens of designs available and custom patterns available for special order

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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