Select Series Lighting

The Select Series: Selectable CCT LED LIghts That Do More

Select the wattage. Select the color temperature. Control the performance in every indoor and outdoor setting with the Select Series from TCP. With these overhead and wall-mount LED lighting solutions, you get:

  • Easy installation that saves time
  • Energy efficiency that saves money
  • Multiple options within one fixture that reduces inventory
Features & Benefits at a Glance

Selectable CCT LED Lights That Do More

TCP’s Select Series covers a lot of illuminating ground. All the lights in this series feature:
Large warehouse ceiling showing off bright lights
  • Multiple color temperature options in one bulb
  • Smooth, uniform, buzz-free dimming
  • RoHS compliance (no mercury, lead or other hazardous substances)
  • Wet or damp location ratings
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 70
  • Energy-efficient LED technology

Benefits of the Select Series keep going!

Most of these hard-working, dimmable LED bulbs and fixtures come in multiple sizes, and many feature a variety of installation options. Many also include a durability upgrade, like tolerance of extreme temperatures, dust-resistance or an impact rating.

Plus, many give you options to tailor your Select Series lighting to your specific needs. Optional add-ons include:

  • Built-in battery backup
  • Motion sensors
  • SmartStuff compatibility

Select Series Lighting Products

This series of high-quality lighting continues to expand as our designers and engineers create new Select Series applications for more settings and industries. This list may change tomorrow as we add new innovations to elevate your LED lighting options. Reach out if you need a hand finding the Select Series indoor and outdoor LED fixtures you need.

Linear High Bays

2x2 LED Luxterior Flat Panel

DT Series Panels

General Purpose Strips

2x2 LED Luxterior Flat Panel

Stair Lighters

Commercial Recessed Downlights - Diffuser Version

Wrap Light Overhead Lights

Flood Lights

Canopy Lights

Vapor Tight Luminaires

Wall Packs

2x2 LED Luxterior Flat Panel

Full Cutoff Wall Packs

2x2 LED Luxterior Flat Panel

UFO High Bays

Ideal Applications for Select Series Lighting


Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities

Stair Lighters, Linear High Bays and UFO High Bays deliver bright, even lighting with no maintenance for the long haul.


Parking Lots, Garages, Patios

Wall Packs and Floodlights create a sense of safety with vivid, focused light that’s reliable and durable.

Public Spaces

Stadiums, Gymnasiums, Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls

Linear High Bays, General Purpose Strips, DT Series Luminaires, Wrap Lights and Canopy Lights bring highly efficient and durable illumination to large high-traffic spaces.

Need help finding the right select series lighting products for your project?

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