LED Shape Filament Lamps

The latest in LED technology with the elegance of an exposed filament aesthetic.


Shape Filament


Add a unique touch to your lighting design – choose from heart, star, arrow, snowflake and more filament shapes! LED Shape Filament Lamps are perfect for use in everything from table and floor lamps to sconces, ceiling fixtures and beyond.

Why choose LED Shape Filament Lamps from TCP?
Available in a variety of fun shapes and colors, you can truly personalize through lighting. Our bulbs also provide beauty and style with the savings and longevity of LED.

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Put Your Stamp on Any Space

  • 19 unique filament shapes and colors
    Even light dispersion
    Safe for outdoor use
    Accurate color temperature control


Lighting Costs

Minimize replacement and energy costs with LED Shape Filament Lamps from TCP. An energy efficient alternative to halogen lamps, these bulbs will help you reduce energy costs with LED technology that generates very low heat. They also tout a long life span, reducing the frequency in which you will need to replace!
Provides uniform color output
Up to 85% less energy than halogen lamps
Long 15,000 hour rated life


Indoor and Outdoor Use

LED Shape Filament Lamps can be used indoors and outdoors when protected from elements. Designed to withstand humidity, these bulbs fit most general applications and are a great addition to a porch, enclosed patio and beyond!
Indoor/outdoor applications
UL approved for damp and enclosed locations
ANSI construction compliant

Start your home lighting project with help from TCP

Take on your next lighting project with ease. Choose energy efficient bulbs and fixtures for every area in your home without sacrificing style. Lighting from TCP also helps you cut costs with dozens of rebates available. Find a retailer near you or ask us a question and learn how TCP can provide the expert help you need!
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