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Industrial and Commercial Lighting Resources

TCP’s Business Resource Center has information on meeting your lighting initiatives. From our product catalogues to our comprehensive list of compatibility reference lists, you’ll find the information you need for your next lighting project.

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Lighting Glossary

Read through this list of lighting terms and definitions to help you gain the knowledge and understanding you need
to navigate the lighting world.

Industrial and Commercial Lighting Innovation – See Our Latest Product Catalogues

TCP’s technology generates revenue and supports the bottom line for your facility’s organizational success. Our industrial and commercial lighting generates revenue because we leverage technology that will help decrease your maintenance, labor and HVAC costs. However, keep in mind that not all LED lighting is the same. Since TCP’s industrial and commercial lighting products incorporate quality lamp components, you’ll be able to get the maximum return on your lighting investment.


LED Replacement or Retrofit – See Compatibility Guides

Just about everyone in the lighting industry is looking for energy efficient solutions, such as lighting controls. However, you may run into compatibility problems when retrofitting standard lamps with LEDs. The below references will guide you to finding compatible lighting products for your dimmers and ballasts.


Commitment to Health and Safety – See Our Lighting Safety Data Sheets

The below Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will provide you with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Contact us if you need more information.


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