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High Lumen LED Filament Lamps
Meet TCP’s first 200 LPW Filament Lamp! These lamps are excellent replacements for HID metal halide lamps and Corn Cob bulbs.

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The Next Generation of Light

High Lumen Filament Lamps… a Corn Cob Killer!

Product Guide 2023, Lamps & Fixtures


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Perfect your layout with our Lighting Layout Tool

Purchase lighting products with confidence. TCP’s lighting layout tool makes it easier than ever to visualize the layout best suited to any given room. Simply input your project details to estimate the light level, number of luminaires, power density, and overall lighting layout for a rectangular space.

Discover how TCP’s lighting layout tool can simplify your planning process.

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TCP believes in maximizing savings. Use our ROI calculator and utility rebate tools to determine just how much you can save on lighting products.

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Training Videos

Knowledge is power. Learn all about TCP products and best practices from our lighting experts.
Let’s Talk Lighting for Agriculture
Let’s Talk Lighting Basics
Let’s Talk Lighting for Schools
Let’s Talk Lighting for Outdoors

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Understand lighting spectrums

One size doesn’t fit all. TCP uses the power of science to create lighting spectrums tailored to your project—whether it’s a greenhouse, an elementary school, or a luxury hotel.

Full Spectrum Graph

SOListic Spectrum Graph

Far Red Spectrum Graph

Spectral Power Distribution

Lighting Glossary

Check out our lighting glossary, where you can brush up terms that help you understand TCP products and navigate the lighting world.


Manufactured light source; the 3 broad categories of electric lamps are incandescent, fluorescent, and high intensity discharge (HID). Also, a generic term for a man-made source of light.

beam angle:

The angle between the two directions for which the intensity (candlepower) is 50% of the maximum intensity as measured in a plane through the nominal beam centerline (center beam candlepower).

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