LED DT Series Luminaires

Even, uniform light to maximize energy savings.

LED Direct Troffer Luminaires

TCP’s LED Direct Troffer Luminaires with back-lit technology feature a more robust design than traditional edge-lit flat panel luminaires. Our direct troffers offer a slim, low-profile with full panel diffusion and superior uniformity over edge-lit. In turn, this uniformity helps maximize energy savings.

Robust Backlit Design

  • Thin, sleek design for low-clearance ceilings
  • Durable, non-yellowing frosted diffuser
  • Back-lit technology provides even, uniform lighting

Quality Long-Lasting Light

Back-lit technology provides even, uniform lighting
Long 50,000 hour rated life
Substantial energy savings over fluorescent alternatives

These energy efficient troffers offer a cost-effective solution to maximize savings and take advantage of utility rebates without sacrificing performance. With excellent light distribution, color consistency, CRI and a long 50,000 hour rated life, these back-lit panels provide quality, long-lasting light for a wide range of commercial and residential applications.

Slash Utility Bills

With Selectable Wattages

Maximize your ROI and manage energy costs with TCP LED Direct Troffer Luminaires. These LEDs provide substantial energy savings over fluorescent alternatives. With selectable wattages available, you can not only reduce stocked inventory, but also easily customize wattages in the field to allow for maximum rebates.
Low profile fits even in low clearance ceilings
Standard size panels fit in existing footprint of t-bar grid

Detachable driver options available

Price Your Project

Simplify your lighting project with TCP. We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life. Whether you know exactly what products you need or are looking for expert advice to create a lighting plan for your space – TCP can help.

Need a custom lighting solution? No problem. TCP also offers experience in lighting design and prototyping. And because we are a vertically integrated manufacturer, we offer unparalleled creative solutions and the cost savings.

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