Using Chandeliers or Pendant Lights In Your Home

Jan 28, 2023

Pendant lights and chandeliers have been popular home lighting options for generations. But rumors and questions keep swirling around these illuminati bad boys:

Are pendant lights out of style? Are chandeliers in style? Which celebs have been spotted playing both lighting trends off each other? What kind of chandelier does Elon Musk have inside his new Gulfstream jet?

Okay, maybe we made up that last one. But chandelier and pendant light trends abound in the latest home décor guides — so let’s dive into the lowdown on these versatile and in-demand home lighting choices.

Pendants vs Chandeliers: Modern Lighting Faceoff

We haven’t seen a rivalry like this since Kanye West barged onstage to steal the spotlight from Taylor Swift. That’s right: It’s pendants vs. chandeliers in a no-holds-barred faceoff for bragging rights as the ruler of modern home lighting trends.

To help you navigate the tricky landscape of joining lighting aesthetics with function, we’ve answered some of your most pressing questions about chandeliers and pendants.

Read on for our pro tips on choosing the best overhead lighting for your lifestyle and budget.

Why Use Pendant Lighting?

Pendant lights are multitaskers of illumination. This type of ceiling light generally features a single bulb suspended from one cord or chain, covered by a downward facing shade. The petite size of pendants — at least when compared to most chandeliers — makes them incredibly versatile. The TCP Accents Series of pendant lights gives you a variety of options for the shape, finish and bulb type that suits your style. If you prefer a clean, contemporary look but also want focused task lighting or accent light to enhance a room, pendants are a great choice.

Where to Use Pendant Lights

Need some illumination in a skinny stairwell? Want to read in a cozy nook where a floor or table lamp would be too bulky? Looking for task lighting at the kitchen island or in your home office? Pendants make for excellent lighting in small spaces, like dorm rooms, and in areas where tabletop or floor space is at a premium because they get hardwired directly through your home’s ceiling.

Are Pendant Lights Out of Style?

Short answer: No! Longer answer: For nearly a century, homeowners have maintained an abiding affection for pendant lights. Modern interior design mavens of every sensibility have embraced pendants, mostly because of the incredible variety of styles and materials available. They’re a staple of mid century modern lighting — a style that defies the trends with unbelievable staying power. A quick online search reveals that pendants are available in any aesthetic, from richly traditional to neutral and transitional to retro-inspired to cleanly contemporary.

Pendant Light Trends

One of our favorite home lighting trends for 2023 is coordinating pendant lights with your wall treatments. Whether that means metal pendant shades that echo wallpaper designs, colored glass shades that match your chosen paint hue or TCP Accents pendants with a subtle open-work design that keeps the focus on your other furnishings — your décor will feel refreshed and au courant when you embrace this easy, cost-effective pendant light trend.

Why Choose Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are the divas of the lighting world. These beauties like to make a big entrance and have all eyes glued to them as they light up a room. The biggest difference between a chandelier and pendant lights is complexity. Where a pendant features a single cord and bulb, chandeliers typically include multiple arms branching out with a bulb on each one. With some exceptions, chandeliers tend to be more ornate than pendants with more of a formal vibe. If you’re looking for a visual focal point that makes a statement in the center of a room, a chandelier may be in your future.

Chandeliers: Modern Uses beyond the Dining Room

Traditionally — and we mean since, like, the Middle Ages — chandeliers were hung above dining tables to illuminate and enhance mealtimes. But many of the latest chandelier trends have branched out into other rooms, often placing them in unexpected milieus. When you want to make your home shine with surprising brilliance, consider these unusual chandelier placements:

  • The guest bath: A small chandelier makes a big splash.
  • The master suite: Either inside a walk-in closet for a posh feel or above the bed for sumptuous romance, it’s a master stroke of daring design.
  •  The entryway: An opulent light sets a luxurious tone for your entire home.
  •  A teen’s bedroom: Give your little prince or princess royal dreams.

Are Chandeliers in Style?

Short answer: Yes! Longer answer: Did you see our earlier comment about the Middle Ages? Chandelier trends have changed a lot since then, but they never leave the fashionable charts. Because a chandelier fills a room with uniform and indirect light, it’s always a smart choice. And because designers love to unleash their creativity on these fixtures, chandelier trends reflect every aesthetic, from 17th-century baroque to modern minimalism.

The Latest Chandelier Trends

If you’re a fan of big statements, 2023 lighting trends will make you dance like everyone’s watching. Over-scaled, multi-tiered selections that make dramatic visual impact are dominating the latest chandelier trends. That holds for chandeliers in small spaces, as well. To keep these huge chandeliers modern, designers are leaning toward sleek geometric shapes and mixed metals for a brilliant refresh. So long as you’re using energy-efficient LED light bulbs, your big statement shouldn’t make a big impact on your utility bills.

Modern Lighting Trends & Solutions at TCP

For over 20 years, TCP Lighting has brought eco-friendly excellence and unrivaled innovation to light. We continue to be green, leading the industry toward ever-better options that help your family save money while saving our shared planet. Reach out for expert help choosing the best light fixtures and bulbs for making your home even more brilliant.

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