PurEssentials for Health: Lighting That Does More

Jul 9, 2023

When it comes to protecting your family’s health, light bulbs might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But what if there was an air purifying light bulb that could help keep you and your family healthier by eliminating germs in your home’s air?

Meet PurEssentials, our latest line of virus and bacteria killing light bulbs. These beauties combine eco-friendly LED brilliance with the germ-killing power of UVC lighting to take your healthy home environment to the next level.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions for more than 30 years, TCP has deep insight into the links between home lighting and physical health. We know that the lights you choose affect your family’s moods, productivity and sleep cycles — and we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering a variety of LED light bulbs to support health and well-being in both residential and commercial settings.

Get to know these multitasking wonders and see how our newest health lighting option can help your entire family breathe a little easier.

How PurEssentials Air Purifying Light Bulbs Work

During the recent public health crisis, many of us learned about a specialized UVC light bulb that could quickly and effectively disinfect surface areas in retail stores, healthcare facilities and other high-traffic spaces. Though this was new information for some of us, the use of UVC lighting that kills germs for better health goes back to the middle of the 19th century.

Revisiting the powers of ultraviolet light inspired us to develop the PurEssentials line of bacteria-killing light bulbs. Here’s how they work:

Built-in fans draw air into the fixture and across a UVC light, which is fully enclosed so that people and pets never come into contact with its destructive rays. The ultraviolet light neutralizes viruses and bacteria so that they can no longer make people sick, and the purified air is then recirculated into the room. All light that emanates from these health bulbs is non-UVC, standard LED illumination.

Benefits of PurEssentials Lighting

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits these LED fixtures with a fully enclosed UV light bulb bring to your home. Here’s what TCP PurEssentials air purifying light bulbs can do for you and your family:

Kill Germs

First and foremost, PurEssentials light bulbs kill germs. The safely enclosed UVC light bulb has been proven to eliminate many airborne pathogens from a space, including viruses like influenza and bacteria like legionella. That can help keep you and your kids healthier by protecting you from exposure to a host of communicable illnesses.

Improve Air Quality

Purified air that’s free of microbes is fresher, cleaner and healthier. Adding even a few PurEssentials bulbs to your home’s lighting produces a better overall air quality through all the seasons. If you tend to keep the windows closed and use a HEPA filter on your HVAC system to protect your family’s health, lighting that nixes germs aligns with your healthy goals.

Light Up Any Space

With three types of air purifying light bulb in the PurEssentials line, you can illuminate any room of your home while refreshing the air you breathe. The TCP pros know that layered lighting is key to visual comfort at home, so we included the three most popular ceiling light options for large and small spaces: downlights, panels and A-19 bulbs with a standard E26 base.

Save Time and Money

Making the switch from incandescents or CFLs to LED light bulbs at home saves you time and money. Eco-friendly and mercury-free, LEDs boast an average lifespan of 50,000 hours — which means you won’t have to replace those bulbs for up to 10 years! Compare that to about one year for incandescents, and you can see how that cuts down on your housekeeping and maintenance chores. Plus, LED lights use a fraction of the energy other bulbs do while emitting almost no heat, which translates to lower utility bills and higher long-term savings. Need some concrete numbers to back that up? Try our LED savings calculator to see the difference in black and white.

How to Use Health Light Bulbs in Your Home

Investing in healthier lighting doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can achieve most of the hottest home lighting trends of 2023 with PurEssentials LED light bulbs. Health and beauty team up in this innovative lighting for a win-win in every room!

Here are some great ideas for adding PurEssentials LED-plus-UVC lighting to your home:

The Nursery

Your newborn is the essence of purity and light. Shield her developing immune system from undue stress by replacing recessed downlights and the bulbs in floor and table lamps with PurEssentials health lighting in the baby’s room. You’ll all rest easier knowing there’s an extra barrier between that little one and dangerous illnesses.

The Kids’ Rooms

The lighting in a toddler or tween’s room can be tricky. You need daylight-quality brightness while you’re cleaning, neutral light when the kids are playing or doing homework, and warmer light when it’s time to wind down for sleep. Get all those options plus the germ-fighting benefits of UVC lighting with a PurEssentials downlight or ceiling panel. Both selections give you three lighting color temperatures to choose from with a simple flip of a switch. Plus, the PurEssentials purifying panel comes with a built-in HEPA filter to nix dust that can aggravate asthma and other breathing problems.

The Kitchen

Recessed lighting is a very popular choice for kitchens because it delivers bright, even ambient light for a variety of tasks. Swap out your standard can lights for PurEssentials downlights to level up the form and function in this busy hub of your home. You get three color temperature choices to create the mood you want:

  • 3000K – Warm white light for entertaining with family and friends
  • 4000K – Neutral white light for everyday cooking and dining
  • 5000K – Cool, crisp and clear white light for food prep, baking or cleaning

Plus, you get three modes of operation to control the ambience:

  • Light and purification
  • Light only
  • Purification only

Our PurEssentials downlights are available in two sizes for new construction and retrofit projects. Add a few pendants over the island and some undercabinet lighting for superbly layered illumination and a healthier overall kitchen.

The Laundry Room

You might not have put much thought into light fixtures for your laundry room because it’s not really a place where your family hangs out or entertains guests. But it’s important to choose wisely so you can better identify stains, match colors and keep track of those socks that notoriously turn up missing. Luckily, we’re experts at lighting overlooked areas like the humble laundry room! If you’ve got a ceiling grid, opt for a PurEssentials panel to get the added dust-filtering of a built-in HEPA filter alongside color-selectable LED brilliance and a germ-nixing UVC light bulb.

The Living Room

Whether you’re into the cozy maximalism of the Grandmillennial style or you’re going for a more modern look with minimalist lighting styles, our PurEssentials air purifying light bulbs elevate any living room, den or family room. You can’t go wrong with recessed lighting as the foundation for flexible, layered illumination that includes table and floor lamps. Choose PurEssentials downlights to have three light color temperatures that accommodate game nights, family gatherings and romantic evenings while nixing any need for social distancing. Exchange those standard table lamp bulbs for PurEssentials A-19s for even more air purifying power and bright light that keeps colors looking true.

The Home Office

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when choosing lights for your home is relying on a single light fixture to illuminate an entire room. Nowhere is this more important than the home office. Working on a computer or doing paperwork becomes a battle against glare when you’ve got just one ceiling light shining down on you. To give yourself options while protecting your health, light bulbs from the PurEssentials line are your WFH BFFs. Pop the familiar A-19 shape and E-26 base into stylish table lamps or pendants for focused lighting that’ll keep you on task. Swap out that harsh ceiling fixture for a PurEssentials panel and reap the benefits of color selectable illumination, a built-in HEPA filter and three operational modes that deliver ultimate workspace comfort.

The Guest and Master Bathrooms

Want to refresh your bathroom lighting for a cleaner feel and more opulent look? A couple PurEssentials downlights in the master suite bath elevate any self-care indulgence while a Puressentials panel in the guest bath levels up your entertaining game.

Apartments, Dorm Rooms and Other Small Spaces

Need simple ideas for lighting small spaces? Choose a torchiere floor lamp that casts light upward to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Place a club lamp in a dark corner to send light both up and down for the look of maximum space. Set a table lamp that features a bright pop of color on a wall-mount shelf for visual interest that leaves side tables free for drinks and snacks. Our PurEssentials A-19 air purifying light bulbs fit all these fixtures and work overtime to keep your cozy apartment or dorm room fresher and healthier.

Any Multipurpose Area

Most homes have at least one room that serves dual purposes. Whether your guest bedroom is also your crafting room or you’re trying to convert the play room to a home office in your empty nest, versatile lighting is key to multi-use areas. To maximize a space’s usefulness while protecting everyone’s health, lighting from the PurEssentials line delivers bacteria-killing light bulbs with options. Our purifying downlights let you operate in three modes, so you can have:

  • Light only for crafting or cleaning
  • Purification only when guests or kids are sleeping
  • Both illumination and purification when you want it

Puressentials Lighting From TCP

Ready to level up the healthy lighting in your home? TCP’s PurEssentials line of air purifying light bulbs and fixtures combines the brilliance of LED illumination with the germ-killing power of UVC light for a fresh take on multitasking. Bring pure innovation home with TCP and PurEssentials.

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