Warm vs Cool Lighting in the Fall

Aug 20, 2021

As days get shorter and leaves begin to change color, you may find yourself wanting to make changes in your home decor to keep up with the fall season. Many people switch out drapes, blankets, and table settings to set the tone for autumn.

But have you ever considered switching out your lighting color temperature, too? 

Dropping temperatures make us want to curl up and feel cozy at home. Warmer color temperatures provide a cozy glow, like a fall campfire. While sunny, natural cool-toned light feels cool and refreshing in the summer, you might find fall weather inspires you to warm up the inside of your home with light. 

With your average light bulb, making this change can be a big undertaking. But with TCP ColorFlip bulbs, changing the color temperature of your lighting is as easy as flipping a switch—literally.

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Fall Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design. You can absolutely love your furniture, color scheme, and layout, but if your lighting is off, it’s likely you’ll feel unsatisfied with your interior design. 

This is because light affects every other element of design. It brings out color, casts shadows, and creates a mood depending on brightness and color temperature.

When deciding how to change your lighting for fall, ask yourself: how do you want your home to feel during this season? 

Warm Lighting in the Fall

Many people want to ‘warm up’ their homes in the colder seasons, leading to warmer color temperatures and dim, moody lighting. 

Warm lighting mimics the classic fall colors. As leaves change from green to yellow, orange, and red, color theory interior designers agree that warm lighting mirrors this shift in a way that feels aesthetically satisfying. 

Warm light evokes feelings of campfires and candles, two autumn staples, while also creating contrast against brisk weather. 

But warm lighting doesn’t just look rich and cozy in the fall. It also creates a physiological effect in our bodies. Red light helps your body release more melatonin, which aids relaxation and sleep.

So, if you feel like your home is more relaxing and cozy for fall when you choose warmer lighting, you’re not just imagining it—it actually makes your body feel more physically relaxed!

Cool Lighting in the Fall

Of course, warm and cozy lighting that makes you want to curl up for a nap is not always convenient—especially as so many of us continue to work from home. Drizzly autumn mornings and shorter days can leave us feeling sleepy from the start. 

If you find yourself feeling gloomy or tired and in need of a pick me up, switching over to cooler tones of light could be exactly what you need to perk up.

Why does cool toned lighting wake us up? Our bodies are wired to recognize sunlight, which contains a healthy dose of blue light wavelengths, as a signal to wake up and begin the day. This is why experts recommend cutting back on blue light from screens toward the end of the day for more restful sleep.

You can use cool toned light to your advantage by switching it on when you need to be alert and focused. Between a cup of coffee or tea and some sunny, cool toned lighting, you can keep yourself awake and alert, no matter how drowsy the autumn season feels outside.

According to color theory for interior designers, cooler light is also preferable in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, where cleanliness and safety are key. 

Another advantage to cool lighting is that it often shows decor in its true colors, while very warm color temperatures cast a warm filter over the room, making furniture colors appear warmer, too. 

ColorFlip Bulbs by TCP

Feeling inspired to change your lighting color temperature based on the season or your mood?

TCP’s ColorFlip bulbs make it easy to tailor your home’s lighting to your preferences with just the flip of a switch. Thanks to ColorFlip, you don’t have to choose between warm vs cool light bulbs.

ColorFlip bulbs are available in multiple color combinations, so you don’t have to settle for just one color temperature—or even one color. The best way to decide between warm vs. cool lighting is to not decide at all.

With ColorFlip, you can enjoy flexible lighting with just the flip of the switch. No app needed! 

For lights that easily switch from cool-toned to warm-toned light and back again, check out the 27/41K ColorFlip bulb from TCP.

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