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Use the map below to find locations and contact information for electrical and lighting distributors in your area.

      TCP wants to help you find a commercial and industrial lighting distributor near you. Our lighting distributors provide the best energy efficient lighting product because of our lighting know-how. We have complete control of the production process and design a lighting specification to meet the needs of your application. Our lighting product has quality components, and we control the way they are put together so you can get what you need for your application – either it be color intensity or brightness.

      Why Buy From an Electrical or Lighting Distributor?

      When considering who to buy a high-quality light source from, remember that buying from a distributor is the best decision. By purchasing directly from the distributor, you’re receiving commercial grade products made with high-quality components, and you’re receiving superior service on all aspects of your lighting construction project. These commercial and industrial products have a longer life and a better warranty than what bigger box stores have with their lighting products.

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