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LED Lighting for Outdoors and Landscape

If you are looking to add curb appeal to your newly constructed home or commercial building, don’t forget to invest in quality outdoor lighting. With all the care that goes into the inside of a building, you want to make sure your landscape LED lighting rises to the same level. TCP is here to answer your important questions about lighting your space, both indoors and out.

TCP’s LED exterior lighting lends style, function, safety, and savings to yards, patios, and pathways. The right LED bulb makes all the difference, too. TCP offers LED light bulbs in a range of shapes and color temperatures, so you can pick the most stylish and flattering bulb for any outdoor application.

Benefits of Choosing LED Outdoor Lighting

LEDs not only add to the style of residential home and commercial building exteriors, they also offer several added benefits that make switching to LED outdoor lighting a great investment. Here are some of the benefits:

Increase Function

LEDs help you make the most out of every outdoor area

Improve Safety

Well-lit exteriors and walkways improve safety conditions

Energy Savings

LED lights use about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs

Return on Investment

Increase the value of your building plus save with energy rebates

Outdoor Lighting Products

From minimal wall packs to secure floodlights, browse lighting products for all your outdoor spaces.

QTL UNI 4f HB 220W 5K MS1

LED Round High Bay Luminaire 277V-480V NSF Rated – 10.8″, 150W, 50K

QTL 120-277V GP 45W 1SX4FT 4K

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Lighting

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LED lighting is the best outdoor lighting option for environmentally conscious contractors, homeowners, and residents. And now that technology advancements have made LEDs more popular and widespread, the prices are lower than ever.

When you switch to TCP’s LED lights from traditional incandescent bulbs, you use about 75% less energy. Incandescent bulbs give off most of their energy as heat, while LEDs conserve that energy and give off mostly light.

Lower energy use also means that LED light bulbs are long-lasting. One LED bulb has an average expected lifespan of about 50,000 hours.

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You might catch yourself wondering why you’ve never had to change your LED light bulbs—but don’t wait around, because it could be years. It is easy to forget about burned out outdoor light bulbs, so long-lasting ones like LEDs keep the property looking fresh, new, and professional with almost no maintenance.

With LED light bulbs, your newly constructed property boasts eco-friendliness, low energy bills, and low maintenance requirements.

To find out what you’d save in the long run with an investment in LED lighting from TCP, use our LED ROI Calculator.

Improve the Safety of Your Property with Outdoor Lighting

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Line pathways, driveways, and other walking areas of your property with lights to ensure safety and security for future users of your property. While these outdoor pathway lights certainly add style, they also protect anyone who walks by from injuries. Bright, clear light keeps walkways illuminated, lowering the risk of trips, falls, and collisions. Keeping residential communities safe does not just mean protecting them from injury, though. Well-lit exteriors deter trespassers from continuing onto the property. Installing motion-detecting LED lights near doorways can alert residents to unusual movement outside. Quality outdoor lighting also helps to produce clear, crisp security footage for residents.

Types of Landscape Lighting

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When you’re shopping for landscape lighting for a new home or property you’re building, there are bound to be a lot of features you want to light and plenty of functions to ensure.

Every home and property is different, but these are some types of landscape light fixtures to get you started:

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  • Spot and Flood Lights illuminate broad, large features of your home or office building. Spotlights act as accent lighting for details of the building, like shrubs, plants, and small architectural features. Outdoor wall lights provide a wash of light to entire areas of the yard or entire exterior walls.
  • Well Lights and Uplighting are installed in the ground, and point up to light trees, tall grasses, and shrubs from below. LED outdoor wall lighting can also be pointed at man-made features that you want to highlight, like pillars, signs, or walls. Well lights are subtle and hidden, so all the attention is on the features they illuminate.
  • Landscape Bulbs should be long-lasting and eco-friendly, for the most hassle-free experience possible. Avoid frequent maintenance and high energy bills by installing TCPs LED landscape light bulbs for added home value and high return on investment.
  • Path Lighting is a versatile way to add style and function to any new home. You can find an LED path light to match any home style. Well lights, bollard, offset, mushroom, and glass-shade fixtures are all available to light the way along garden paths, driveways, walkways, and more.
  • Water Feature Lighting is designed to illuminate striking water features like backyard ponds, boat docks, waterfalls, fountains, and more. Waterproof and submersible LED fixtures can stay under water permanently. These bulbs will light the water from within, creating incredible views at night.
  • Step and Deck Lighting is important for nighttime safety—but this does not mean they aren’t also a great way to add style to a new home. LED step lights are similar to path lights, lighting the way along outdoor stairs. Common step lighting fixtures include recessed LED lights, LED strip lights, and LED surface-mount lights.

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