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We understand what a difference good loading dock lighting makes in the success of your operation. No matter what task is at hand, you and your employees are completing it underneath the lights in your warehouse and loading dock. The lighting you choose is important, especially when working in the early morning or late into the evening.

High-quality commercial lighting in your industrial or warehouse facility helps keep employees positive, organized, and highly efficient. Most importantly, good dock lighting keeps everyone safe.

TCP’s LED high bay lights are constructed with integrity and meant to last in industrial applications. This means fewer hours spent replacing fixtures, and more hours spent reaching your production goals. Not to mention, LED lighting is incredibly energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bill and creating a significant return on investment.

TCP offers excellent industrial lighting solutions that reduce maintenance and energy costs while increasing productivity. If you are looking to streamline your production system, increase employee satisfaction, and save money in the long run, TCP’s commercial dock lighting is the perfect solution for you.

Only TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution

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Low Voltage Dock Lights

High-quality LED dock lighting makes the process of loading and unloading safer, more efficient, and more sustainable—for your workers and for the environment. Our commercial dock lighting solutions are high quality and made to last in outdoor conditions, so your loading dock stays efficient and performs well for years to come.

These energy-efficient light fixtures save electricity while providing the appropriate lighting to keep your employees working hard, without experiencing fatigue, headaches, or distraction.

LED dock lights are protected against surges, which means your operation can continue running smoothly shortly after a surge.

Bright LED lights are the ideal way to light up your entire loading dock and trailers with crisp, clean light. Completing tasks in the dark becomes easier when your employees can see with the absolute clarity provided by beam uniformity and advanced color rendering. With TCP, your days become easier and more efficient while your maintenance and energy costs go down.

Loading Dock and Warehouse Lighting

TCP has the LED lighting solutions you need for all industrial solutions, including deck lights, loading dock lighting, and warehouse lighting.

Linear high bay and UFO lights work together with eye-level fixtures like outdoor luminaires and stairwell lights to create a well-lit environment that is safe and pleasant for employees. TCP offers them all, so you can mix and match to suit the needs of your warehouse or industrial space.

Check out our selection of high bay fixtures, both round and linear. These fixtures are quick and easy to install, and are made to last a long time. Lights from feature multi-point design that ensures an even distribution of light.

Every corner, shelf, and trailer is entirely lit and visible—meaning your operation is efficient, safe, and productive.

Not only do the bulbs outlast traditional incandescent bulbs by decades thanks to TCP’s LED lighting technology, but the fixture construction is sound. A hardy all-metal frame and included mounting hardware make for a durable warehouse lighting fixture worthy of investment.

Types of Commercial Dock Lighting

When purchasing loading dock lights, you will need a variety of lamp styles to ensure complete visibility, functionality, and safety.

TCP offers a wide variety of dock lights, so you can put together a comprehensive lighting plan for your warehouse.

Some of the industrial LED lights you will want to consider include:

Browse our selection for more options, or contact us for a customized commercial lighting solution.

Energy Efficient Dock Lights

One big reason to switch your lighting: lower energy bills. Gaps between doors, pit walls, and trucks can cost thousands of dollars in energy loss every year. LED dock lights are the best energy-saving solution that cuts costs without compromising performance.

In fact, LED light is brighter, more even, and easier on the eyes than standard fluorescent or incandescent lights. TCP’s LED light bulbs give off bright, white light excellent for warehouses and loading docks—without losing any of their energy as heat.

As a result, your bulbs will last up to fifty times longer than traditional bulbs—which means less maintenance hassle for you. They use very little energy to operate, so your energy bill savings will pay for the initial LED investment in no time.

Switching from incandescent or other traditional light fixtures to TCP’s LED high bay lighting can provide up to 56% energy savings. The return on investment is high, especially in large spaces like warehouses, industrial facilities, and loading docks.

You can calculate your return on investment using our ROI calculator tool! And of course, if you have any questions, reach out to us so we can find the right lighting solution for you.

Apart from saving energy, LED lights also offer an increase in employee satisfaction. Working under the heat and poor lighting emitted by HID and incandescent lights can lead to frustration and fatigue. When employees work by the light of LEDs, they have more energy and are more productive throughout the day.

Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers

TCP makes commercial dock lighting you and your operation can rely on. Designing a warehouse and loading dock lighting plan with TCP is a big step toward increasing your efficiency and productivity. With our Industrial LED lighting technology, your employees will be safe, productive, and satisfied with their working environment.

Between our high quality light fixture materials, energy efficient LED bulbs, multi-point lighting design, and versatile options, TCP has durable dock lighting to fit your needs. We can help you set up a lighting plan that makes your operation as efficient as it can be.

If you don’t see what you are looking for here, reach out and contact us. As experts in lighting manufacturing, we are always ready to create custom solutions to fit your space’s unique needs. How can we solve your commercial dock lighting problems?

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