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Give customers a better retail experience with LED lighting in your store or showroom

LED Lighting for Retail Spaces

The right retail lighting creates an atmosphere that invites customers to stay, shop and make a purchase. In the world of brick-and-mortar retail, proper lighting throughout your space is essential for good business. Lighting has a variety of duties to fulfill after customers enter your store or showroom. It sets the mood when shoppers first walk in, then guides customers around the space as they shop.

Most importantly, good lighting lets customers see and evaluate products before they make a purchase. TCP offers a wide range of energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting options to illuminate your retail space.

The Benefits of LED Retail Lighting

At TCP, we know how important lighting is for your retail business. Even though every retailer has different lighting needs and requirements, the benefits of choosing an LED plan are virtually the same across the board:

Energy Savings

Reduce utility bills and maintenance costs

Customer Experience

Good impressions lead to more purchases

Ease and Versatility

Adapt lighting to specific retail needs

Return on Investment

Save significantly after initial installation

Retail Lighting Products

Create a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers with a well-balanced mix of LED overhead fixtures, accent lights, replacement bulbs and more.

LED Dimmable High CRI – 5.3″, 17W, 30K


LED Beveled Retrofit Downlights – 5″/6″, 13.5W, CCT 27K/30K/35K

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Retail Spaces

landscape lighting
Before you start choosing new fixtures for your space, think about the retail environment and overall mood you want to create. Next look at your merchandise and how it’s displayed. How can lighting be used to gain customer attention and generate product interest?

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From small clothing boutiques to large automobile showrooms, almost every retail space can benefit from these general rules when selecting LED lights.

  • Balance It Out – Use a well-balanced variety of overhead ambient lights and product-focused accent lights to ensure the space isn’t too bright or too dim.
  • Temperature Check – Think about the color temperature you want for the space – lighting can be cool and professional, warm and intimate, or somewhere in between.
  • Every Space Counts – Don’t forget about these easily overlooked spaces – dressing rooms, aisle ways, customer service and checkout areas.
  • Product Appeal – No matter what you’re selling, you want customers to see it in the best light possible. Well-placed overhead track lights work well in showrooms. Adjustable accent fixtures are ideal for eye-catching window displays. And LED strip lights illuminate hard-to-see products on store shelves.

TCP offers lighting options for a wide range of retail models. Big box stores, department stores, and luxury goods stores all use our retail commercial lighting to highlight their products and leave a positive impression on shoppers. We’re happy to work with you to create a lighting plan that meets your business demands.

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

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