Transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat with high quality, long-lasting LED lights from TCP.

The bathroom is one of the most unique and challenging spaces in a home when it comes to lighting design. Adaptable lighting can have a great impact on creating a space that functions for utility and relaxation. A comfortable and functional bathroom needs bright crisp light for grooming and also warm, glowing light for winding down and relaxing. The best bathroom lighting ideas incorporate both types of light, so you can adapt as needed throughout the day.

When it comes to bathroom design, less is more. A simple, clean, clutter-free bathroom feels calm and relaxing, which is important in a room where you get ready and wind down from the day. So how can you add style without overwhelming the space? Bathroom lighting adds function and style at the same time, so you enjoy aesthetic benefits without any extra decor. High quality bathroom ceiling lights and vanity lights enhance paint colors, cabinet finishes, and floor tiles to bring out the simple beauty of your bathroom. Ready to transform your bathroom with the power of great lighting in many choices? Find TCP bulbs from a retailer near you.

Lighting for Your Bathroom

TCP offers all the bathroom lighting styles you’ll need. Choose from recessed ceiling lights to vanity lighting and wet-environment shower lights. Browse our selection below, then find a retailer near you to get started. 

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Damp & Wet Lighting for Bathroom

Apart from being stylish and setting the mood, bathroom lights also need to be able to hold up against moisture. You’ll want a mixture of damp and wet environment bulbs for a lighting scheme that will withstand everyday use for years to come.

Damp location bulbs are appropriate in areas that won’t be directly exposed to water, but will be exposed to condensation and steam. For example, lights above a bathroom sink should be rated for damp locations.

Wet location bulbs will be directly exposed to water, like recessed ceiling lights above a shower. These bulbs need to be listed for wet locations, which guarantees they will not be damaged if splashed with water. 

Lighting for Bathrooms

Bathroom lighting should come from multiple sources to ensure even light levels throughout the room. For comfortable lighting that sets a pleasant mood and makes it easy to see, include ceiling lighting, vanity lighting, and accent lighting in your bathroom. 

Ceiling Lighting

Recessed and flush mount ceiling lights are common in bathrooms. Both cast an even wash of ambient light throughout the room without drawing too much attention. 

Play close attention to the placement of your ceiling lights to make sure it feels natural and comfortable at full brightness and while dimmed. Lights in the center of the room almost always works well because it casts light evenly in each direction. You’ll want to avoid placing ceiling lights above the vanity, however. This placement can cause shadows or glare, making it difficult to see in the mirror. 

Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting should be bright enough to make daily grooming comfortable. Proper placement of vanity lights ensures you won’t have to deal with any frustrating shadows or glare off the mirror. 

For the best bathroom vanity lighting, you’ll want a mounted vanity light above the mirror, plus a wall sconce on either side. This arrangement lights up your face from all sides for a flattering and clear view. If you have to choose one or the other—for example, if your mirror is portrait-style or round—choose the wall sconces. They’ll provide more even light than a mounted vanity light from above, which could cause shadows. 

Accent Lighting

For the final touch that takes your bathroom lighting to the next level, include accent lighting to highlight focal points like architectural features. Maybe you want your bathtub to glow from behind with LED strip lights. Or, direct a wall sconce like a spotlight onto art. Accent lighting is especially appealing when the ceiling lights are dimmed down, giving a soft glow around the room similar to candlelight.

Downlights for Bathroom

TCP offers high quality bathroom downlights. Since LED lights are long-lasting and energy efficient, you won’t have to worry about pulling out the ladder to replace bulbs every year. Combine our downlight fixtures with bulbs in your preferred color temperature, then watch your bathroom come to life under new, refreshed bathroom downlighting. 

Downlights help create the lighting foundation in your bathroom. Their low profile and simple design won’t distract from other decor or fixtures. They’re also a perfect choice for shower lights, since they provide functional light and don’t add any bulk to the space. 

Brightness and Color Temperature for Bathroom Lighting

The ideal bathroom brightness changes between dim to bright many times throughout the course of a single day. Because of this, there isn’t one bulb brightness that’s the perfect fit for bathroom lighting fixtures. Dimmable LED lights are essential for creating the flexibility and versatility you need for a comfortable, functional bathroom.

After brightness, consider the best color temperature for your bathroom. As a rule of thumb, color temperatures below 3500K will feel the most warm and inviting. Warmer (lower Kelvin) temperatures tend to be more flattering. With LEDs from TCP, you have a full range of color temperatures to choose from, so you can tailor your lighting to your unique preferences. 

Find TCP Lighting In Stores and Online

For high quality, eco-friendly lights that reduce your energy bill, turn to TCP’s wide selection of LED bathroom lights. Our durable wet and damp location bulbs are made to last for years, offering an energy-saving and low-maintenance alternative to traditional lights.  Find a TCP Retailer Near You

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