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Grow taller, denser plants with TCP’s science-backed horticulture lights

Faster Growth & Higher Yields

Give your cannabis plants the best grow lights on the market for taller, denser plants.

TCP’s new generation of horticulture lights is powerful, sleek, and backed by science. As plants grow and mature they use different colors on the spectrum for each stage of growth. TCP offers grow lights of different color spectrums to ensure your plants grow strong and healthy every step of the way. Choose from full spectrum, far red spectrum and even green spectrum technologies.

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With a perfectly balanced light spectrum, lensless waterproof coating and customizable design, grow lights from TCP produce higher yields, reduce costs, and maximize profits.

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HTM Series Top Light

Horticulture lights from TCP are crafted with attention to the ideal color spectrum ratios for taller, denser, faster-growing plants. Our grow products promote photosynthesis across vertical, greenhouse, and indoor farming operations.

The Value of Different Light Spectrums

Designed to feature a balance of blue, green, and red, TCP grow lights encourage faster-growing, fuller, healthier plants. TCP grow products promote photosynthesis across vertical, greenhouse, and indoor farming operations.

  • TCP Blue Light technology keeps plants dense while they grow.
  • Red Light technology from TCP encourages budding and flowering.
  • To assess plant health without disrupting growth, TCP offers Green Light technology.

TCP grow lights offer a consistent, everyday lighting spectrum to support the health and hardiness of your plants!

Full Spectrum Graph

Far Red Spectrum Graph

Featured Product



Efficiently delivers ≤ 2.60 μmol/J


Powerful 612 μmol/s photosynthetic photon flux


Quick connect daisy chain ready


Durable, lightweight aluminum body


Easy-to-access wiring compartment


Power washer rated IP66 wet location rating


System rated for long 50,000 hour life


Instant on, no warm up time for full light

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