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Smart Box
SmartStuff + Panel Sensor
SmartStuff Remote

SmartStuff Compatible Products

DT Series Luminaires
General Purpose Strips
Horticulture Vapor Tight
LED Wrap Light


Q: How many fixtures can be connected on one network?

A: You can connect over 100 TCP SmartStuff products on one network.

Q: What kind of drivers/ballasts are required to use the SmartStuff products?

A:  Drivers/ballasts must be 0-10V dim to off.

Q: Can I group lamps and fixtures together and create a schedule for those lights and fixtures?

A:  Yes, it is easy to create groups, scenes, and schedules in the SmartStuff app.  

Q: Does the SmartStuff + Panel Sensor have the capability to detect motion?

A:  Yes, the panel sensor uses a microwave or PIR sensor to detect motion.  The Panel Sensor has a switch on the back to select which technology you want to use.

Q: Can the bi-level controls be combined with motion detection?

A:  Yes, the SmartBox + Panel Sensor can be programmed through the app to activate the higher light level setting when motion is detected.  

Q: Can I use the SmartStuff remote to control multiple lights and fixtures?

A:  Yes, simply create groups on the SmartStuff app and apply scenes and schedules to that group.


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