TCP SmartStuff

TCP SmartStuff makes it simple to control your lighting.

TCP SmartStuff

Streamline with Smart Lighting

Lighting sets the tone for every environment. TCP’s SmartStuff products, including the SmartBox, remote, app, and light bulbs, make it easier than ever to create the right mood for every occasion.

TCP SmartStuff lighting controls let you create scenes, lighting schedules, and group SmartStuff devices together. Using bluetooth technology to streamline the lights in your business, you can set the stage for any day with the click of a button.

Since SmartStuff can control over a hundred lights on one group, you can integrate an entire building’s lighting scheme for effortless control and beauty.

Smart Lighting Made Simple

Manage over 100 TCP SmartStuff devices on one group

Easy installation and setup using the TCP SmartStuff app
Schedule your lighting for hands-off ambiance
Pair with the TCP SmartStuff Remote for the most control and flexibility

The Right Tone

with a Single Touch

Imagine if you could curate your lighting throughout the day without ever having to flip a switch. TCP SmartStuff lets you schedule your lights so they work for you, automatically.

How does your business need to feel in the morning? What security lighting do you need as day turns into night? By scheduling certain lighting schemes at different points during the day, SmartStuff helps you tailor your lights to set just the right mood and make working hours more productive.

With SmartStuff, you can even group lights to control them together.

​Schedule your lighting for automatic, hands-off elegance
Group lights for convenience and optimal visual comfort
Streamline your lighting scheme for hassle-free maintenance

Advanced BluetoothTechnology from TCP

SmartStuff by TCP makes it easy to integrate smart lighting technology into your life, with no need for special networks or hubs. SmartStuff products connect via Bluetooth.

Smart home lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll configure the Bluetooth Signal and your TCP SmartStuff devices using the simple SmartStuff app for iOS and Android. All from the app, you will name your lights and lighting scenes, set schedules, and turn groups or individual lights on and off.

  • Simple iOS and Android app makes setup a breeze
  • Connect via Bluetooth
  • Set the tone every day with automated lighting

TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution.

The lighting experts at TCP can work with you on a home lighting design that you’ll love. Using SmartStuff devices and advanced LED technology, you can lower your energy bill and enjoy beautiful lighting every single day.

Reach out to TCP today for more information on lighting design, custom lighting fixtures, and TCP SmartStuff devices.

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