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Medical facilities and hospitals function better under LED lights

LED Lighting for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Medical professionals provide better care in a facility with high-quality lighting.

Healthcare facilities require bright, clean lighting with accurate color to help professionals diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Proper lighting also promotes healing and helps patients stay relaxed.

TCP offers high-quality lights that enable you to provide optimum care for your patients. LED lighting lowers your energy bills, helps caregivers think clearly and perform tasks easily, and makes patients feel more comfortable during their stay in your facility.

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Healthcare Settings

With the right lighting in your facility, patients will feel less on edge and more at ease, while medical personnel will maintain a peak level of performance. Here are some of the benefits:

Energy Savings

Reduce utility bills and maintenance costs

More Effective Care

Medical teams perform tasks better

Patient Wellbeing

Lower stress and quicker recovery

Return on Investment

Save more money for future projects

Healthcare Lighting Products

Hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and lab facilities choose TCP’s efficient LED lighting systems.

Elite Fluorescent High Bay – 4′, 32W

LED SelecT8 Type A Tube – 4′, 12W, CCT 35K/40K/50K

LED 2′ Volumetric Troffer – 2′, 38W/29W/23W, CTT 35K/41K/50K

LED Area Light Type III Forward Throw Black w/ NEMA 7-Pin Receptacle – 16.7″, 100W, 40K

Choosing Lighting for Healthcare Facilities

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Provide optimum care for your patients and invest in long-term energy savings in your hospital with high-quality LED lighting. Learn more about the right lighting for each type of space in hospitals and other medical facilities.

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Relax and Recover: Patient Room Lighting

The best LED lights for patient rooms should provide a balance of warm, calming tones for patients, and bright, crisp illumination for caregivers. Dimmable LED lights are a great option since a decreased amount of light encourages rest and recovery when a caregiver is not working in the room.

TCP recommends these products for hospital patient room lighting:

  • Starlight LED Lamp
  • Industra LED Vapor Luminaire
  • Pro Family LED Bulb
  • LED Dimmable Snap-In Down Lights

Comfortable and Practical: Medical Office Lighting

Many patients experience high stress levels at the doctor’s office. Some of it is due to lighting that’s overly bright or too cool-toned for everyday comfort. The best solution is to find lighting that balances comfort for patients and safety for medical practitioners.

TCP recommends the following for medical office lighting:

  • LED lamps that mimic natural sunlight – pleasant and uplifting for patients
  • LED bulbs and fixtures – better color rendering and clarity for medical staff

Energy Efficiency and Effective Care: Hospital Lighting

From overhead lights in hallways and exam rooms, to task lighting at the nurse’s station, TCP can help create a custom lighting system for your hospital’s unique needs. Thoughtful lighting design can change the entire atmosphere of a facility, promoting healing in patients, and effective care from doctors and nurses.

No matter the style, LED bulbs and fixtures will lower energy consumption and reduce utility bills. The amount of money you save can be significant. And it can be invested back into the hospital towards staff training, new technology and other upgrades.

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start to finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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