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Healthcare facilities require bright, clean lighting with accurate color to help professionals diagnose and treat patients in a relaxing environment. TCP Lighting provides healthcare facilities with energy-saving, cost-efficient, and low maintenance solutions.

When the lighting in healthcare facilities is high quality, it promotes healing. Bright, crisp lighting ensures that healthcare providers can deliver the most effective care. Patients feel relaxed under lighting that is designed to be calming and easy on the eyes. And the return-on-investment from energy-efficient LED light bulbs leaves more money to be directed toward life saving staff and technology.

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Relax and Recover: Patient Room Lighting

At TCP, you will find LED lighting for patient rooms that both caregivers and patients will love.

For patients, spending time in a healthcare facility can be a stressful time. But for safety reasons, low lighting for stress reduction just isn’t an option. That doesn’t mean hospital and nursing home lighting has to be fluorescent light, harsh, or unpleasant.

At TCP, warm-toned yet bright LED lights—like the Starlight LED Lamp and Industra LED Vapor Tight luminaire—keep patients feeling calm and at home, while ensuring caregivers can perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

Dimmable LED lights, like our TCP Pro Family LED bulb and our TCP LED Dimmable Snap-In Down Lights, encourage heightened rest and recovery when a caregiver is not actively working in the room.

Comfortable, Practical Medical Office Lighting

Many patients experience more stress in the medical office waiting room than they experience in the actual exam room. Much of this stress can be traced back to medical office lighting that is too bright or too cool toned for everyday comfort.

At TCP, we can help you find a comfortable balance between lighting that is safe and practical for medical practitioners, and lighting that is comfortable for patients in the office.

A good bet is choosing lamps that mimic natural lighting, since the brain interprets it as positive, pleasant, and energizing. Thanks to advanced lighting technology, TCP LED lighting is extremely effective at mimicking natural light.

For the best color rendering and customizable variety, choose TCP bulbs and fixtures for your medical office lighting.

Energy Efficient Lights for Hospitals

TCP offers high quality LED hospital light bulbs in a variety of styles that effectively meet the broad range of needs found in hospital and healthcare facilities.

No matter the style you choose, LEDs will lower energy consumption and save money on your energy bill. The return-on-investment is especially significant In a large facility like a hospital.

These savings aren’t just a nice perk—LED lights in hospitals can improve and save lives. When hospitals spend less money on their electricity bill, they can spend more money on highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art technology, and even take on more patients.

Energy efficient lighting from TCP is your next step toward even better care for patients.

Hospital Overhead Lights

TCP offers high-quality, vapor tight overhead lights to help you meet code standards and provide the best care possible.

Overhead lighting in hospitals is an important factor in the overall lighting scheme because it provides ambient, general lighting for entire rooms and hallways. Hospital overhead lights serve a variety of functions, like medical exam lighting, hospital bed lights, and waiting room lights.

TCP will help you design custom overhead hospital lights for your unique needs, or even an entire lighting system. A thoughtful hospital lighting design can change the entire atmosphere of your hospital, promoting healing and relaxation in patients, and effective care from doctors and nurses.

TCP Hospital Lighting: Quality of Care

TCP offers high quality lights that enable you to provide high quality care for your patients. LED lighting lowers your energy bill, helps caregivers think clearly and perform tasks easily, and makes patients feel more comfortable during their stay in your facility.

Looking for healthcare lighting you don’t see here? Contact us and we’ll help find the solution.

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Simplify your lighting project with TCP. We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life. Whether you know exactly what products you need or are looking for expert advice to create a lighting plan for your space – TCP can help.

Need a custom lighting solution? No problem. TCP also offers experience in lighting design and prototyping. And because we are a vertically integrated manufacturer, we offer unparalleled creative solutions and the cost savings.

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