Residential LED Lighting by TCP

Consumers who put a high value on good quality and energy-efficiency choose TCP interior and exterior residential LED Lighting. To meet the growing demand for indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications, TCP has expanded its line of LED Luminaire products to provide both a general purpose strip and luminaire retrofit kit.
Colored LED lights are an affordable, amazingly effective way to transform a room. For holidays, events or simply to enhance the mood, TCP offers colored LED lights that not only help you achieve your desired look but are more energy efficient. This leads to proven LED cost savings that you can calculate yourself. Just add up the savings!

LED Products

AmberGlow White Filament A19 Lamp E26 Frost – 3.4″, 8W, 24K

LED Filament High CRI Lamp E26 Frosted Blunt – 1.4″, 3W, 40K

LED Filament High CRI ST19 Lamp E26 Clear – 2.5″, 5W, 30K


What TCP LED lighting is good for common, everyday function around the house?

Answer: Check out all TCP lighting for a great variety of usage in all residential areas. In particular, consumers have made A19 LED light bulb TCP as a favorite for use in table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways or ceiling fixtures.

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I want to save energy by replacing incandescent lighting with LED. Is it worth it?

Answer: Very much so. LED bulbs from TCP are energy-efficient – a great replacement for standard 60 watt incandescent household bulbs. What’s the difference? This TCP light bulb uses 9 watts. That’s energy savings of up to 85%!

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For outdoor flood lighting, I’m looking for LED lighting that can be used in a non-enclosed outdoor fixture.

Answer: TCP LED outdoor lighting (one of many examples is the TCP RLBR4014W50D6) is a great solution. These flood bulbs are equivalent to 85 watt incandescent bulbs but use only 14 watts – that’s great efficiency!

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LED Lights by TCP

No discussion of interior (or exterior) home design is complete without discussing the many uses of residential LED light options from TCP. LED lighting to create the desired mood. Want a room that’s very chill and relaxing? Choose soft, warm lighting. Brighter lighting can set a tone that encourages productivity.TCP’s complete line of LED lighting for residential spaces improves the look and feel of any room – from kitchen to living areas, bath to bedrooms, driveways to back yards. Set the tone with LED bases, lamps, tubes, floodlights and other choices in many watts and different styles. These LED light options help you establish the style you desire, but will cost you less. How much? You can calculate your cost savings here.


TCP offers colored LED lighting in many styles and sizes that empower your interior design imagination to meet the needs of the spaces in your home, interior and exterior. It’s obvious that colored LEDs can really set the tone Christmas. And it’s an easy guess which color of LED lighting you might use to accentuate St. Patrick’s Day. A dash of red on Valentine’s Day and orange for Halloween are fun touches. But don’t stop there. Try colored LED lighting by TCP to accentuate landscaping or gardens, patios or backyard ponds and pools. Inside, it adds the perfect punctuation to art, decor and to create the general atmosphere you seek for every room – creating contrast and variety as you walk throughout your home. From bright celebratory colors that bring energy and party-like atmosphere to a space to tones that cast a gentler vibe – and everything in between – LED lights by TCP will set the right tone.

Indoor/outdoor LED Lighting

Even if you are not inclined to use colored lighting, the indoor-outdoor LED lighting from TCP is a great tool for styling and design in all residential areas just to regulate the brightness and softness of the many areas of your home, indoors and out. First, let’s look at the functionality. TCP waterproof LED lighting is durable – and that goes a long way in cost-savings. Next, there are many uses of LED lighting to create mood, effect and function:

For instance, indoor LED lights: LED lighting recessed in floors create provide guide lighting and amazing mood in bathrooms. Low-level lighting in nurseries contribute to the tranquility you want for baby. Hallways and staircases becomes rooms of their own with just the right positioning and size.

Outdoor LED lights from TCP are great to mark your driveway entrance or to outline a deck or patio. You can enjoy the shrubbery, garden and goldfish pond at night with just the right outdoor LED lights. It makes you imagine (and enjoy) your space so much more – and you’ll never have to feel guilty about usage since LED lighting is energy efficient.

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Start your home lighting project with help from TCP

Take on your next lighting project with ease. Choose energy efficient bulbs and fixtures for every area in your home without sacrificing style. Lighting from TCP also helps you cut costs with dozens of rebates available. Find a retailer near you or ask us a question and learn how TCP can provide the expert help you need!

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