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From lobbies to hallways, conference rooms to lounges, facades to landscaping – TCP Lighting comes in all the choices you’ll need to give your guests a memorable experience.

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LED Hospitality Lighting from TCP

How do your guests feel the minute they walk through the door into your hotel lobby? Maybe they feel relieved and calm after a long journey. Or maybe they’re energized and ready to start their trip. 

At TCP, we understand the importance of first impressions. That’s why we work hard to make sure our LED hotel lighting leaves your guests with a great one. Our broad range of lighting for hotels includes high quality LED luminaires, recessed ceiling lights, and a variety of bulbs perfect for hotel lighting fixtures like floor lamps, wall sconces, and chandeliers.

High quality LED lighting uses far less energy than traditional hotel lights, so you don’t have to compromise. Beautiful lighting and major savings on your energy bill go hand in hand at TCP.

Ready to transform your hotel lighting? TCP’s lighting experts will walk you through the entire process, from initial design ideas to installation follow-up. Contact us today to get started!

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Our Hotel Lighting Fixtures and Products

Browse our selection of eco-friendly lighting for hotels, including ambient ceiling lighting like luminaires and smaller accent bulbs to help you set the right mood for your guests.

How to Choose Lighting for a Hotel

It’s important to have varying lighting designs for each of the unique spaces in a hotel. Lighting sets the tone for every room. For example: bright, crisp commercial lighting might be perfect for a hotel gym, but a hotel bar typically requires dimmer, more gentle lighting. 

The best hotel lobby lighting will depend on the mood you’d like to achieve. Warm color temperatures and dimmable LEDs create a vintage, cozy feeling. Crisp, sunlight-mimicking LEDs will complement clean lines and modern design.

No matter what mood you decide to set in each area of your hotel, TCP has the hotel lighting fixtures and high quality LED bulbs to make sure your hotel lighting ideas become reality.

Hotel Lobby Lighting

First impression that lighting creates. Welcoming, warm, modern, classic.

Hotel lobby lighting welcomes your guests from the moment they set foot in the lobby. Great lighting design will leave your guests with a positive first impression. Bright, cool light fills them with energy and excitement. Warm, dim lights invite them to set down their bags and relax. 

Use your hotel lighting design to complement furniture and existing architectural features. Emphasize clean lines and contemporary finishes with cooler color temperatures and modern lighting fixtures. Or, highlight historic arches and vintage-style decor with warm, welcoming bulbs and distressed fixtures.

TCP Hospitality LIghting - Hotel Lobby
TCP Hospitality LIghting - Hotel Lobby

Large Chandeliers

Large chandeliers, high ceilings, and high quality light make for a stunning first impression in your hotel lobby. You can choose a sleek or sculptural minimalist chandelier with a few bright bulbs, or opt for an intricate, traditional chandelier with dozens of candle-style LEDs. Or maybe a transitional chandelier looks great above your eclectic mix of old and new.


Ceiling Light Fixtures

Ceiling light fixtures provide an even wash of light that acts as a backdrop for furniture, decor, and statement lighting fixtures. Luminaires and recessed ceiling lighting help to make sure there is a comfortable amount of light in your lobby. By choosing high quality LED bulbs for these ambient lighting fixtures, you can cut back on your energy bill and create an eco-friendly hotel lighting design that will impress guests and help the earth.


Floor Lamps

Hotel floor lamps add both style and function to hotel lobbies. They can provide directional light for focused activities like reading or working. Or, they can brighten dim corners and contribute to the ambient lighting in your lobby. Floor lamp fixture styles range from simple to sculptural, so you can find one that works with your design story to leave a great first impression on guests.

Hotel Bar Lighting

Guests and visitors come to your hotel bar to unwind from the day and catch up with friends and colleagues. You can ensure the ambiance of your hotel bar lighting draws them in and sets the mood for an unforgettable experience. Dimmable LEDs give you the flexibility you need to adjust your hotel bar lighting based on time of day and for special events.

TCP Hospitality Lighting - Hotel Bar Lighting
TCP Hospitality Lighting - Hotel Bar Lighting

Wall Sconces

Set an ambiance or mood for late night dining and socializing. 

Wall sconces are a classic choice for bar lighting. They conserve floor space and create a dim glow that sets an intimate, relaxed mood perfect for late night dining and socializing. Wall sconces come in a variety of styles. You can feature an exposed LED Edison bulb for a vintage feel, or keep things crisp with cool-toned, linear bar sconces.


Shelf/Strip Lighting

For lighting up the glassware and liquor bottles behind the bar and under the bar. 

LED strip lighting is the perfect choice for lighting glassware and bottles behind and beneath your hotel bar. Thin LED strip lights provide a sophisticated glow from within. You can stick with neutral light, or choose colored light to coordinate with your decor.



Chandeliers are guaranteed to make a design statement in your hotel bar. They create visual interest overhead, drawing the eye upward creating a sense of awe. Since they give off ambient light, they also affect the rest of the decor and furniture, emphasizing or transforming finishes and furniture with their light.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms often have a variety of types of light fixtures that guests can control.

The best hotel rooms give guests full control over the mood they want to create. Use dimmable LEDs in a variety of light fixtures to make sure your hotel room lighting is easily customizable. Layering the lighting with ambient, task, and accent lighting ensures guests have plenty of options. Whether they want the dim glow of accent lights alone, or a balanced, bright room for getting dressed or working, a well-designed hotel room lighting scheme will accommodate.

TCP Hospitality Lighting - Hotel Bars
TCP Hospitality Lighting - Hotel Bars

Hotel Room Recessed Lighting

Recessed ceiling lights are a tried and true standard fixture for hotel rooms. Adjustable LED lighting allows guests to set their own mood. Bright overhead lighting is great for everyday tasks, but the option to dim them for evening relaxation will help guests feel at home during their stay. 

Adjustable lighting allows guests to set their own mood and feel at home.


Table Lamps

Table lamps are essential for hotel rooms. Typically, you’ll find a table lamp on either side of the bed. If there is a desk in the room, it is also important to have a task lamp that provides directional light for work and reading. Take the opportunity to express your hotel’s style with decorative lampshades, which can easily be switched out when it’s time for an update.


Wall Sconces

Wall sconces often light the way to hotel rooms in the hallway. Wall sconces can also be an excellent, space-saving alternative to bedside table lamps in smaller hotel rooms. These functional fixtures are not without style, though. Wall sconces are available in a broad range of styles, so you can choose a fixture that enhances the mood of your hotel rooms.

Price Your Project

Simplify your lighting project with TCP. We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life. Whether you know exactly what products you need or are looking for expert advice to create a lighting plan for your space – TCP can help.

Need a custom lighting solution? No problem. TCP also offers experience in lighting design and prototyping. And because we are a vertically integrated manufacturer, we offer unparalleled creative solutions and the cost savings.

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