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Discover how LED lighting enhances guest experience and improves brand appeal

LED Hospitality Lighting from TCP

Hotel lighting plays a key role in shaping guest perception of your brand.

In the hospitality industry, good first impressions are vital for long-term success. Guests start forming opinions about your hotel as soon as they walk in the lobby. Commercial hotel lighting may seem like a small, subtle detail. But guests always seem to notice if the lighting isn’t appealing or if it’s not working.

TCP offers a wide range of LED lights to beautifully illuminate every space in your hotel. Our high-quality luminaires, recessed ceiling lights, and LED replacement bulbs are energy efficient and long lasting.

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Hotels

Thoughtful lighting updates can make your hotel feel more inviting. The right lights create an atmosphere that goes from cozy to lively with the flick of a switch. TCP has LED lighting for interior and exterior hotel spaces, including guest rooms, lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, lounges, landscaped areas and more.

When choosing new hotel lighting, there are countless good reasons to go with LEDs. Here are the primary benefits:

Energy Savings

Reduce utility bills and maintenance costs

Guest Experience

Create a better first impression

Ease and Versatility

Vary the lighting to set the mood

Define Your Brand

Custom lighting can shape identity

Hospitality Lighting Products

Transform your hotel lighting plan with TCP’s versatile selection of energy-saving hospitality lighting products.

LED A19 Lamp – 2.4″, 6W, 41K

LED Filament High CRI Lamp E26 Clear Blunt – 1.4″, 3W, 30K

LED Recessed Flat Face Snap-In Retrofit Downlights – 4″, 10W, CCT 27K/30K/35K

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Hotels

landscape lighting
Lighting sets the tone and mood for every room in a hotel. Since every hotel space has a unique function or purpose, it’s important to have varying lighting designs for different areas.

TCP can help you create an LED lighting plan that meets property demands and exceeds guest expectations. Before you start shopping for fixtures, here are some things to consider when choosing lights for your hotel’s most popular spaces.

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Hotel Lobby Lighting

Well-planned lighting design in the lobby gives guests their first impression and sets the standard for other rooms. Bright, cool light generates energy and excitement. While warm, subdued light conveys calm and relaxation. Remember to use light to complement furniture and architectural features.

Large Chandeliers

Absolutely stunning in lobbies with high ceilings. TCP has LED bulbs to fit!

Ceiling Light Fixtures

Recessed lighting and luminaires give guests an even amount of ambient light.

Floor Lamps

They add style and function, while providing extra light for reading, working, etc.

Hotel Bar Lighting

Guests and visitors come to the hotel bar to unwind from the day and catch up with friends and colleagues. Dimmable LEDs provide flexibility when you need to adjust the bar lighting based on time of day or for special events.

Wall Sconces

Set the mood for socializing! Try exposed LED Edison Bulbs for vintage flair and a warm glow.

Shelf / Strip Lighting

Illuminate glassware and liquor bottles behind the bar. Go with neutral light or choose a color!


They add style and visual interest, while enhancing the bar area’s amount of ambient light.

Hotel Room Lighting

The best hotel rooms give guests full control over the mood they want to create. Layering the lighting with ambient, task, and accent lights ensures plenty of options. Dimmable LED bulbs allow guests to customize their room’s lighting at any time.

Recessed Lighting

Adjustable LEDs give guests the option to set their own mood and feel at home.

Table Lamps

Essential for bedside tables and desks. They provide directional light for working and reading.

Wall Sconces

An excellent, space-saving alternative to bedside table lamps in smaller hotel rooms.

Simplify Your Lighting Project with TCP

We’ll work with you from start-to-finish to bring your lighting ideas to life.

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