General Purpose Strips

One Fixture – Endless Applications

Versatile. Convenient. Cost-effective. What’s most important to you in the overhead strip lighting you choose? TCP’s General Purpose Strips measure up! Use them nearly anywhere and get bright, even, diffused light that keeps utility bills in check – they may even qualify for lighting rebates!

With any of these durable, attractive LED strip lights, you can quickly and easily:

  • Change the ambiance of a room with the flip of a switch
  • Choose one type of fixture to illuminate multiple types of spaces
  • Retrofit outdated fluorescents with a similar look and feel in the same footprint
Features & Benefits at a Glance

General Purpose Strips

These versatile LED lights have a lot going for them. Not only can you quickly and easily install them just about anywhere, but they deliver impressive features. Many are available in multiple sizes – and one option, the Select Series Vapor Tight, is IP65 rated for wet locations with a fully sealed all-plastic housing.

Large warehouse ceiling showing off bright lights

All these general purpose strip lights include:

  • Multiple mounting options
  • Smooth, continuous dimming
  • High Color Rendering Index (80+ CRI)
  • Damp or wet location rating
  • Wide beam angle
  • Energy-efficient LED technology

Customize your general purpose strip lighting with optional add-ons available on some models, including:

  • Built-in emergency battery backup
  • Microwave motion sensor
  • Daylight sensor
  • SmartStuff compatibility

General Purpose Strip Selections from TCP

The engineers at TCP are continuously developing new designs and technology to enhance our general purpose strip lighting, so this product listing may change.

Don’t see exactly what you need? Reach out to us! We’ll either help you find it or work with you to develop a custom solution that lights up your requirements!


Select Series General Purpose Strip

Economy General Purpose Strip

Select Series Wrap Light

2x2 LED Luxterior Flat Panel

Select Series Vapor Tight

General Purpose Strip Retrofit Kit

2x2 LED Luxterior Flat Panel

Q Series Aisle Light

Ideal Applications


Offices, Lobbies

Select Series General Purpose Strips fill large offices and lobbies with even, glare-free illumination.


Grocery, Retail Stores

Q Series Aisle Lights and Select Series LED Wrap Lights deliver a wide beam angle that reduces the “cave effect” while focusing high-CRI light on product displays.


Classrooms, Hallways

Economy General Purpose Strips and LED General Purpose Strip Retrofit Kits upgrade educational settings with uniform light that saves both money and energy use.

Need help finding the right general purpose strip lighting products for your project?

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