What's Your Sales Opportunity?

It’s more than filling a socket.
It’s your customer experience.

STEP 1 – As a Lighting Distributor, What are Your Customer’s Pain Points?

We’re here to help lighting distributors find the answers to customers’ questions with our lighting know-how and years of experience. Advanced lighting systems can increase the cost of your customers’ construction projects when not approached strategically. Therefore, before filling that socket, review their business objectives and how the product you’re installing will help them meet those goals.


  1. Is it to improve the look and feel of their facility by creating uniformity of illumination?
  2. Do they want to reduce the environmental impact and preserve natural resources?
  3. Are they trying to decrease their maintenance and labor costs?
  4. Do they merely want to increase their ROI and energy savings?

STEP 2 – What are Your Vertical Markets?

A manufacturer of high-quality lighting product will have collaborative partnerships in place with vendors. That’s why we create a design specification for the lighting product and then work with our partners and lighting distributors to develop components that can deliver those specs. We know the specifications and guide the type of lighting product to produce for that particular application. We work to ensure the ideal combination of lighting components is collected to maximize the life of the product and give your customers’ facility occupants a superb experience.

STEP 3 – Are You Utilizing TCP?

Find Specifications and Product Information

If you’re looking for a particular specification, see our spec sheets for more. We have a variety of products with high CRI and many color temperatures to choose from. See our specifications and files on lamps, exit and emergency, LED LM79, IES information, luminaire efficiency and more. If you need additional information, see our Business Resource Center for our catalogs, safety data and dimming compatibility sheets, ROI calculator and more.

Simplify the Utility Rebate Process by Working With Our Team

TCP offers utility rebate support to help you simplify the process. We will walk you though every step, so you can see what’s available for helping customers transition to energy efficient lighting product.


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