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Commercial Luminaires

TCP’s luminaire light bulbs and fixtures are durable and built to last. With energy efficient LED technology, updating your commercial lighting system will help you improve your bottom line with lower energy costs. Browse our selection of indoor and outdoor commercial luminaires below.

Luminaires & Fixtures

Indoor Luminaires (LED)

Strip Retrofit Kits

TCP’s LED General Purpose Strip Retrofit Kits are designed to help you replace fluorescent lamps and ballasts in an existing fluorescent strip fixture. This integrated LED lighting solution is simple to install, and costs much less than completely gutting and reconfiguring your lighting fixtures.

2×4 Luminaires

Our LED Direct Troffer Luminaires back-lit technology for crisp, uniform light distribution. They offer a slim, low-profile despite robust construction for a luminaire that is both attractive and highly durable.

Energy efficient troffer luminaires are available in multiple wattages to help you maximize savings and customize your lighting. With a long, 50,000 hour rated life and excellent CRI, your office, retail store, school, or other commercial space will looks its best under troffer luminaires from TCP.

Outdoor Luminaires (LED)

Wall Pack

LED wall packs are an important part of outdoor security for commercial buildings. They’re also energy efficient, which makes them the best option over traditional fluorescent or even CFL wall packs.

Outdoor luminaires like wall packs light the perimeters of your building with minimal spill light. Wall packs from TCP are durable against all types of weather and feature an adjustable mount design.

What Are Luminaires?

Luminaires consist of one or more lamps plus the light fixture that distributes the light, connects the lamps to the power supply, and positions and protects the lamps. Luminaires are complete lighting units.

Types of Luminaires

When deciding on luminaires for your commercial space, you may consider a combination of many, including recessed or surface-mounted incandescent, fluorescent, and other electric-discharge lighting units. For the most energy efficient option, look to LED luminaires.

Luminaires: LED vs Traditional

What sets LED luminaire lighting apart from traditional styles? Energy efficiency and long lifespan are the main reasons designers, building managers, and construction teams choose LED luminaires over fluorescents or incandescent.

LED luminaires from TCP use up to 90% less energy than other luminaire types. When you multiply those savings across an entire commercial lighting scheme, you can see why the return on investment for LEDs is so high. And with lower maintenance costs thanks to their long lifespans, you save even more time and money with LEDs.

LEDs also provide the most uniform, high quality light. Outfitting your commercial building with LED lighting makes for a comfortable and safe environment.

TCP Quality

Every element of a TCP luminaire is made with quality and durability in mind. With over twenty years of experience, TCP is proud to be a leading innovator in the lighting industry.

Ready to invest in energy efficient LED luminaire light bulbs? TCP has everything you’ll need to make the switch and start saving on your energy bill. From linear luminaires for large indoor spaces to outdoor wall packs, our luminaires will make sure your commercial space is safe, well-lit, and comfortable.

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