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LED Christmas Lights: Make Your Home Brilliant This Season

Dec 1, 2023

‘Tis the season to transition from fall décor lighting to winter holiday decorations at home! Christmas lights bring cheerful brilliance to these shorter days and long, cold nights. Make your home shine inside and out with creative Christmas light ideas from the clever elves at TCP.

Regardless of our chronological age, we become wide-eyed children in the bright, colorful glow of Christmas lights. Capture that magical feeling this season with our suggestions for eco-friendly Christmas light bulbs that spread holiday cheer — without the anticipation of a huge January utility bill dampening your spirits.

Benefits of Light Bulbs Over String Lights

It seems like string lights are everywhere these days. And we love their sweet twinkle as much as the next reindeer — but they’re not always the best choice for Christmas decorating. Why? For one thing, if they’re incandescents, they’re going to get hot, which is dangerous for your other decorations, like the tree, wrapping paper, tinsel and anything else combustible. Plus, they suck up a lot of power to produce those tiny points of light. And that means you’ll ring in the New Year with a Grinch-sized utility bill.

But if your heart is set on using string lights for home accents, LED Christmas lights could be the solution. Our residential LED bulbs are available in a variety of base types that fit many string light sockets available at retail. Just check the packaging before you buy to make sure you can swap in E26 or E12 LED bulbs.

Another reason to choose LED Christmas light bulbs over string lights is your home lighting color temperature. We’re not talking about colored lights here — this is about creating cozy indoor ambiance with warmer white light, energizing vibrance with cooler white light and dazzling outdoor Christmas decorations with neutral white light. You simply cannot get that kind of custom lighting effect with incandescent string lights.

Easy Home Accents: LED Christmas Lights for Everyone

When it comes to welcoming the holiday spirit into your home, Christmas lights deliver dazzling joy like nothing else. Whether you’re brimming with Buddy the Elf-level enthusiasm, or you prefer the quieter joy of Elf-on-a-Shelf, we’ve got great ideas for using LED Christmas lights to create the look and feel you crave inside and outside your home this season.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas With Zero Cleanup

The worst aspect of outdoor Christmas light displays is the chore of taking them down when the holidays are over. That’s usually when the cold weather makes the job truly miserable — not to mention the danger of icy buildup on eaves, gutters and ladders. Skip those headaches by choosing TCP’s LED Christmas light bulbs for brilliant displays that require zero cleanup!

Swap In Festive Porch Lights

Looking for the easiest, fastest outdoor Christmas decorations ever? Look no further than our fun and festive Smartstuff Light Bulbs. These beauties can be paired to your phone and allow you to choose any light color! Go with traditional red & green, a golden glow or even an icy blue! Once the holidays are over, Smartstuff Light Bulbs can easily transition to the next holiday.

Highlight Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

If you invested in backyard lighting for brilliant entertaining this summer, you’ve set yourself up for easy and elegant holiday décor! The color-changing lights you draped around your gazebo will look even better as the trees lose their leaves, and those submersible LEDs in your swimming pool will glisten like festive gems through long winter nights. Step it up with architectural lighting that highlights your landscaping and outdoor Christmas decorations. Wall wash lighting makes wreaths glow, uplighting transforms any fir into a Tannenbaum, and feature lighting can make a spectacle of a gushing fountain, swagged columns or blow-up holiday décor.

Clear a Path for Guests – and Santa

Welcome guests, carolers and even the Man in Red to your home with the warm glow of hardscape lighting on pathways, patios and stairways. These downward-facing lights clear the way for safe stepping amid snow and ice while amplifying the radiance of your Christmas lights. Choose low-voltage fixtures to extend the life of your outdoor LED pathway lights for worry-free illumination 24/7 that uses 75% less energy than old-fashioned incandescents!

Indoor Christmas Light Ideas: Welcoming Warmth

The best part of Christmas decorating is that moment when you get to relax and soak in the festive look of your home. Christmas lights don’t always have to be colored — the holidays are the perfect time to consider how home lighting color temperature matters for the overall vibe of a room. Simply switching to bulbs that are lower on the Kelvin scale — in the 2000K to 3000K range — will bring in a softer glow that feels cozier and more welcoming than cooler light temps.

Once the scene is set with warm yuletide ambiance, consider these LED Christmas lights for home accents with seasonal charm:

Match Your Lights to Your Décor

No rule says indoor Christmas decorations have to be red and green. Home Christmas lights look just as festive in subtler tones of silver, gold and white. Create a winter wonderland that complements your existing décor with stylish Accents pendants. These beauties add an upscale feel to a room that features a mantel or Christmas tree decked in string lights and white or green pine garlands. Of the three styles, two shapes and three finishes available, we like the round mesh in gold the best for the way it reminds us of traditional Christmas tree ornaments.

Set the Mood for Every Gathering

Are you hosting a cookie exchange, family gathering or other party in your home this season? Do you also plan to wrap presents, bake treats and watch holiday movies in your home? All these activities call for lighting that sets a particular mood, from energetic to welcoming to peaceful to romantic. Switch the vibe from bright neutral white light to a fun and festive color with ColorFlip color-changing light bulbs. These clever LED Christmas lights are available in red, green, blue, purple and yellow, which means they’re not only great for Christmas light displays — they’ll come in handy for other holidays, like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, too.

Don’t Have a Blue Christmas

Give your family the gift of better health by understanding the impact of blue lighting and ways to reduce it in your home. Too much exposure to blue light can lead to vision problems, poor sleep and mood disruptions — but TCP has wrapped up some LED light options that can keep you and yours from experiencing a Too Blue Christmas! Nix those blue light spikes by using Anew light bulbs in any fixtures that previously took incandescent bulbs. Or step up your household’s defense against cold and flu season with PurEssentials, the health lighting that does more than illuminate. These multitasking bulbs feature a fully enclosed UVC light that kills germs and a built-in fan that recirculates purified air. The standard LED light they emit makes Christmas decorating and entertaining a safer group activity.

Christmas Lights From TCP

Ring in this holiday season with festive, cost-effective, eco-friendly LED Christmas lights from TCP! Whether they’re enhancing your indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations or simply casting a warm, welcoming glow throughout your home, our innovative Christmas light bulbs will keep you feeling merry and bright through this magical time of year.

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