Backyard Lighting for Brilliant Entertaining

May 8, 2023

Summer unlocks fabulous opportunities for al fresco fun. When it comes to warm-weather entertaining, take it outside with outdoor lighting LED options from TCP.

Our summer lighting checklist covers all your seasonal must-haves, including great ideas for backyard lighting that adds brilliance to all your home’s outdoor areas. From the garden to the patio to the pool to the unique architectural features of your house, these energy-efficient outdoor lighting options light up your property without breaking the bank.

Read on for our pro tips on choosing outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs that enhance your home’s safety, increase your usable living space and take your open-air entertaining to the next level.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

The main difference between indoor and outdoor light bulbs is the ability to withstand exposure to water. As you explore backyard lighting solutions for your property, pay attention to the UL rating on the bulb or fixture. This rating comes from the Underwriters Laboratories, the world’s largest and most respected not-for-profit testing lab, and indicates the conditions under which the product can be safely used. All TCP outdoor lighting LED products are UL rated for wet locations, so you can feel good about using them just about anywhere.

When you amp up your backyard lighting, you also:

Increase Your Home’s Safety

A well-lit property discourages burglars and trespassers — including the furry, four-legged kind — which enhances the safety of your family, your belongings and your vegetable plantings. Strategic outdoor lighting fixtures also help prevent trips and falls on stairs, pathways and decks, making any outdoor gathering a lot safer after dark.

Raise the Resale Value of Your House

Investing in high-quality outdoor lighting options now can make your home more attractive to prospective buyers in the future. Whether you’re getting ready to list your property soon or planning to stay put for decades, choosing LEDs brings long-term savings to your utility bills and may mean higher resale value when you’re ready to move.

Double Your Usable Living Space

Ever wish you had one more room in your house? Exploring our cool backyard lighting ideas opens a world of possibilities for expanding your living space! Dine with friends in your garden, have movie night by the pool, or set up an open-air living room on the patio. You could have way more room for al fresco fun than you think — with the right outdoor lighting fixtures.

Keep Bugs at Bay

One of the big benefits of outdoor LED lighting is that it’s available in a range of color temperatures — and yellow-hued LEDs can brighten summer nights by attracting fewer bugs! You read that right: LED bulbs in the warmer end of the color spectrum help keep your cookouts and summer parties nearly bug-free while using very little energy and casting a soft glow. We call that a win-win-win!

Bright Ideas for Backyard Lighting

Ready to light up the night and embrace the great outdoors at home? We’ve put together some cool backyard lighting ideas to help kick off your summer entertaining with brilliance.

Light Up a Pergola or Gazebo

Some of the easiest and most popular ideas for backyard lighting revolve around pergolas and gazebos, which make for cozy outdoor gatherings. Take it up a notch with color-changing LED bulbs in protected areas that toggle between warm white and a vivid hue with the flip of a switch.

Spotlight the Path to Enlightenment

Pathway lighting keeps friends and family safe at night, but it can also add visual interest to your property. As part of our checklist for outdoor lighting of dos and don’ts, the TCP backyard lighting pros caution against angling pathway lights upward. A downward cast supports safer walkway navigation, and a staggered design looks more natural and stylish.

Showcase Architectural Features

Is your house covered with incredibly detailed brickwork? Does a grand staircase lead from the backyard to your deck? Are you particularly proud of the intricate gables, impressive columns or fancy façade of your home? Architectural outdoor lighting options showcase those features to best advantage with a wall wash, uplighting, spotlights and more.

Go Glam with an Outdoor Chandelier

One of the most innovative ideas for backyard lighting is to go for the unexpected. Hang a chandelier or pendant lights from the ceiling of your covered deck or patio to achieve next-level glamor. Pair these luxurious outdoor lighting fixtures with high-end furnishings for a seriously posh look — or keep it comfortably shabby-chic by adding in a few rustic pieces.  

Create an Outdoor Living Room

Make your al fresco space as comfortable and inviting as your living room with a little creativity and the right backyard lighting solutions. Choose weather-proof cushions and pillows for your outdoor furniture, then layer on the luxury with a sumptuous rug underfoot and lots of lightweight throws to ward off late-night chills. Add a few outdoor tables and floor lamps for cozy ambience and use potted plants to blur the transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

Take a Dip After Dark

Only those accustomed to the change of seasons truly understand the luxury of a nighttime swim! Maximize your investment in a swimming pool by including unique backyard pool lighting ideas — like fully submersible LEDs around the inner edge of the water, uplighting on pillars or walls surrounding the pool, or pathway lighting that encircles the entire hardscape before leading to your pool house.

Illuminate Your Landscaping

Highlight your green thumb and love of horticulture with TCP’s LED landscape lighting. Guide visitors through your seasonal plantings with durable, energy-efficient and subtle well lights or show off your unique ornamental trees with brilliant uplighting. Your landscaping will appear more integrated with the rest of your property if you choose similar color temperatures and lumens for all your outdoor lighting options.

Outdoor Lighting From TCP

Trust TCP for all your residential outdoor lighting needs. We’ve been committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient lights right here in the U.S. for more than 20 years. Embrace al fresco brilliance with our LED outdoor lighting solutions.

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