How TCP Lighting Levels Up Your Business

Mar 26, 2023

TCP has big LED lighting ideas for making your brand shine. We’re taking the commercial lighting trends of 2023 to new heights with our innovative technology and signature style.

Read on for unique lighting ideas that bring unexpected brilliance and savings to your office, retail space, gallery, restaurant, horticulture operation and more.

Commercial Lighting Ideas

The pros at TCP know light. We’ve been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge LED lamps and commercial lighting fixtures for over 30 years. We understand which lights help attract customers, increase productivity, enhance safety or create a mood. Our lighting ideas for your business are grounded in real-world experience and powered by innovative technology.

We could outline all the benefits of switching to LED lights, but you probably already know they’ll help you save money in the long run while elevating the quality of light in any workspace.

So, let’s dive right into the latest LED lighting ideas we’ve come up with, organized by types of workplaces.

For Your Office

Overhead lighting is essential in any office, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Spruce up your traditional flat panel commercial lighting fixtures with TCP Accents Series Panels. These durable acrylic light covers fit easily into existing LED luminaires and bring a stylish decorative touch to ambient illumination. They’re available in a wide array of gorgeous designs, from simple grid patterns to 3D-inspired images. Plus, you can customize the look of your Accents panels with your company logo, a motivational phrase or nearly any bespoke imagery.

For Your Retail Store

Effective retail lighting serves two purposes: It showcases your products while also helping shoppers feel at ease in your space. One way to accomplish both is to add the warm glow of modern LED pendant lights to your layered lighting scheme. If you rely solely on overhead fluorescents to light your store, you risk creating a cold, sterile vibe with annoying shadows that can obscure your displays. Overhead fluorescents are also very outdated and not energy efficient. Pendants focus their light downward, helping to highlight products on tables or in cases, while adding visual texture to the overall ambience.

For Your Gallery or Museum

Gallery and museum lighting design presents unique challenges. From guiding visitors through an experience to protecting delicate treasures to welcoming community engagement, these institutions require thoughtful and precise lighting ideas. Start by evaluating a lamp’s Color Rendering Index, which indicates the way a light affects the colors of an object it illuminates. Clear daylight sets the standard at a CRI of 100, but bulbs with a CRI below 80 may lend a pink or yellow hue to paintings and other works.

For Your Bar or Restaurant

The commercial lighting you choose for your bar or restaurant sets the mood. If you go too bright, diners won’t stick around to order dessert. If your lighting is too dim, servers won’t be able to do their jobs. And if your menu or clientele make a substantial change from lunch to dinner, you’ve got to create two entirely different kinds of ambience. A great solution for this is TCP’s Allusion Line of LED lamps. TCP’s Allusion LED products provide “incandescent-like” dimming capabilities mimicking a traditional incandescent or halogen lamp transforming from a traditional 3000 Kelvin color temperature to a warm 2000 Kelvin color temperature on a standard dimmer – all without an annoying delay or flicker.

For Your Horticultural Business

The trend toward indoor farming has fueled lots of innovation, including some truly unique lighting ideas. TCP’s horticulture lights with far-red technology just might be the breakthrough that takes your grow operation to the next level. By adding far-red wavelengths to the full spectrum of light, these beauties help stimulate plant growth and boost photosynthesis. A quick-connect system allows for easy setup no matter what size greenhouse you’re lighting, and a 50,000-hour bulb lifespan makes for a cost-effective long-term investment.

For Your Outdoor Areas

Whether you want to encourage al fresco dining with lights on your restaurant patio or increase safety with effective gas station lighting, TCP has the outdoor commercial lighting fixtures to do the job. Tap into unique lighting ideas that increase brand visibility, like using ColorFlip bulbs to add a colorful wash to signage or walls in protected outdoor spaces. These multicolor bulbs switch from bright neutral light to vivid red, blue or green by flipping a switch.

Benefits of Using TCP Lighting

You get more than unique lighting ideas when you choose TCP lighting. Partnership with us can benefit your business by helping you:

Save Money

Switching to LED commercial lighting will help you save money on utility bills by consuming less energy, requiring less frequent replacements and providing a better overall quality of light.

Get Cutting-Edge Technology

TCP Lighting has been on the forefront of commercial lighting innovations for decades. We control the entire production process — from design to development to manufacture to distribution — so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality in every bulb, lamp and fixture.

Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

TCP has always been committed to being green, by both creating eco-friendly products and employing green business practices. Level up your brand’s environmental profile with LED commercial lighting that aligns with your values. Plus, we help you stay on top of the latest industry developments, like California’s ban on CFL light bulbs, and how they impact your business.

Explore Lighting Options From TCP

Ready to take our lighting ideas for a spin in your commercial space? Find TCP light bulbs at your favorite retailer — or contact us today for help pricing your commercial lighting project, finding warranties and rebates, or learning more about our products.

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