Light Trends for 2023: LED Commercial Lighting

Dec 26, 2022

In many ways, 2022 was a brilliant year for business. Many workers returned to in-person jobs while a lot of us discovered a better work-life balance.

Among all the changes, we’ve noticed new lighting trends emerging for businesses of all sizes, from huge office buildings to mom-and-pop shops. If you’re in the market for upgraded commercial lighting fixtures, check out our take on the current lighting trends that illuminate a brighter workplace for you and your employees.

2023 Lighting Trends

While residential light trends are skewing toward more traditional looks, commercial lighting trends are leaning into the power of positivity. Think bespoke brand panels, happy colors and eco-friendly everything.

Recessed LED Lighting

Does your office building rely on high bay, troffer or other overhead commercial lighting fixtures? The big trend to continue in lighting for business from the last few years is the switch to LED commercial lighting options. Take it up a notch by adding TCP Accents Panels to your flat panel lights. These decorative panels come in dozens of patterns and can be customized to reflect seasonal messaging, your brand logo or nearly any bespoke imagery. Elevate your work environment while saving big on lower utility bills with eco-friendly overhead commercial lighting LEDs.

Oversized Pendant Light Trends

Pendants have been trending on the home front for a while, and now they’re migrating to retail spaces. And this is one of those lighting trends that promises to keep growing in both size and scope. Bring a sophisticated feel to your boutique business with TCP Accents Pendants. This collection features a variety of shapes and finishes that fill any commercial space with a warm, inviting glow. Whether they hang over a retail display, dining tables or a tasting bar, these commercial lighting fixtures complement your style while helping customers feel welcome and relaxed.

Indoor Farming Commercial Lighting

Around the globe, indoor farming has gone from novel to necessary in the face of climate changes. Here in the U.S., a wave of state laws legalizing the production and sale of marijuana have fueled even more growth in the indoor horticulture market. To keep up with the rush of competition, TCP has developed a new generation of horticulture lighting for business and personal indoor use. Our portfolio of products features grow lights with different light spectrums to suit the needs of your specific grow operations. For example, our featured indoor farming light includes far red wavelengths that are proven to improve photosynthesis rates and increase plant biomass. That means bigger, better, healthier plants for your greenhouse or grow operation. Plus, our lights are designed for simple installation and some feature a quick-connect daisy-chain system that is easy to expand as your commercial lighting needs grow.

Lighting for Business = Lighting for People

You may have been introduced to the terms “corporate wellness” and “quiet quitting” this year. That’s because businesses are figuring out that healthy employees are generally happier employees — and workplaces that support physical and mental well-being are workplaces that retain valuable employees. This leads to one of our favorite current lighting trends: human-centric lighting. Ditch the glaring, blue-tinged fluorescents and opt for commercial lighting fixtures that mimic daylight. With SOListic bulbs and lamps from TCP, you surround yourself with sun-mimicking LEDs that reduce eye strain, improve focus and help workers be more productive during their waking hours.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Lighting

Remember making the shift from incandescent to CFL bulbs in your commercial lighting fixtures a few years back? Well, it’s time for another change-up. Vermont banned CFLs in July of 2022 then California’s ban on CFL light bulbs shortly followed, which means other states won’t be far behind. Luckily, TCP has been committed to eco-friendly lighting innovations for over 30 years, so we can help guide you through your commercial lighting LED options, including DLC certified and Dark Sky compliant commercial lighting fixtures.

Brighten Up Your Business With TCP

TCP is your go-to commercial lighting company for the current lighting trends and the innovations that fuel tomorrow’s residential and commercial light trends. Contact us today to start exploring all the ways the right lighting for business spaces can illuminate and transform your bottom line.

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