Increasing Business Visibility With Outdoor Lighting

Jan 23, 2023

Outdoor commercial lighting may seem like just another business expense. But thoughtful use of exterior fixtures and floodlights is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase business visibility — which is key to attracting both customers and employees.

Have you heard about California’s ban on CFL bulbs? How long has it been since you evaluated your outdoor business lighting setup?

Now is a great time to learn more about the role outdoor commercial lighting plays in your overall success. The pros at TCP have great tips for how to increase the visibility of your business with high-quality, energy-efficient outdoor LED light options. The best part of our advice for upgrading exterior floodlights? LED outdoor lighting actually saves your business money in the long run!

Check out more benefits of investing in outdoor commercial lighting, then take in our creative ideas for business lighting that’s as brilliant as your brand.

Benefits of Outdoor Commercial Lighting

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor light bulbs? In essence, indoor bulbs will not function properly when they are exposed to moisture whereas outdoor bulbs are designed to withstand rain, wind and other environmental stresses. Outdoor bulbs may work just fine in interior fixtures, but indoor bulbs become a safety hazard if you try to use them outdoors.

Let’s dive into the major benefits of adding floodlights, spotlights and other outdoor commercial lighting to your business.

Enhance Security for Customers & Employees

The safety of your customers and employees is a high priority. Exterior lights heighten business visibility, which enhances security by lowering the risk of customers or workers tripping, falling or slipping near your shop. To deter vandalism, loitering and break-ins, equip your business with outdoor motion sensor lights that are triggered by movement. Find an array of motion-sensing options for overhead and wall mount applications at TCP, including remote programmer add-ons and long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs. 

Whether it’s for the employee lot or the spaces available for customers, good parking lot lights are an excellent security investment. A well-lit parking lot looks and feels safe, inviting and clean. Floodlights and area lights are a solid choice here, as they deliver a bright, uniform wash of light over a wide area. The TAL Series from TCP offers ultimate flexibility in commercial outdoor lighting LED brilliance that you can mount on light poles, horizontal arms, vertical tenons or walls. We’ll discuss the benefits of these powerhouse beauties in more detail in a moment.

Increase Brand Recognition & Value

The adage is true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The way your business exterior is lit plays a huge role in impressing passersby. If you use floodlights and other outdoor commercial lighting well, they’ll notice your signage, easily find your entrance and remember your brand. The right lighting can impact psychology and mood in retail and other business settings, too. Build trust and your brand with superior business lighting.

Save Money & the Earth with LED Floodlights

If you think your budget doesn’t have room for outdoor commercial lighting, consider the long-term savings of LED options. TCP has been committed to eco-friendly light solutions for decades, and we can help you choose LED outdoor lights that help improve your bottom line by:

  •  Using less energy for lower utility bills and a lower carbon footprint
  • Lasting longer than other bulbs for less frequent replacements
  • Providing optimal color rendering and brightness for a better quality of light

Additionally, we offer dark sky compliant lights that reduce light pollution while enhancing business visibility. Customers will see your business aligning with their values, you’ll see savings in your accounts payable, and the planet will see a brighter future with LEDs lighting up your business.

Outdoor Commercial Lighting Ideas

At TCP, innovative business lighting is our jam. Here are some of our ideas for how to increase the visibility of your business with creative light use.

Wall Lights for a Big Entrance

Customers can’t buy your products or services if they can’t find the doorway. Place outdoor wall lights on either side of the main entrance, above ancillary entryways and at all emergency exits. Our LED wall packs come in various sizes and color temperatures.

Uplighting to Highlight Signage

Make sure your brand and messaging stand out with uplighting that focuses on your signage. Our ColorFlip bulbs transform from bright neutral light to vivid red, blue or green with the flip of a switch. Use them for eye-catching illumination on signs or banners in covered walkways and protected outdoor spaces. The broad wash of light lends a bespoke feel to your business without repainting exterior walls.

Area Lights for Brighter Parking Lots

The TAL Series of outdoor LED lights for parking lots takes the hassle out of elevating business visibility. The 360-degree swivel head can be customized to your space, the angle and height are fully adjustable, and the 50,000-hour-rated lifespan eliminates replacement woes. Plus, we offer a range of accessories to make installation a breeze.

Canopy lights are the outdoor commercial lighting options that deliver high business visibility with low maintenance. Install them in a parking garage, under an awning or on any exterior ceiling mount location and reap the benefits of even light with low glare, vandal-resistant protection and optional microwave motion sensing. 

Walkway Lamps to Lead the Way

Lead customers to your business with LED lights that illuminate pathways, sidewalks and stairways. These areas need excellent lighting for safety, but well-lit walkways attract passersby who may not otherwise notice your shop. Well lights offer a discrete source of illumination along the way to increased business visibility.

Mood Lighting for Outdoor Dining

Set the scene for sumptuous al fresco gatherings with outdoor commercial lighting for your patio dining area. Choose transparent bulbs for a relaxed, vintage feel or keep it contemporary with the clean look of opaque white bulbs. If your business hosts weddings or other formal affairs, opt for the elegance of satin finish light bulbs.

How to Increase the Visibility of your Business With TCP

Whether it’s wall sconces, well lights, uplighting or floodlights, LED outdoor illumination is a win-win. As a leading U.S.-based lighting manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, TCP can guide you in how to increase the visibility of your business with exceptional outdoor commercial lighting options. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

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