TCP Accents Pendants in Commercial Spaces

Oct 19, 2022

TCP Accents Pendant Lights from TCP

In commercial spaces, lighting plays an important role in setting the mood and creating atmosphere. Customers, clients and visitors entering a commercial space for the first time form an impression of that particular business or brand within seconds. The best lighting not only illuminates the space, it elevates interior design. This helps attract more customers and can lead to stronger brand loyalty.

Over the past decade, interior lighting for commercial spaces demands form and function.. Style is just as important as lumen output and energy efficiency. Customized lighting that emphasizes current design trends gives customers and clients a better impression of your brand. It shows that you’re relevant and stay up-to-date with consumer interests. 

Out of all the lighting used within a typical commercial space, pendant accent lights are the ones that convey atmosphere and mood the most. TCP Accents Pendant Lights do a particularly great job at elevating aesthetics. This is because they’re suspended from above at an ideal height, so everyone can see how brilliantly they shine.       

Accent Lighting in Commercial Spaces

Wall sconces, overhead chandeliers, and floor lamps are all excellent examples of accent lights designers use to illuminate commercial spaces. Pendant lights, such as TCP’s new Accents, bring style and functionality to a wide range of commercial businesses. When placed over a bar area, showroom countertop, or boutique retail display, Accents Pendants provide the perfect glow in a beautifully designed fixture.

Variety of Options

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdated pendant lighting with something more current and contemporary, TCP Accents Pendant Lights may be the most versatile fit. Let’s take a closer look at how they can create a well-balanced ambiance within your commercial space. 

3 Popular Finishes

TCP selected fixture finishes that are timeless, and won’t go out of style anytime soon. Black, gold, and silver finishes provide multiple design options. Classic colors like these can convey warmth and coziness, or sophistication and luxury, depending on the specific application they’re used. 

1 Bulb Model

This pillar-shaped, decorative bulb will guarantee you a long-lasting glow that perfectly illuminates your space. Pillar bulbs have an elongated shape and vintage vibe. When they’re in use, they emit warm light reminiscent of an Edison lamp. Their warm glow adds an opulent touch to any modern commercial space, no matter if it’s retail, hospitality, an office or restaurant.  

2 Fixture Styles

Another way to bring ambiance and atmosphere to your space is by choosing the right fixture style. Both mesh and rail fixture options have an appealing, vintage-modern look that lets the uniform illumination shine brilliantly within any environment.  

3 Fixture Shapes

Customize your new pendant lamps by selecting fixture shapes that appeal to you. Cylinder, round, and spiral shapes let you create the overall lighting design that best fits your space’s style. These popular shapes exude a sleek, contemporary vibe that looks amazing anywhere they’re placed. 

Ideal Uses in Commercial Settings

Accents Pendants from TCP are a stylish, sensible lighting option for so many commercial settings. Whatever type of commercial industry you’re in, chances are there’s an area in your space that would benefit from these fun, one-of-a-kind fixtures. 

If you’re in retail, Accents Pendants can illuminate displays of luxury clothing and accessories with an enticingly warm glow. When paired with proper ambient and task lights, they provide another layer of lighting atmosphere.

Accents Pendants are ideal for creating ambiance in restaurant and bar settings. Simply place them over bar seating areas, and individual dining tables for warm, subtle lighting that’s never too bright or dim. 

In hospitality environments, including hotels and bed & breakfasts, Accents Pendants set the mood in lobby seating areas and lounge spaces. Their warm, gentle glow is inviting, and will make guests feel welcome and relaxed when they’re staying in your establishment.

Professional offices typically utilize crisp, bright light within work areas, but certain spaces like the main lobby, reception area, and break room benefit from lighting that’s a bit warmer. Accents Pendants are the perfect choice for an office. They’re fun and stylish, without being flashy or distracting.      

Could your commercial space use Accent Pendants from TCP? If you’re looking to update pendant lighting, check out all the great reasons to choose Accents Pendants here.  

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