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Nov 21, 2022

Accent Panel Light Covers: Accents from TCP

Level up the look of any commercial or retail space with overhead light cover panels from the TCP Accents. Flat panel lighting has been our forte for decades. Now, we’re taking these staple commercial lighting fixtures to the next level with decorative light cover panels that do more than just illuminate — they elevate the atmosphere and enhance your branding with artistic flair.

Read on to see how light overlay options from TCP Accents can be the finishing touch that sets your space apart from all the rest.

What Are Accents Panel Light Covers?

TCP Accents are all about combining eye-catching form with effortless function. Traditional overhead light covers were deemed superior when they performed well, lasted a long time and literally disappeared into the ceiling. TCP’s light panel covers, on the other hand, deliver the high-quality LED illumination you expect from TCP — now with a stylish, decorative edge. These 2-foot-by-2-foot panels instantly transform a space from boring to beautiful. They’re made of durable acrylic and are easy to install in minutes. Simply attach Accents decorative panels to the face of the LED luminaires by securing them with the included metal clips.

Benefits of Accents Light Cover Panels

Say goodbye to harsh overhead lighting and welcome the look of fine artwork and soft, diffused illumination with Accents overhead light covers. The main benefits of Accents decorative light cover panels include:

  1. Variety – Choose from dozens of available designs for your Accents light panels, from simple grid patterns to 3D-inspired designs to concentric circles and more
  2. Customizability – Create bespoke decorative light panels by contacting TCP to start your custom order. Want your company logo on a light cover plate for ceiling illumination that fits your brand? We can do that! The sky’s the limit for designing your very own custom Accents panel light covers.
  3. Versatility Accents panels work well on their own as standalone commercial lighting fixtures, but layered lighting is always the optimal choice. That means adding task lighting, like desktop lamps or pendants, to the ambient light of Accents panels when it’s appropriate. Consider Accents pendants to complement your overhead light covers and fill out your retail or office space’s illumination. 

Accents Panels as Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Now that you see the brilliant possibilities of choosing Accents panels for your commercial lighting fixtures, you may wonder if they’ll work for your space. If you have existing overhead light fixtures in your commercial structure — or they’re included in the specs for your new construction — we’re confident you’ll benefit from choosing Accents light cover panels.

We recommend these stylish, durable and highly functional light overlay options for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Hallways, ballrooms and group gathering areas of hotels and other hospitality ventures
  • Main dining areas of restaurants, cafeterias and university dining halls
  • Retail spaces, including large sales floors and smaller boutiques
  • Professional offices of all sizes
  • Classrooms, gymnasiums and other educational spaces

Explore More Accents Lighting 

For more than 20 years, TCP has brought innovation and excellence to commercial overhead and accent lighting. LED driver designs and patents from our talent have helped us lead the industry toward ever-better energy efficiency without sacrificing style. TCP Accents levels up this commitment with highly functional and aesthetically pleasing commercial and residential lighting options. Explore all the possibilities in this series to find unique solutions to your needs for superior lighting in commercial buildings, retail spaces and more.

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