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Commercial Christmas Décor: Light Up the Season

Dec 4, 2023


Nothing sets a festive holiday tone better than a Christmas lights display. And nothing sparks the seasonal spirit in an office, retail store, or other business like commercial lighting for Christmas!

The clever elves at TCP have gathered some delightful Christmas décor ideas that will fill your workplace with cheerful brilliance. However, they avoid a Grinch-sized utility bill, thanks to the cool efficiency of environmentally friendly LED lights.

Ready to take your business to the next level with Christmas lights that change color, smart bulbs that set a welcoming ambiance, and outdoor LED lights that brighten these longer nights?

Check this list twice for professional Christmas lights inspiration that elevates the season for your colleagues, customers, and clients.

Benefits of a Christmas Lights Display at Work

Your bottom line enjoys the benefits of switching to LED lights all year. And we know you’re feeling generous, but don’t toss out all those savings just because it’s the holidays! Commercial Christmas light displays bring a lot of benefits to your business. Lights help increase foot traffic, boost sales on seasonal items, and lift morale among your employees. Who doesn’t get a jolly feeling when they see twinkling holiday lights?

Welcome the brilliance of commercial Christmas lights into your business for the lift it gives your brand image and staff. Then revel in the gift of lower energy use and more light color temperature choices.  They also give zero worries about replacing burned-out bulbs amid the festivities. For all these benefits, choose LED over incandescents or other light bulbs.

Ideas for LED Commercial Christmas Lights

Give your office, retail store, warehouse, restaurant, bar, or any business a seasonal lift with a Christmas lights display. Glow up your holiday business with these indoor and outdoor LED Christmas light ideas:

Flip the Script on Retail Displays

You’ve set your audio playlist to Mariah Carey, festooned your storefront with garlands and snowflakes, and arranged all your seasonal merch for easy access. What more can you do to make your retail store more festive? Flip your lighting from the usual cool white to a fun color with TCP ColorFlip bulbs! Each of these light bulbs provides two different lighting colors with the flick of a switch — so you can transition from cooler white light during inventory to warmer white light when shoppers arrive. Or you can go from neutral light to a fun color, like green or red, without replacing the bulb! Use these Christmas lights that change color to attract curious shoppers, highlight sale items, or add a colorful glow to your other holiday décor.

Create a Festive Office Mood

The holidays seem to ramp up the need for multitasking. Whether you’re picking up gifts on your lunch break or juggling responsibilities while a colleague is on vacation, doing more than one thing at a time is a seasonal staple. Upgrade your overhead panel lighting with Accent panels. These decorative light covers fit all standard 2×2 panel lights and come in dozens of eye-catching designs. Customize them with your company logo, an uplifting message or a holiday-themed image for bespoke Christmas commercial lighting.

Get Smart About Your Christmas Lights Display

Take control of your commercial Christmas décor with TCP’s SmartStuff. This Bluetooth-compatible system lets you turn lights on and off, dim the lighting, group lights together, schedule lighting and more directly from your digital device. That kind of power guarantees that your LED Christmas lights display is visible when you need them to be with zero hassle for you or your team.

Let Holiday Gatherings Take Shape

Need an easy way to add commercial Christmas décor to your bar or restaurant without impeding servers or creating a messy headache? Swap out the regular bulbs in your pendants, floor lamps, and tabletop lights for our LED Shape Filament lamps. These beauties feature filaments shaped like snowmen, reindeer, fir trees, and other fun images inside clear glass bulbs. They’re available in our standard E26 base size to fit existing fixtures, and they’re safe to use as outdoor LED Christmas lights in protected spaces like covered walkways or patios. Bonus: They deliver even light dispersion, use little energy, and require zero cleanup after the holidays!

Give the Gift of Healthier Lighting

Show your team you care this holiday season with commercial Christmas lights that support better mental and physical well-being. Reduce the amount of blue light that causes eyestrain and headaches with the health benefits of Anew lighting — the line we designed to replace incandescents so you can keep your existing fixtures. Create a more energetic and vibrant atmosphere with SOListic lighting that mimics daylight, eliminates blue light spikes, and renders color remarkably true. Avoid the uptick in illness call-offs during cold and flu season with our PurEssentials line of air-purifying lights that nix airborne germs while brilliantly illuminating your workspace. These are professional Christmas commercial lighting choices that transcend the holidays to keep giving healthy benefits all year.

Brighten Longer Nights With LED Outdoor Lights

Circling back to the idea of multitasking commercial Christmas décor, consider how you can increase your business visibility with outdoor lighting this season. Shorter days mean longer nights, which means your customers and workers need better lights for safety. Position outdoor LED lights to highlight Christmas décor, showcase sale signage, or lead the way to overflow parking. An outdoor Christmas lights display draws attention to your brick-and-mortar location, so make sure you choose high-quality LED options from TCP for the truest color temperature, most reliable weather resistance, and longest lifespans.

Rock Around the Christmas Lights With TCP

Ready to shine brilliant LED commercial lighting on your business’s holiday spirit this season? TCP has indoor and outdoor options to level up your commercial Christmas décor without damaging your bottom line. Reach out today to get started designing the best Christmas lights display yet for the festive enjoyment of your colleagues, customers, and clients.

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