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Change the color of your lighting and transform your room’s mood with the flip of a switch. One light is all you need.
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ColorFlip light bulbs by TCP give you the flexibility to set the tone for your room with ease. You don’t have to settle for one color temperature—or even one color. ColorFlip bulbs are available in multiple colors—red, blue, and green to name a few! You can switch from a warm white ambiance to a fun color.

Achieve that trendy colored bulb feel without changing your bulbs when it’s time to go back to neutral. Or if you’d rather more neutral tones, choose our bulb that allows you to switch from a warm white to a cooler white. Just flip the switch to change colors!

Work From

Home Lighting

The ColorFlip 27/41K light bulb will change the way you work from home.

Lighting a multifunctional space in your home can be challenging. You don’t want your work space to feel too much like an office after the work day ends, but it can’t be overly relaxing during the day, either.

That’s where ColorFlip’s 27/41K bulbs come in. Home office lighting makes a huge difference in the feel of a space. Warm, 27K light is perfect for living. 41K, brighter and cooler, is ideal for promoting focus and productivity during the work day. With ColorFlip, you get the best of both worlds.

Another great perk of the 27/41K ColorFlip bulb? You get the benefits of dimmable lights, even in spaces without dimming capabilities. With just one bulb and the flip of a switch, take your room from bright and energetic to dim and cozy.

A Color

for Every Style

Every ColorFlip bulb provides two colors in one, which means you have a world of options for setting the mood in your space.

An integrated controller inside the bulb allows you to switch colors and temperatures without the use of an app or smart device.


Each bulb is dimmable so you can tailor your light for any occasion.

Neutral ColorFlip options include a warmer and cooler color temperature

Flip between a bright neutral light and red, blue, or green with colored options

Where to Use

Colored Lights

Looking for inspiration on unique ways to use colored lights? The best places for colored lights are spaces where you want plenty of flexibility and a strong ambiance.
Home Theater Make the moments before and after your family movie as memorable as the movie itself. Colored lights create a cozy ambiance, then switch back to warm neutral during the day for watching the game or when the TV is off.

YouTube or Podcasting Studio Take your studio lighting to the next level with ColorFlip lights. Enjoy bright, warm white light for recording, then cozy up with red, blue, or green light for long hours editing.


Bars and Restaurants It’s traditional to dim the lights for dinner service—what if you warmed up the color temperature, too? Ambiance can make or break a meal, so make sure guests feel right at home with ColorFlip lights.


Yoga Studio Lighting has an undeniable effect on our mood. Make sure your studio space sets the right tone for a peaceful, mindful practice. Whether you want flexibility between energetic, cool light and warm, relaxing light, or the option to bring dramatic ambiance to your studio with colored light, ColorFlip has a bulb for you.

ColorFlip by TCP

TCP Offers a Total, End-to-End Commercial Lighting Solution.

The lighting experts at TCP can work with you on a home lighting design that you’ll love. Using SmartStuff devices and advanced LED technology, you can lower your energy bill and enjoy beautiful lighting every single day.

Reach out to TCP today for more information on lighting design, custom lighting fixtures, and TCP SmartStuff devices.

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