Benefits of Accents Ceiling Panel Light Covers

Apr 2, 2023

How often do you look at the ceiling of your workspace? Is it a blank sea of white acoustic tiles and plain flat panel lights? Can you envision a better look for all that space — but think upgrading your overhead lights will be too expensive?

TCP has a brilliant, cost-effective solution for you: Accents Series decorative flat panel light covers.

Flat panel luminaires have long been the workhorse of commercial lighting. They provide effective ambient light for offices, healthcare facilities, schools and retail spaces while virtually disappearing into the ceiling.

Our Accents ceiling light panel covers level up those discreet luminaires with a stylishly artistic touch.

Read on to see what sets our Accents ceiling lights apart from the crowd and how these decorative light panel covers can transform your commercial space without wrecking your budget.

What Makes TCP’s Accent Panel Different?

No matter what element of your business you want to accent, LED lights are a smart choice. They’re eco-friendly, energy efficient and available in an array of color temperatures. Our Accents panel light covers amplify those benefits with eye-catching designs and soft, diffused illumination. What sets Accents apart from traditional flat panel lights? These ceiling panel light covers are:

  • Made of durable acrylic
  • Standard 2-foot by 2-foot size
  • Easy to install over existing luminaires
  • Available as a complete luminaire or a retrofit panel only
  • Available in dozens of in-stock designs
  •  Customizable for a bespoke look

Benefits of Using Accent Panel Covers

Commercial lighting trends for 2023 focus on lights that promote wellness for both your workers and our shared planet. Here are several benefits of choosing Accents decorative light panel covers that not only align with those trends but transcend them for long-term brilliance.

Reduce Glare and Eye Strain

Poor overhead lighting is bad for your workers. When it’s too dim, they can’t see to do their jobs. When it’s too bright, they have to deal with glare on computer screens and other surfaces. Harsh fluorescent lights can exacerbate eye strain and may increase headache episodes. Plus, fluorescents contain dangerous toxins, which is part of the reason California has banned CFL light bulbs. Switching to LEDs mitigates many of these problems, and Accents panel light covers help even more by softening the downlight into a comfortable glow that’s easy on the eyes.

Increase Productivity

Well-designed commercial lighting helps your employees do their jobs better. If you’re looking to increase productivity with lighting that’s as bright and clear as daylight, LEDs are the way to go. And when you accent ceiling lights with custom panel covers that feature a beautifully etched design or motivational quote, you show workers that you value their hard work and well-being, which can inspire even more productivity.

Create a Happier Vibe

In addition to supporting physical well-being, adding Accents to LED lights can elevate the mood in your workplace. These decorative light panel covers bring an artistic visual element to a space, giving your staff something to rest their eyes on besides computer screens and worksheets. A vibrant geometric pattern, nature-inspired imagery or inspirational phrase can help diffuse stress and refresh the mind. Ceiling light cover ideas for lifting the overall vibe include featuring your brand logo in a custom design to remind everyone that you’re all working toward a common goal.

Elevate Your Brand

Consistency is key to crafting your brand into something that’s instantly recognizable and infinitely unforgettable. Use lighting to enhance your business profile by adding your brand imagery to Accents decorative light panel covers. Mix them in with traditional flat panels in hallways, lobbies, classrooms and other spaces where clients and customers can see them. By keeping your logo front and center in people’s minds, custom Accents ceiling lights serve the twin purposes of illuminating your workplace and elevating your brand.

Save Money

You probably already know that saving on utility bills is one of the biggest benefits of switching to LED lights. But you may not realize how Accents panel light covers can also help keep your budget in check. If your workplace has existing LED luminaires that are functionally fine but less than ideal in appearance, bespoke decorative light panel covers can give them a cost-effective makeover. These flat panel covers are compatible with most 2-by-2 luminaires and require only a few metal clips for quick and easy installation. Instead of dishing out thousands of dollars for a full suite of new ceiling lights, invest your time in designing creative ceiling light cover ideas. Your workplace will look fresh and fabulous without draining your budget.

Explore The Accent Series From TCP

Ready to elevate your business with Accents and LED lights? The pros at TCP can help you explore the entire Accents Series, including flat panel light covers and pendant lighting. Contact us today to price your project, find a distributor or learn more about TCP’s LED lighting options.

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