Accents Panels or Magnetic Light Covers: The Best Ceiling Light Fixture

Aug 7, 2023

Looking to get more from a ceiling light panel than simple light diffusion? Think accent lighting ceiling options are limited to residential choices, like chandeliers and pendants? Confused about incorporating accent light fixtures into traditional office décor?

The light-obsessed pros at TCP are here for you! We’re experts at designing accent lighting that goes beyond eco-friendly illumination with stylish versatility and professional polish.

One of the biggest challenges of leveling up the look of a commercial space is what to do with those endless rows of flat panel lights. We’ve long been champions of the benefits of switching to LED lights in offices, warehouses and stores for the cost and energy savings. But is there a way to make these plain white panels look less, well, plain?

A quick internet search reveals two major options: magnetic panel covers and TCP’s Accents ceiling light panel covers.

Let’s look at how both these products function, how easy (or difficult) they are to install and how much they add to your business’s image and aesthetics.

Magnetic Light Covers vs Accents Panels

It’s great to have options! And each of these two types of ceiling light panel covers has something to offer. If you value a super-low price over a professional look, magnetic panel covers might be for you. But if you’re interested in an accent lighting ceiling upgrade that’s polished, sophisticated and customizable for your company’s long-term image, Accents light fixtures could be a better fit.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Here’s a breakdown of Accents panels vs magnetic panel covers so that you can decide which is the best choice for your brand image, office environment and company budget.

What Are Magnetic Fluorescent Light Covers?

In general, magnetic panel covers are panels of fabric designed to be placed overtop a fluorescent flat panel light to reduce glare. Magnets are sewn into the edge hems at regular intervals. Installation involves sticking the magnets against the metal light frame, then adjusting the spacing of the magnets to make the fabric lay as flat as possible against the light.

Pros of Magnetic Panel Covers

  • Low Price Tag – Generally under $50 per magnetic panel cover
  • Tool-Free Installation – Magnets eliminate the need for screws or other fasteners
  • Heat Resistance – Most magnetic light covers are designed to be used with fluorescent lights, which produce more heat than LEDs, so they are typically resistant to heat.
  • Reduced Glare – A major selling point for magnetic light covers is that they minimize the glare from overhead lights that can cause headaches, eye strain and behavior issues.

Cons of Magnetic Panel Covers

  • Low Durability – The nylon fabric content of these covers is very easy to snag or rip when installing or removing from light panels.
  • Difficulty Achieving Wrinkle-Free Look – While no tools are necessary, achieving a smooth, wrinkle-free installation is difficult. The fabric is folded for shipping, so creases can remain for weeks — unless you use a clothing steamer to reduce them. Even with careful adjustments and steaming, though, the fabric tends to sag away from the ceiling.
  • No Custom Options – Some manufacturers offer picturesque designs, like clouds or landscapes, but we couldn’t find any custom options currently available for fabric magnetic panel covers.

What Are Accents Ceiling Light Panels?

The Accents Series from TCP is all about combining eye-catching form with seamless function. Accents ceiling light panels add a layer of elegance to new or existing flat panel lights with stylish designs and comfortable light diffusion. Made from rigid and durable acrylic for years of use, Accents panels are quick and easy to install on nearly any 2-x-2 panel light. TCP offers dozens of ready-made designs to choose from — including geometric patterns, organic forms and a sophisticated troffer look — as well as opportunities to customize your accent ceiling lighting with a brand, logo or other messaging.

Benefits of Accent Panel Lighting

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of Accents ceiling panel light covers as a cost-effective, long-term solution for elevating the look and feel of your business:

Durable Construction

Unlike the fabric construction of magnetic panel covers, Accents lighting fixtures are made of durable acrylic. The rigid design resists heat, won’t fade over time, and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Versatile Applications

Any space with flat panel lights gets a brilliant lift with Accents panel covers. Whether you’re looking to reduce blue light at the office, positively impact psychology and mood in healthcare facilities, elevate a retail space, add company spirit to a warehouse or find school lighting that makes the grade, these decorative ceiling light panel covers are a great choice.

Easy Installation

Installing Accents panels is a snap — literally! First off, they work as retrofit lighting upgrades on ceiling panel lights you already have in place, and they’re also an option as a new overhead lighting source. Simply place an Accents decorative panel lens over the regular panel lens, then secure in place with the included metal clips. And voila! You’ve transformed boring ceiling light panels into beautiful accent lighting fixtures.

Visual and Textural Interest

When you’re hunting for unique lighting ideas to enhance your business, Accents ceiling light panel covers stand out from the crowd. Their combination of visual designs and dimensional texture capture attention and create a vibrant atmosphere. A white on white palette keeps it clean and neutral, allowing the artistic compositions to elevate a space without overwhelming it.

Customizable Looks

Your brand is the cornerstone of your business. Showcase it wherever you can to keep it top of mind for your clients and customers. Branding your hard-copy literature, website and app are common practices, but some companies lose sight of the importance of including your brand in all your physical spaces. Accents light fixtures give you a golden opportunity to incorporate your company logo, motto or brand imagery into the interior design of your office in a subtle, tasteful way. Design your own custom Accents panel with words or artwork, then mix them in with regular panel lights for a beautifully bespoke branding presentation. A customized look is one more way TCP lighting levels up your business.

The Accent Series From TCP

Check out our full line of Accents artistic panel light fixtures to see how they can elevate your commercial interior design. TCP is proud to be your trusted resource for innovative and eco-friendly lighting solutions that transcend the trends while keeping pace with the times. Contact us today to start your custom Accents Panel order or learn more about the Accents Series.

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