Unique Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Business

Dec 2, 2022

Want to level up your company’s profile without destroying your budget? Replacing inefficient bulbs and fixtures with eco-friendly business LED lights from TCP enhances every aspect of your company — from employee productivity to street-level visibility to utility bill savings.

We’ve put together some unique lighting ideas that are easy to implement yet highly effective at making yours a company that people want to patronize and see succeed. Read on for our fave retail, medical and commercial office lighting ideas for brilliant upgrades to your space.

The Impact of LED Lights: a Brighter Bottom Line

Poor lighting can be physically dangerous in any work setting, but lighting impacts mood and psychology in the workplace, as well. Where low lighting or harsh, glaring lights can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and poor productivity, well-designed layouts of effective light fixtures can improve employee morale while keeping workers safe and focused on their tasks.

Moreover, most businesses allocate a substantial portion of their accounts payable to lighting. If your business still relies on old-fashioned incandescent or fluorescent commercial electric lights, you could be paying way more than necessary on utility bills.

Making the switch to business LED lights is a win-win for you and your employees. You’ll see a healthier bottom line with up to 90% less energy use and a wealth of available utility rebates, and your workers will be able to do their jobs more effectively — and feel better doing it, which can reduce turnover rates.

Ways to Enhance Your Business’s Lighting

Now that you see how energy-efficient LED lighting can improve your bottom line, let’s dive into some innovative lighting ideas for restaurant, retail, healthcare, warehouse and other office upgrades.

Elevate Ceilings: TCP Accents Panel Light Covers

If you’ve got flat panel lights, you’ve got a golden opportunity for customized brilliance. TCP Accents Panel Light Covers bring a stylish decorative edge to these business lighting staples. Made of durable acrylic and designed to attach effortlessly to the face of a panel, Accents Panels are available in dozens of eye-catching designs. Choose from simple grids, 3D-inspired images and more — or create bespoke light panels that feature your brand logo or an inspirational phrase.

Showcase Your Style: TCP Accents Pendant Lights

As our debut in decorative business LED lights, the Accents lead the way to elevated lighting ideas for restaurants and retail shops. Accents Pendants deliver stylish options to complement your brand while creating an inviting mood. Hang them over window displays, wine tasting bars or sales counters for warm, welcoming illumination.

Get Colorful: ColorFlip Bulbs

Versatility is an important entrepreneurial quality. Transform the mood of your workplace with the flip of a switch by adding ColorFlip bulbs to overhead, wall or freestanding light fixtures. Take your retail space from cool white to warmer white for an after-hours event. Need red, green or purple light for a special sales promotion? Well, we have the perfect bulbs for you. These multitaskers feature a standard E26 base and nearly endless possibilities for unique lighting ideas.

Be Ready for Anything: Lights With Built-In Backup

In an emergency, lights can mean the difference between life and death. LED UltimaT8 Tubes feature a built-in backup battery that keeps illuminating for 90 minutes after a power outage. That gives hospital, nursing home and healthcare facility staff ample time to assess the situation and provide critical care before the worst can happen.

Increase Safety & Visibility: Outdoor LED Lights for Your Business

Parking lots, exterior walkways and other outdoor areas present many lighting challenges for businesses. Increase both the safety and visibility of your company with LED outdoor lighting options from TCP. Highlight your al fresco dining by replacing conventional bulbs with eye-catching ColorFlip bulbs in a commercial outdoor lights string. Deter trespassers with motion-sensing LED lights near secluded facility entrances. From wide-angle floodlights to focused landscape selections, outdoor LED light fixtures make sound business sense.

Ready to Upgrade Your Business’s Lighting?

Contact the pros at TCP to get started elevating your business’s lights with cost-effective LED options. For over 20 years, we’ve been committed to bringing innovation and eco-friendly principles to every aspect of the lighting industry, from design and development to manufacturing and distribution. We’re your go-to commercial lighting company for brilliant solutions to all your illumination needs.

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