Improved Office Lighting: LED Options from TCP

Oct 1, 2023

The topic of office lighting covers a lot of ground. As a business owner or building manager, you’re responsible for choosing all the different kinds of lighting for office areas like cubicles, breakrooms, storage spaces and more. And the consequences for poor or hasty choices range from lowered productivity to sky-high utility bills.

Plus, the California ban on CFL light bulbs and the end of incandescent bulb manufacturing may have you scrambling to figure out how to illuminate your workplace without those familiar options.

The pros at TCP have you covered! We’ve put together valuable information on how improved lighting helps your team reach its full potential, alongside our fave modern office lighting ideas for a brilliant and cost-effective upgrade.

Read on to see how TCP LED lighting levels up your business with happier employees, a higher-quality brand image and a healthier bottom line.

Why Switch Your Office Lighting?

Apart from the very practical fact that many old-fashioned light bulbs will soon be unavailable, we’ve got several good reasons why this is the right time to make the switch to LED office lighting. You need look no further than how light impacts psychology and mood in offices to see the difference LEDs can make.

If your business has always depended solely on overhead fluorescent office lighting, your workers are likely dealing with glare and shadows that make their jobs much more difficult. Add the flickering and excessive blue light from old lights that can cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches and irritability — and you’ve got a recipe for high call-off rates, low retention rates and dismal production levels.

Switching to high-quality LED office light fixtures is a cost-effective strategy for elevating the atmosphere in your workplace and ensuring a strong future for your business.

Benefits of Improved Lighting

At TCP, we’re always delighted to outline the many benefits of switching to LED lights. Our commitment to leading the industry toward constant improvements and brilliant innovation that goes easy on the planet has shown us just how valuable LED technology is.

Some of the benefits you can expect as you replace older bulbs with office lighting LED options include:

Lower Energy Costs

LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy than incandescents and other bulbs — while producing light that’s just as bright or brighter. That means you’ll notice a big difference in the utility bills at your business, especially if you’re in a large facility that keeps the lights on all day and night. But even if you’re super careful about turning off lights in empty rooms, you could never reduce the energy consumption of other bulbs to LED levels. And saved energy at the office means less demand on utility providers, which means less stress on limited environmental resources. That kindness toward our shared planet is why TCP continues to be green in all our business practices.

Improved Employee Health

When you choose office LED light fixtures that mimic sunlight — like the TCP SOListic series — you’re helping improve the overall health of your employees. The cutting-edge technology we embedded in our SOListic light bulbs eliminates the blue light spikes you see in earlier LED iterations, leaving only bright, natural-looking illumination to fill your workplace. Your workers benefit from this improved lighting with stronger circadian rhythms that help them stay focused and engaged at work while getting better sleep at home. And healthier employees tend to translate to a healthier company image and bottom line.

Higher Productivity

Upgrading from fluorescent office ceiling light fixtures to LED alternatives can amp up your employees’ work output. Once you understand the psychology of productivity with lighting, you’ll easily see how improved lighting can cut down on accidents in the workplace and help your team deliver more in less time — and with a brighter attitude.

Elevated Brand Image

Your business is your brand — and poor lighting does not make your brand attractive to potential clients or customers. Choosing LED office lighting illuminates the clear, modern image you want others in your industry to recognize and respect. Whether that means increasing your business visibility with outdoor lighting or elevating indoor spaces with LED office overhead lighting, your investment will pay off with returns of brand loyalty that rival your most successful ad campaigns.

Modern Office Lighting Ideas from TCP

Now that you have a better idea of how improved lighting can make a serious impact on team performance and accounts payable, let’s dive into our fave modern office lighting ideas for various workplaces. We love the latest LED commercial lighting trends that focus on supporting the health and well-being of employees.

Whether you’re looking for easy-to-install lighting that lets you keep your current fixtures or custom options that blend energy-efficiency with bespoke brand imagery, you’ll find a TCP office lighting option to meet — or exceed — your company’s needs.

Retrofit and Easy-Install Lighting Options

Want to keep all the office light fixtures you already have while tossing those incandescents? Need office lighting that’s quick and easy to install without having to buy new floor or table lamps? Meet Anew Lighting: the Incandescent Lighting Alternative. These energy-efficient beauties should look familiar, as they feature the same A19 shape and E26 base as those old incandescents. They also deliver the soft glow you loved from those old bulbs, but the similarities end there. We made TCP Anew light bulbs with cutting-edge LED innovations that stay cool while emitting full-spectrum illumination without blue light spikes. They have a high Color Rendering Index that keeps colors looking true, an incredibly long 10,000-hour lifespan and perfect dimming capabilities.

Replace fluorescent lamps and ballast in those existing fluorescent strip fixtures with our LED General Purpose Strip Retrofit Kits. Browse 4- and 8-foot options that are easy to install and deliver bright, uniform office lighting with a long lifespan.

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