How to Improve Your Mood with Accents Ceiling Lighting by TCP

Mar 12, 2024

META TITLE: Impact of Lighting Accents on Mood – Aesthetic Psychology | Lighting and Design

How to Improve Your Mood with Accents Ceiling Lighting by TCP

Want to know the one design detail that lifts mood more than any other? You guessed it – lighting!

The psychological impact of light is often underestimated – but the lighting color, temperature and intensity of light in a room can improve or disrupt:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Learning and memory
  • Overall well-being

It’s amazing what the right lighting can do! And what’s even more amazing is the fact that you can use different lights to create different moods.

How does that work? Using the TCP Accents Series as our muse, we’ve come up with some great ideas! One of our favorite parts about being a leading commercial and residential lighting manufacturer is the opportunity to help people use lights to improve their lives.

Let’s start with a brief overview of how lighting and mood relate, then, we’ll spotlight a few suggestions for using Accents light fixtures to customize the ambiance of your home or workspace.

Choosing the Right Aesthetic for You

Understanding lighting color temperature is the first step in using lights to lift mood. This isn’t about colored lights or heat – it’s about how “white” a light is. Think of it in terms of interior design, where the colors of walls and furniture are noted as being either “cool” or “warm,” regardless of their physical temperature.

In essence, lights that skew toward the blue spectrum are described as cooler, and lights leaning toward the red spectrum are called warmer. Again, they’re not necessarily putting out any heat or iciness – we’re just talking about their visual effects.

Lighting temperatures are measured in Kelvins, named after the British physicist William Lord Kelvin, who developed a lighting color temperature scale in the 1950s. You’ll see lighting temperatures noted on the packaging as a 4-digit number followed by an upper-case K.

Workspace and home lighting color temperature matters because it’s what makes a space feel welcoming or sterile or comfortable or spooky – more than any other design detail. Here’s a general lighting color temperature guide for creating a specific mood:

  • 2000k to 3000K = Mellow & Yellow – Light in this kelvin range appears warm, soft and cozy. It creates a calm and welcoming space for relaxing or entertaining.
  • 3100K to 4500K = Bright But Neutral – Lighting in this range has a clear, white look to it. Use this lighting temperature to create a vibrant, energetic feel for reading, food prep or office meetings.
  • 4600K and Above = Cool & Blue – Natural sunlight clocks in at 5200K, so anything in this range skews a bit blue. It is most often for detailed or specialty work in the home, in the office and even in medical facilities.

Types of Lighting in the Accents Series

Armed with some knowledge about the types of aesthetics different light color temperatures can create, you’re ready to dive into the Accents Series! The unique panel lights bring a world of possibilities to your ceilings, and the pendant lights let you see tables, countertops and other task-related workspaces in a whole new light.

Accents Pendants

With three styles, three finishes, and two shapes to choose from, Accents pendants deliver tons of versatility. Make them the design detail that lifts your mood at home or work with these suggestions in mind:

  • 3 Pendant Styles: The finely woven criss-cross pattern of the Mesh style brings a contemporary feel. The Rail style has a cage-like appearance that complements industrial or vintage-inspired decor. The Spiral style adds a sense of movement to any aesthetic, especially mid-century modern and traditional spaces.
  • 3 Finishes: Black is timeless and bold, grounding a contemporary space or modernizing a traditional space. Silver is cool and crisp, adding a fresh feel to transitional or industrial designs. Gold is luxurious and warm, bringing a posh feel to neutral decor or elevating traditional spaces.
  • 2 Shapes: Round pendants lend an organic feel to any room. Dress them up in a gold finish for added luxury, make them moody in black or keep it light in the silver finish. Cylinder pendants give off a more masculine character. Lean into the manly look with a black finish, go industrial-chic with a silver finish or elevate the whole look with a gold finish.

Accents Panel Lights

Panel lights tend to disappear into the ceiling – but Accents panels make a statement! They combine eye-catching patterns with soft, diffuse lighting for a detail that can really lift a room’s mood. They’re available in dozens of in-stock patterns – like geometrics, concentric circles and more – or custom designs that speak to your personal style. Add your company logo, a team motto, an inspirational phrase or a beloved image to create a bespoke vibrancy or unity in your space!

How to Use Accent Ceiling Lighting at Home

  • Use Accents pendants in your home to illuminate small spaces, like a reading nook or skinny stairwell, while adding to your overall interior design.
  • Choose Accents panels as a stylish and custom alternative to recessed lighting in the kitchen, game room or lower level.
  • Make lighting overlooked areas of your home a breeze with Accents pendants! They can add opulence to the master suite and bring cohesion to an open-concept floor plan above the kitchen island or end tables.
  • Save tabletop space by hanging Accents pendants above nightstands, over the bar in the den or in a breakfast nook.

Using Accent Light Fixtures at Work

  • Save time and money improving your office lighting by slipping Accents panels into your existing ceiling grid. Their standard 2×2 and 2×4 sizes make them an easy retrofit solution, and the stylish look boosts team morale while elevating your brand image.
  • Skip the magnetic panel covers v Accents panels argument and take your boutique’s image up a notch with these durable, textural beauties gracing your ceiling.
  • Add a cozy touch to store window displays with Accents pendants casting a warm glow on your merchandise.
  • Encourage guests to stay awhile with stylish Accents pendants lending a cozy, welcoming vibe to your bar or restaurant.

Shop TCP’s Versatile Accents for All Types of Aesthetics

Feeling inspired to create a vibe in your home or workspace with TCP Accents lighting? We’re one of very few lighting manufacturing companies with control over the entire process, from design and development to manufacturing and distribution – which makes it easy to find TCP lights at trusted distributors across the country or online through Still have questions? We’ve got you. Contact us for help designing the commercial or residential lighting that sets the perfect tone for your space with Accents, pendants and panels.

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