Ensure Parking Lot Safety With TCP Lighting

May 5, 2023

Have you evaluated your company’s parking lot lighting lately? It might not be high on your priority list, but how these exterior areas are illuminated makes a big difference in the aesthetics, accessibility and safety of your business.

The pros at TCP are obsessed with high-quality parking lot lighting. LED technology is our forte, so we’re here to guide you through everything you need to know about cost-effective commercial parking lot light standards and the best parking lot lights for every type of space, from multi-level covered decks to modest surface lots.

We also keep tabs on the latest commercial light trends for 2023 — an important one being options that encourage health and wellness among your employees.

Read on for our expert insight into parking lot and security lights that level up your business with brilliance and security.

Importance of Parking Lot Lighting

It may not seem glamorous, but outdoor parking lot lighting is an important part of your company’s overall image. Both your staff and your customers need to feel safe and welcome when approaching your business. Parking lot safety relies on sunlight-quality illumination at all times of day and night, and in all weather. That means, as you decide between different options of parking lot lighting, maintenance issues and frequency of bulb replacement are important considerations.

Even if your business transactions occur mostly online, you still need to be aware of parking lot requirements OSHA — aka the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor — has in place for the safety of your employees.

How Lighting Can Increase Safety

How does good parking lot lighting make your business safer? We’re glad you asked! Here are three ways the best parking lot lights enhance physical safety in and around your commercial property:

Reduce Accidents

If drivers can’t see well, they’re more likely to be in a car accident. And we’re not just talking about on the highway! Navigating parking lots is already tricky enough without attempting to do it in the dark. The risks of cars running into other cars, pilons, walls and pedestrians drops significantly when the illumination meets high parking lot lighting standards. You’ll also make walking safer, as the best parking lot lights can help prevent slips, falls and confusion among pedestrians who can clearly see exits and signage.

Prevent Break-Ins

It’s easier to commit crime when no one can see you. That’s why thieves love dimly lit parking structures. When you up your parking lot lighting with LED bulbs and fixtures, you get vivid brilliance with wide beams that leave no shadowy corners for breaking into cars and sneaking away unseen. Shine a light on parking lot safety with the brightness of LED outdoor parking lot lighting.

Support Overall Business Visibility

Want an easy and cost-effective way to deter vandalism and loitering around your workplace while also attracting high-quality customers and talented employees? TCP’s LED parking lot lights can do all that. That’s because you’ll increase your business’s visibility with outdoor lighting in parking and pedestrian-focused areas. People who want to shop at your business will have an easier time finding the door. Staff will feel safer leaving and returning to their cars. And vandals and burglars will think twice about targeting your business when its exterior is lit up by the best parking lot lights.

How Parking Lot Safety Helps Your Business

Parking lot safety is a concern for every type of business. Whether you’re overseeing an office, a retail store, a museum or gallery, an indoor farming operation, a bar or a restaurant, TCP lighting levels up your business with top-quality, color-selectable indoor and outdoor LED lights.

Here’s how TCP parking lot and security lights help your business achieve all its goals for success:

Attract More Customers

The right outdoor parking lot lighting makes potential customers feel safe coming to your business. Without it, many people will simply drive on by and opt to stop at a similar business with better curb appeal and parking lot lights because it seems like a safer choice.

Lower the Risks of Lawsuits

The last thing you need eating into your profit margin is a costly lawsuit from someone who was injured in your parking lot. Whether they slipped and fell on poorly lit walkways or another car ran into theirs because the parking lot lighting was dim, these legal headaches can drag on for months and rack up high fees.

Help Employees Be Punctual

Want to help your workers get to their appointed stations on time? Make it easy for them to park and get inside the building with excellent parking lot and security lights. You may find that tardiness drops when accessing parking areas and building entrances is easier with the best light options.

Save Money With LED Parking Lot Lighting

One of the biggest benefits of switching to LED lights is the savings you’ll see in your business’s utility bills. These beauties use a fraction of the energy that incandescent, metal halide and other bulb options do, which means you’ll pay less to keep them illuminated 24/7. Plus, much of our LED parking lot lighting features a lifespan of 50,000 or more hours — which translates to replacing them far less often and virtually eliminating worries about parking lot lighting maintenance. You can save even more through tax incentives for LEDs, and your brand gets a boost from these eco-friendly options that align with your quest for a greener global footprint.

Why the Best Parking Lot Lights Are LEDs

Choosing the best parking lot lights for your business comes down to three things: brightness, durability and cost. And it just so happens that these are the areas where TCP’s outdoor parking lot lighting really shines. All our LED parking lot lights feature:

  • A range of lumens so you can achieve the level of brightness that works in your space
  • Durable die-cast aluminum construction and UL ratings for damp or wet locations
  • Energy-efficient technology that helps reduce electricity use for long-term cost savings

Those qualities make TCP LEDs the best parking lot lights you’ll find anywhere.

Parking Lot Security Lights from TCP

With so many outdoor LED parking lot lighting options, how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are some suggestions from the TCP pros:

LED Canopy Lights


  • Mounts directly to junction box
  • Delivers an even and uniform wash of bright, white light
  • Is wet location and IP65 rated for outdoor use

Best for: Overhead applications, including in parking garages, under awnings and with other canopy types

LED Area Lights


  • Multiple mounting options for poles, walls or ceilings
  • Bright, uniform light with Dark Sky compliance in the full cutoff fixture
  • Lighter weight and low Effective Projected Area (EPA) to reduce stress on existing poles
  • Wet Location and IP65 rated for outdoor use

Best for: Replacing HID shoebox lights in nearly any parking lot configuration

LED Wall Packs


  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with durable die-cast aluminum housing
  • Optional photocell and microwave motion sensors for dusk-to-dawn control
  • Bright white light with excellent uniformity
  • UL approved for wet locations

Best for: Wall-mounting in uncovered parking lots next to buildings or around building entrances

Low-Profile Combo Emergency Exit Lights


  • Combines wayfinding signage with 90-minute emergency lighting
  • Mounts easily on walls or canopies
  • UL listed for damp locations
  • Provides easy access to test switch and charge rate indicator

Best for: Entryways and emergency exits, both indoors and outdoors under protective covering

Adjustable Optics Emergency Lights


  • Ultrabright white LED lamp heads and chrome-plated metallized reflector for optimal light distribution
  • Two adjustable lamp heads for customized light spacing
  • Internal solid-state transfer switch that automatically connects the rechargeable NiCd battery to LED lamp heads for 90 minutes of emergency illumination
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mount
  •  UL rated for damp locations

Best for: Covered parking lots and around entryways

Contact the pros at TCP to get started on your customized parking lot lighting design today!

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