3 Ways to Brighten Your Summer with LEDs


Do you want to make your summer more enjoyable, but you’re not sure how? LED lighting can help! Using LED light bulbs can affect your body, mind, and soul. Discover what LED lighting can do for you with our tips for brightening your summer.

#1 Use Yellow LED Lights to Keep the Bugs From Biting

That’s right, warm hued LEDs may attract fewer insects to your summer backyard cookout. According to a study presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference LEDs with a yellow hue attract the least amount of insects. Ecologist Michael Justice and his team performed the study using the six most commonly store-bought light bulbs over the course of a summer. What about the weather? Both the weather and the moon were factored into the study to prevent any skewing of results. Which light bulbs captured the most insects in what order? Incandescent bulbs had the highest insect capture rate, followed by CFL, halogen, an LED with a cool color temperature, a “bug” light, and then the yellow-hued winner which is considered a warm color temperature. When you are enjoying your summer on your patio, remember that lighting can affect your environment. A yellow LED not only keeps the bugs away, it is also energy efficient.

#2 Create a Specific Atmosphere

Go back in time with retro lighting. TCP’s Filament Style LED Lamps are a perfect fit for the chandelier over your dining room table or in a ceiling fixture over your bar. You get the unique exposed filament look combined with LED technology. Create a vintage feel while saving money on your electric bill as well as being energy efficient. Another way to create an atmosphere in your home is to make use of your artwork. If you find the perfect summer painting for your living room and you are not sure how to display it, think accent lighting. Accent lighting creates visual interest in a room. Use LED bulbs like our filament style in a unique sconce mounted by your art, to layer your lighting. You can also consider adding an additional pop with PAR lamps in track lighting to really shine a spotlight on your art, giving you the museum glow.

#3 Add a Little Color to Your Summer


TCP not only offers yellow light bulbs, but they also offer other colors of the rainbow. Colored light bulbs not only add an ambiance to any home, but they can also affect your daily life. Blue light bulbs are best to switch on during the day. Blue wavelengths boost attention, reaction times and mood. Although blue may seem calming, blue light can be disruptive at night. It is important to remember to shut these blue lights off later in the evening so that you don’t disrupt your sleep. Red is actually the color light bulb you want to switch on at night. Colors on the red end of the spectrum may help you sleep better and they are least likely to interfere with your circadian rhythm. So, remember by adding colored LEDs to your home you can create a unique atmosphere, get more sleep, and save energy.

TCP hopes these tips will help improve your summer in multiple ways. Remember to keep the bugs away with our yellow LED light bulb, create a retro feel with filament style LEDs, and add a little color to your summer with the rest of our colored LEDs.


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