Summer Lighting Checklist


Pretty up your patio and bring life to your entertaining spaces in time for summer. Barbecues, family gatherings, and fun outdoor activities are all waiting to happen, you just need the right lighting to brighten the way! Make sure your summer lighting checklist is complete before the season begins.

#1 Bright & Inviting Kitchen Lighting

Between graduation parties and summer night get-togethers, the kitchen is the entertaining hub of your home and it should feel welcoming and encourage good times for your guests.

Ensure your kitchen is comfortable for your friends and family, and make your meals look even more delicious under TCP Lighting which features exceptional color rendering. TCP’s components are strategically placed within the lighting, making for a minimalist and clean look wherever our lighting is used in your home.

You’re going to need the proper lighting from the meal preparation stage all the way through cocktails and mingling, so look no further than TCP’s Elite Series Dimmable LED Downlights. Ideal for kitchens, their sleek and integrated look are the perfect option for entertaining this summer and throughout the whole year!

#2 Entertaining Area Lighting to Set the Mood

Now that the kitchen is all set, your dining and living rooms also need to give your guests the same inviting feel. Just changing the color temperature of your lighting can take your get-together from uptight to intimate date night or relaxed chill sesh.

TCP can transform your space in the flick of a switch—With a variety of color temperatures to choose from, TCP’s dimmable A19 LED and A21 LED bulbs create a versatile environment no matter what you’re looking for.

And if you love vintage style décor, make sure you choose lighting that matches the esthetic of your home. Get a traditional lamp look that is also equipped with LED technology—TCP’s vintage style filament lamps combine an elegant exposed filament look that combines the best of both worlds. Plus, they are fully dimmable and available with an amber colored or clear glass in a variety of styles!

#3 Outdoor Lighting that’s Welcoming & Secure

It’s finally time to back in a comfy chair on your patio and enjoy the summer breeze. But it might be difficult to invite over your friends and family for an outdoor dinner or bonfire if they can’t see their way safely to your backyard!

Light the way with TCP’s bright night lights—perfect for outdoor light fixtures, dark driveways, garden lighting, patios and decks!

Adding TCP Lighting will make your home exterior welcoming and more secure.

And don’t worry about rain or other natural elements getting in and ruining your lighting. Choose TCP’s wet location PAR38 LED lamps—they are ideal for outdoor light fixtures and security lighting applications. These LED lamps last 25,000 hours!

For whatever outdoor mounted lighting applications you can think of this summer—TCP also makes LED wall packs that are great for inviting entrances, security lighting and even decorative pathways and mood lighting. Plus, TCP LED wall packs are long lasting and low maintenance!

#4 Keep Your Summer Lighting Costs Low

You have plenty of fun things you want to spend your money on this summer. And we’re sure an off-the-charts electricity bill and expensive bulb replacements aren’t on the list. TCP Lighting not only makes your entertaining spaces more inviting and your outdoor decks and entrances more welcoming and secure, our LED bulbs are also energy efficient and long lasting.

Mood light your patio and entertaining areas for longer without breaking the bank. Energy efficient LED means lower electric bills. Long lasting bulbs mean more well lit summer nights. Compared to traditional lamps, TCP LED lamps can last 50,000 hours longer.

From indoor decorative—TCP’s vintage styled LED filament lamps provide up to 85% energy savings over traditional incandescent lamps, to outdoor functional—TCP’s PAR38 LED lasts at least 15x longer than a halogen alternative, TCP Lighting provides solutions for beautiful and highly functional lighting for all your summer plans.

Contact a TCP Lighting expert to help you design your perfectly lit space this summer!

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