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Select Series Lighting: Choose the Color Temperature, Wattage and More!

Dec 18, 2023

Looking for ways to upgrade your company’s illumination? Need lights that offer more than one brightness level, color temperature, and wattage option? Want to save money instantly and in the long run while getting bright, reliable, glare-free light? Meet the Select Series from TCP. This line of top-quality LED lights brings a lot of value to your business. That’s always important, but right now it’s particularly pressing. In light of the recent federal incandescent bulb ban, understanding your lighting options is trickier than ever.

5 Reasons to Choose Select Series Lights Over Fluorescents

The benefits kick in right away with Select Series lighting. These energy-efficient lights typically qualify for LED lighting rebate programs that can save you money on the upfront costs of ditching outdated light sources, like fluorescents and CFLs. And they’ll keep saving you money in the long run with lower utility bills, which can really add up over time.

But there’s more to these high-quality LED options than retail sticker relief and lower energy usage. Check out these five reasons to choose Select Series lighting for your commercial space:

1. Customizable Color Temperature

If your business relies on accuracy in a vibrant and energetic environment, you already understand the importance of high CRI light bulbs. The Select Series leans into your color-coded organizational tactics by delivering a Color Rendering Index of 80 or higher in most models. The Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of a light bulb is equally important for creating an atmosphere of vibrancy and productivity – though it has nothing to do with colored lighting or heat output. Each one of our Select Series lighting options lets you toggle between the brightest daylight, cool white light and neutral white light without switching out the bulb. Those options can illuminate everyday operations while allowing greater focus for periodic detail-oriented tasks like taking inventory or deep cleaning.

2. Wattage and Brightness Control

Remember when wattage was the only spec for choosing light bulbs? Us, too. What many of us didn’t know back then was that wattage is about energy usage, not brightness. With Select Series lighting, you’re in control of both how many watts your light uses and how many lumens — a measure of brightness — they emit. With the flip of a light switch, you can manage how much energy is being consumed or how brightly lit your space is to meet your team’s needs.

3. Versatile Installation Options

Whether you’re updating the lights in an office or retrofitting the lighting in an established brick-and-mortar business, the Select Series makes installation a breeze. Choose from direct troffers that drop directly into existing T-grid ceilings, flood lights with knuckle and yoke mount options, high and low bays with various installation options, wall packs that feature multiple knockouts for easy-access wiring and more.

4. Long Lifespan

Incandescent light bulbs required frequent replacements, typically every six weeks or so. Select Series LED lighting lets you forget about your lights for years. The 50,000-hour rated lifespan means these strip lights just might outlast your company’s five-year plan! It also means zero worries about finding the space to store extras and tackling the precarious job of replacing bulbs in hard-to-reach places like stairwells, high bays and parking lots.

5. Options for Customizing Select Lighting

Want to make sure the lights stay on in your business when the grid goes down? Looking to maximize your facility’s efficiency with lights that automatically turn off when it’s not being used? Need effortless dusk-to-dawn outdoor illumination for extra security? The Select Series is all about options that let you tailor the lighting to your commercial goals. All Select Series lighting choices feature smooth, flicker-free dimming, and most give you the option of adding an emergency backup battery. Some Select lighting products go even further by letting you choose the type of sensor, add a remote control or tap into TCP SmartStuff connectivity for ultimate power over light schedules, area management, energy monitoring and more.

Where to Use Select Series Lighting

The Select Series is a great example of how TCP lighting levels up your business with money savings, eco-friendliness, virtually zero maintenance and a vibrant vibe. Let’s look at where these top-quality lights can shine a light on your industry’s high points:


Select lighting for industrial warehouses features a high CRI that eases eyestrain and fosters accuracy with an energetic atmosphere. Choosing these lights can boost your team’s productivity and may help prevent accidents. Our UFO high bay luminaires let you skip the warmup time of HIDs while flooding your warehouse with bright, even illumination that eliminates shadowy corners. These wet-location rated lights boast an IK10 impact rating with no wire guard required and extreme temperature tolerance of -22 to 122℉ (-40 to 50℃) – making them perfect for high-traffic facilities, like distribution centers and transit warehouses.

Grocery Stores, Drugstores, Convenience Marts

Light up the aisles without creating pockets of darkness by choosing hard-working Select Series general-purpose strip luminaires. The ribbed and frosted white diffuser lens keeps glare in check, and the excellent color consistency highlights the natural beauty of fresh produce while creating a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. These fixtures are available in three sizes and can be installed as surface, suspended or pendant mount lighting.

Retail Shops

With ecommerce giving brick-and-mortar boutiques ever more serious competition, the importance of quality retail store lighting has become paramount. Level up your brand visibility with Select Series lighting that invites browsing customers to feel safe and comfortable while showcasing all the fabulous qualities of your merchandise. Light up your clothing, electronics or furniture store with Select Series LED Wrap Lights that feature easy-access wiring compartments with multiple knockouts for three simple installation options: surface, suspended or pendant mount.

Small Manufacturing

Keep your manufacturing employees safe, focused and productive by swapping out those fluorescents for Select Series Vapor Tight low bay lights. With clear, even illumination that accurately represents colors and eliminates glare, this is LED industrial lighting that helps meet safety standards in both full-scale production facilities and small factories. They’re wet location rated, tolerant of extreme temperatures and available in three sizes. Plus, the optional emergency backup, motion sensor add-on and SmartBox compatibility keep your business lean and nimble.

Healthcare Settings

Choose the Select Series to bring flexible brilliance to the hospital, medical office or nursing home lighting you’re designing. Caregivers can adjust the light as needed with the integrated dimming and color temperature selection functions. Plus, the high CRI of Select lighting naturally fosters a vibrant atmosphere for health and healing.

The DT Series of luminaires offers a variety of sizes that drop easily into existing T-grid ceilings. Replace the halogen or CFL bulbs in your facility’s recessed lighting with our Selectable Downlights that streamline your retrofit with included snap clips for installation without recessed cans.

Parking Garages and Other Outdoor Areas

Level up the safety and visibility of your business with Select Series lighting that stands up to Mother Nature. The Select Series Stair Lighter ensures your interior or covered exterior stairwells are always brightly lit with a damp location rating, glare- and shadow-free illumination, and a factory-installed Sharkward bi-level dimming microwave motion sensor. For outdoor lights with wet location ratings, check out:

LED Wall Packs – Ditch the HIDs but keep the same footprint with these durable wall-mount lights. A 90° beam angle minimizes uplight concerns, and the optional photocell sensor and waterproof backup battery provide worry-free exterior illumination.

Full Cutoff Wall Packs – Achieve Dark Sky compliance and your ideal combination of color temperature and energy use with TCP Full Cutoff Wall Packs around your facility’s entrances and exits.

LED Canopy light – Light up your parking garage, gas station or other open-air covered space by choosing these durable and nearly maintenance-free canopy lights. The impact-resistant fresnel lens distributes light widely and evenly with low glare and two beam-angle options.

LED Flood light – Get eye-catching wall wash, landscaping, accent or sign lighting with these hard-working flood lights. Choose knuckle or yoke mounting, and easily turn the photocell sensor on/off or toggle between color temps with the integrated switches.

Select Lighting from TCP for Brilliant Solutions

Ready to add TCP’s Select Series lighting to your company’s plan for long-term growth and success? Get a quote on TCP lighting for your project – or get started placing your order with our simple online process today!

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