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How LED Lighting Rebate Programs Can Save You Money

Oct 30, 2023

You’ve probably heard about the recent federal phase out of incandescent light bulbs and California’s ban on CFLs. You may also have seen something about LED lighting rebate programs when you started looking into replacements for the older bulbs that remain in your business.

What are these light rebates all about? Is a rebate a discount from the distributor you purchase bulbs from? Are LED rebates the same as tax incentives for upgrading a commercial building’s HVAC system? How can you find the lighting and utility rebates that are available in your state?

The light pros at TCP have you covered. As an industry leader for over 30 years, we’ve maintained active membership in multiple professional lighting associations, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This keeps us on the cutting edge of legislation that affects both our manufacturing processes and the needs of our customers, like the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 — aka the driving force behind the most recent utility and light bulb rebate surge.

We break down what, exactly, light rebates are and how they can help your business reap all the benefits of switching to LED lights while also saving money on both upfront costs and long-term utility bills. Then we walk you through top-quality LED options for each industry, from retail to manufacturing to healthcare, to help you save money on lighting that illuminates a brighter future.

What Are Light Rebates?

In essence, a lighting rebate is a partial refund of the purchase price of light bulbs or light fixtures that meet certain government specifications for energy efficiency. Utility rebates can take the form of either partial refunds of paid utility services or a lower rate at which future energy use will be charged.

The idea behind utility and lighting rebate programs is to offer consumers an incentive for upgrading to a higher level of energy efficiency. One of the biggest benefits of rebates is how they encourage businesses and homeowners to invest now in energy-saving technologies that they might not have considered, either due to the upfront costs or because of the newness of the technology.

How to Find Lighting and Utility Rebates for Your Business

A main goal of the Inflation Reduction Act is reducing carbon emissions, which means maximizing energy efficiency. Incandescents are no longer being manufactured in the U.S. because they burn up a lot more energy (watts) than the small amount of brightness (lumens) they produce. Replacement bulbs must meet some of the highest efficiency standards ever required by law, and LED lights are among the few that make the grade.

Another goal of the legislation is to save consumers money while boosting cleaner domestic energy production. To achieve these twin aspirations, local governments have been empowered to promote utility incentives — aka utility rebates — that encourage both commercial and residential customers to invest in making their businesses and homes more efficient with upgrades to lighting, insulation, weather sealing and more. Some utilities may also offer light bulb rebates or incentives for consumers who opt into getting their power from clean energy producers.

The complicated aspect of all these utility and lighting rebate programs is that they differ from state to state. Find your state’s program in the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency, operated by the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center at North Carolina State University.

How LED Lighting Rebates Save Businesses Money

The bottom line here is that now is the right time to take advantage of the many ways TCP LED lighting levels up your business. The state and federal LED rebates add tangible savings to the already impressive benefits of using LED lighting in any commercial space, which include:

Reduced Everyday Lighting Costs

Thanks to the clean, cool, efficient light production of light-emitting diodes, it costs less to illuminate your workplace with LEDs to the same brightness levels as incandescents. Plus, LEDs don’t emit the heat those old bulbs did, so your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard to maintain a steady temperature in your building. You’ll save money on lighting, cooling and heating every day.

Lower Long-Term Energy Use

The front-end purchase isn’t the only place you can reduce lighting costs with LEDs. Their energy efficiency means your facility will consume less electricity over time, translating to lower amounts due on your bills. That puts less demand on utility companies, which means less stress on our limited natural resources and the wider global environment. That’s the kind of long-term, widespread energy savings that supports a leaner, more nimble business strategy for the long haul.

Less Frequent Light Bulb Replacements

When your maintenance crew doesn’t have to spend so much time replacing light bulbs and your building manager doesn’t have to keep restocking them, your entire team becomes more efficient. That’s one of the less obvious benefits of rebates and incentives for lighting upgrades!

Recouped Costs of Upgrade Investments

If you’ve wanted to make the switch to commercial LED lighting but hesitated because the price tag for retrofitting your facility seemed too steep, these state and federal lighting rebate programs could convince you to take the green leap. Between the tax credits, the individual light bulb rebates and your state’s utility rebates, you stand to recoup a substantial portion of your upfront investment. And your colleagues, clients and customers will continue to enjoy brighter, healthier illumination — while your brand gets an eco-friendly lift — for the foreseeable future.

Businesses That Can Take Advantage of Lighting Rebates

Wondering how much money you can save on lighting that delivers so much to your company’s bottom line? Use our ROI Calculator to get a solid handle on the overall benefits of rebates and incentives for your specific project.

And if you need help choosing which TCP lighting options will work best in your commercial application, check out these suggestions for energy-efficient brilliance organized by industry:

Small Businesses

The recent public health crisis was particularly hard on small businesses. And many consumers are still feeling wary of in-person experiences, even as they crave human connection. Show them your company is committed to providing the safest browsing, dining or shopping possible with PurEssentials. Our newest line of multitasking LED lights features a built-in, fully enclosed UVC light that neutralizes airborne pathogens, like COVID-19 and influenza. You get purified air and energy-efficient LED illumination in one fixture! Choose from panels, downlights and A19 bulbs to elevate every space in your small business.

Industrial Factories

Want an easy way to increase productivity, improve quality control and enhance morale while reducing accident incidents in your warehouse or factory? Our top-quality LED industrial lighting helps meet safety standards set by OSHA, and it can elevate the atmosphere of your facility for healthier, happier workers. We offer a wide variety of high bay LED luminaires, including easy-to-install solutions and selections that are appropriate for extreme conditions. Also find floodlights, microwave motion sensor options, emergency signage and more among TCP’s industrial portfolio.

Office Buildings

If you’re not sure light bulb rebates are enough to justify improved office lighting, LED options from TCP just might change your mind. Our flat panels, pendants, color-selectable tubes and recessed lighting options deliver vibrant, natural-looking illumination that helps employees stay focused and engaged all day long. You’ll see higher productivity, lower utility bills and an elevated brand image when you choose to save money on lighting that’s greener and brighter.

 Retail Stores

The importance of quality retail store lighting cannot be overstated. Whether yours is a tiny boutique, a mid-size shop or a large grocery store, your lighting choices influence who walks through the door and how much time and money they’ll spend there. Customers need to be able to find your brick-and-mortar location, so outdoor and landscaping lights are important. But retail lighting must also create a welcoming ambience while allowing shoppers to see merchandise clearly. You may need to consider lights for your emergency exits and parking lots, as well.

Healthcare Facilities

From hospitals and urgent care centers to doctor offices and elder care facilities, the healthcare industry presents unique challenges for lighting. Rebate programs allow you to upgrade your facility with the life-saving reliability of our LED Pro Line Panel. These high CRI LED lights deliver bright, continuous light for up to 50,000 hours. Also, these mercury-free lights are extremely energy efficient compared to traditional fluorescent lights, which means less maintenance and a tranquil environment for patients or residents. They’re an excellent choice to layer into any comprehensive hospital or nursing home lighting design plan.

Building Trades

Light rebates may not seem like a top priority for contractors and builders. But your clients will appreciate your insight into ways to increase efficiency and reduce lighting costs on their project, be it new construction or retrofit. Check with the local government and utility offices in your service area to get details on their home energy audits and lighting rebate programs. Sharing this information with homeowners or corporate contacts helps underscore your expertise and build your brand authority. Your residential projects in particular can benefit by including Anew LED lighting, the incandescent alternative from TCP. We designed Anew light bulbs with the familiar A19 shape most people recognize and the E26 base that fits most existing fixtures. Plus, they deliver full-spectrum light with perfect dimming and no blue light spikes for a warm, versatile glow.

TCP’s Lighting Rebate Program

Let the pros at TCP help you find rebates in your area. The types of lighting rebate programs differ from state to state — sometimes from utility company to utility company within a state! And the details of light and utility rebates are constantly changing, like the amount you’ll get back, expiration dates and more. Our trained and certified team can demystify the difference between prescriptive and midstream rebates, simplify the paperwork and fine print, and help you get the best savings possible without investing hours of your time in the process.

Save Money on Lighting Upgrades With TCP

TCP is committed to helping businesses reduce lighting costs while saving time, money and maybe even the planet. Our commercial LED lighting options bring efficient, cost-effective brilliance to your business every day. Let our decades of experience as an industry leader take your company’s brand image to the next level while leading us all into a brighter, safer, greener future.

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