2024 lighting trends

Residential Lighting Trends for 2024

Feb 1, 2024

Home Lighting Trends 2024

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look at your home in a new light. January ushers in a fresh perspective on interior design and lighting ideas that set the stage for the 12 months ahead. And the residential lighting manufacturer pros at TCP are on top of all the latest innovations in LED lighting design. Check out our eight favorite 2024 lighting trends for a residential refresh that elevates every room of your home with brilliant style, smart efficiency and natural inspiration.

Trending Residential Lighting Ideas for 2024

They say everything old is new again — and some of the interior design trends for the new year may give you a sense of déjà vu. Earthy color palettes and pops of bold color come to mind. But even subtle shifts can impact a room’s vibe, which is where these 2024 lighting trends really shine.

Whether you’re looking for living room and kitchen lighting ideas that can keep up with your family’s vibrant lifestyle or the latest bedroom lighting ideas that support better overall health, you’ll find brilliant inspiration in these novel ideas for lighting design with LED options from TCP.

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Design

The design world has been leaning more and more toward sustainability since Y2K was a thing. And from our very inception more than 30 years ago, TCP continues to be green in the design and manufacturing of all our products. That puts us on the forefront of the 2024 lighting trend of eco-friendly LED light bulbs. Choosing LEDs for your home fixtures allows you to control the ambience in every room like never before, saves you money on utility bills and helps reduce the stress on our limited natural resources — making them a true win-win-win! If the switch from incandescents to LEDs still feels confusing, add learning how to read a light bulb box to your list of New Year’s resolutions. It’ll be the easiest one to cross off!

Minimalist Style

minimalist lighting After the global pandemic forced many of us to confront our overcrowded, over-decorated, over-filled homes, a trend toward minimalism feels like a breath of fresh air. But don’t worry — you don’t have to strip your home down to an antiseptic all-white operating room to get the effect! Embracing minimalism as a lighting trend is as easy as understanding how recessed lighting enhances your home with brilliant simplicity. These subtle overhead lights deliver even ambient illumination that lets your favorite furnishings and décor take center stage. They’re most common in kitchens, but consider them the sleekest living room, bathroom and bedroom lighting ideas that require zero floor, wall or tabletop space.

Understated Elegance

quiet luxury lamp Cleverly dubbed “quiet luxury,” the idea of understated elegance is low-key crushing the internet right now. That’s great for LED lighting design because it’s all about making your home look and feel great without drawing too much attention to itself. How do you elevate your home with this lighting trend while keeping your enthusiasm in check? Consider using chandeliers or pendants in unexpected places, like the master suite walk-in closet or the guest bath, to add a touch of discreet glamor. Opt for pared-down styles in mixed metals for a modern feel — or go for a lusciously opulent piece as a singular focal point in an otherwise minimalist design scheme.

Layers of Brilliance


Having more than one light source in a room is not so much a lighting trend as it is a general guideline for effective and functional illumination. The trend for 2024 is toward joining lighting aesthetics and function to achieve the right vibe for any activity, from food prep and homework to entertaining friends to winding down for better sleep. New advancements in LED technology deliver smooth, flicker-free dimming capabilities that allow flexibility in brightness like never before. As you choose ambient, accent and task light sources for each room, consider the health benefits of Anew lighting, which provides the full spectrum of light without blue light spikes in bulbs that fit most existing fixtures.

Smart Compatible

smart compatible lightingWe’re surrounded by “smart” objects — our phones, TVs and cars all feature built-in computers to make them more efficient and user-friendly. So it’s about time this digital cleverness found its way into lighting trends! TCP SmartStuff brings your home’s illumination to the cutting edge of LED lighting design trends with ultimate control. Use your device to turn lights on or off, dim the brightness, group lights together, schedule lighting and more with our innovative app and compatible bulbs. Whether you’re setting the scene for your return from work or tweaking the vibe as activities evolve during a busy day, this is one of the smartest lighting ideas to go trendy in a long time.

Natural Materials

natural materials lamp Dovetailing with the eco-friendliness of LED lighting design for 2024 is the trend of sustainable style. Pair your TCP light bulbs with natural materials like bamboo, seagrass and aluminum for a trendy look that’s sure to last. These regenerative or recyclable choices deliver earthy beauty that leaves your conscience clear about a healthier planet. To get the most impact from their eco-friendly appearance, remember that your home’s lighting color temperature matters — from the cool, blue vibrance that energizes a home office to the warm, yellowish glow that welcomes lounging in the den. Our LED options cast natural materials in the most authentic light for a brilliant effect Mother Nature would approve.

Indirect Illumination

indirect lighting Another of the lighting trends for 2024 that feels familiar is the move toward indirect lighting sources. It’s not a new lighting idea, but embracing the value of illumination cast up a wall or onto the ceiling can lead to novel bathroom and bedroom lighting ideas that will help your whole family feel better in the long run. That’s because indirect lighting and physical wellness are linked in ways we’re just beginning to understand. Wall sconces and upward-facing ceiling lights help create even light without harsh glare, which levels up the vibe in any room and may support better sleep. We’re also seeing this tactic in patio lighting trends where wall wash and in-ground garden lights are having a turned-up moment.

Vintage Inspiration

vintage style lightingOkay, we see the irony in posing “vintage” as a lighting trend — but the whole idea is to approach traditional forms with a modern eye for a fresh take on familiar lighting ideas. The best style for this type of mash-up? Mid-century modern lighting for the ever-trending win! With a charming combination of organic shapes, timeless elements and clean lines, mid-century style is a natural pairing for LED lighting design. Update your traditional or transitional décor with a sleek mid century chandelier or a pair of subtly elegant mid century sconces. Take your vintage-inspired lighting ideas a step further by choosing our LED Shape filament lamps for a cute, contemporary eco-friendly take on Edison bulbs.

Reach Out to TCP For All Your 2024 Lighting Needs

Feeling inspired to bring these 2024 lighting trends home for a New Year’s refresh? Browse all our residential light bulbs — then reach out for help choosing the best options from the experts at TCP. We can’t wait to see your home shine its most brilliantly this year!

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