How Recessed Lighting Enhances Your Home

Jul 7, 2023

The lights you choose for your home do a lot. Not only do they illuminate the spaces where your family cooks, plays and relaxes, but these multitaskers also create a room’s mood and underscore your home’s aesthetic style.

That’s a heavy lift — especially if you think a single light is enough in each room. To help you avoid common mistakes when choosing home lighting, the pros at TCP have put together this guide to a popular residential choice: recessed lighting.

Read on to discover answers to questions like:

  • What is recessed lighting?
  • Are recessed light bulbs safe?
  • Why is recessed LED lighting considered an upgrade?
  • Which rooms in your home benefit most from recessed lighting options?
  • How difficult is recessed lighting installation?

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting refers to lights that are sunken directly into the ceiling, leaving the lens flush with the ceiling for unobtrusive lighting. This is different from flush or semi flush-mount lights that feature a decorative fixture extending down from the ceiling.

TCP carries two recessed lighting types:

  • For retrofits, a metal canister enclosure that holds the bulb and socket is installed directly and seamlessly into the ceiling
  • For new construction, our snap-in downlights fit into cutouts you make in the ceiling, and spring-loaded clips inserted through the holes keep them in place

These lights include a built-in wire connection box to connect to a home’s standard 120-volt household circuitry, so they’re operated by wall switches. They can be dimmable or on/off, as well dry, damp or wet location rated, making recessed lighting a great option for nearly any space. Plus, most accommodate various kinds of recessed light bulbs, including LEDs. You may have heard them called ‘downlights’ or ‘can lights’ because of their downward focus and canister construction.

Recessed Lighting LED Benefits

When you opt for recessed lighting at home, benefits follow! Elevate your everyday experience and stay within your household budget by choosing TCP’s top-quality LED recessed lighting that delivers:

Energy Efficiency and Safety

Is recessed lighting energy efficient? Is recessed lighting at home safe? It is when you choose LED recessed light bulbs! As TCP continues its commitment to eco-friendliness, we are always looking for ways to enhance the efficiency and durability of our products. All TCP recessed lighting is designed for use with LED light bulbs — which use up to 90% less energy than incandescents, last nearly 20 times longer than incandescents and contain none of the mercury or other harmful substances found in fluorescent bulbs. That all adds up to lower utility bills, fewer replacement worries and a safer, healthier home and planet.

More Even Ambient Lighting

A well-lit home calls for a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting because it provides overall illumination throughout the room. To accomplish this job with recessed lighting, LED bulbs work best by delivering a wide beam spread and a range of options for light color temperature. Why does home lighting color temperature matter? Because the right lighting temp creates vibrant workspaces or warm and welcoming entertaining areas — versus living under a harsh glare with shadowy corners.

Choosing LED recessed light bulbs ensures your home will have clear, even ambient lighting, to which you can add focused task lighting and stylish accent lights — plus, most are dimmable for ultimate atmosphere control.

Truly Timeless Style

Thanks to their sleek, subtle appearance, recessed lighting can be incorporated into nearly any interior décor. Many people associate recessed options with modern minimalist lighting styles, like mid century modern or contemporary looks, and they certainly work within those modes. But they can complement a wide range of lighting aesthetic types with their clean and unobtrusive design. Use them as a backdrop for traditional, industrial, rustic or shabby-chic spaces, and keep the focus on your other furnishings.

Creative Recessed Lighting Installation Ideas

Ready to change up your home’s look and feel with ceiling lights that never steal the show? Whether you’re building your dream house from the foundation up or looking for retrofit options that will upgrade your beloved older home, you’ve got lots of options with LED recessed lighting from TCP.

Here’s your room-by-room guide to recessed lighting installation possibilities!


Nowhere is strong ambient lighting more important than in the kitchen. Lighting fixtures that leave countertops clear are a must, and recessed light bulbs create a vibrant atmosphere for food prep, cooking and gathering with friends and family. Add a few pendants above the island or breakfast nook and some under-cabinet lighting for task work — and your kitchen lighting will have more layers than a homemade cake!


One of our favorite home lighting trends for 2023 is perfect for elevating the master suite or a teen’s bedroom. Start with recessed light bulbs aimed downward at your nightstands or window seat for reading-friendly  illumination that eliminates tabletop clutter. Then add pendants or chandeliers for a touch of luxury! Whether you opt for a big, sumptuous chandelier as a focal point over the bed or a group of slim pendants in place of a headboard, the combination of dimmable recessed lighting and eye-catching hanging lights creates an opulent escape from the world.

Closets, Laundry Rooms and Basements

The pros at TCP love figuring out lighting for overlooked spaces in your home! We’re talking about your walk-in closet, the pantry, the laundry room and the basement, where a more intrusive ceiling fixture is simply not practical. Thanks to our wide selection of recessed lighting types and sizes, we’ve got the perfect option for each of these rooms. And for the ultimate peace of mind about your recessed lighting, LED bulbs do not emit heat the way incandescents and CFLs do — so they’re safe around your clothes, dry goods and other flammable objects.

Rooms with High Ceilings

Does a cathedral ceiling in your living space make ambient lighting a challenge? Not sure how to fill that three-story stairwell with enough light to make climbing it safe? Got angled eaves, a tall fireplace chimney or other architectural element you’d like to showcase? No problem! A thoughtful recessed lighting installation combined with judicious use of spotlights or LED strip lights can create dramatic interior architectural lighting designs that highlight the most unique elements of your home.

Types of Recessed Lighting From TCP

Inspired to bring all these stylish and practical recessed lighting benefits into your home? Contact TCP today to get started designing layered, luxurious illumination for your family that starts with recessed light bulbs and ends with your total satisfaction!

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